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  1. Ok. I'll keep that in mind! Hopefully the rain holds off for tomorrow and I'll give it another shot.
  2. Are the very deep slower moving pools the best place to catch fish? I still am developing my eye for frogwater unfortunately. I have a feeling I've been fishing a lot of it Maybe throwing a tube or soft craw will work better this time
  3. How has the fishing been on the big river on the irondale to desloge area? I went down there a few weeks ago and didn't catch a thing! Maybe it was the weather or temperature? It was a bit chilly, but I didn't think weather had much effect on the rivers. Last time I went there maybe 10 years ago, it was the best river fishing I'd ever had. Lots of goggle eye, a few largemouth, and a smallie. That was the summertime, however. I read that spots may be taking over in the river and ruining the population of other species... Is this stretch of river productive lately? Maybe it was just an off day. Threw everything in the book at the water. Spinners, cranks, worms, tubes. And my friend was flyfishing. He only caught one pumpkineed. Also, when is the spawning time in rivers? How much does that affect the fishing?
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