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  1. Hello Everyone! Wanted to stop by and see if anyone has been fishing the LIR? I will be down there this weekend and am curious how it's been. First time fishing it this year, so I'm ready. I used to fish down there a few times a year, but since the past few years flooding, haven't made it down. Seems like it hasn't been the same for me since then. Might just be me though. Maybe I'll catch a few of you down there on Sat or Sun. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know or think they will keep up this generation through the weekend? I ask as we are coming down from KS this weekend and really wanted to trout fish. I'm guessing they will keep it going, but curious to see what everyone thought.
  3. Well, I finally got to make a spur of the moment trip down to the LIR and what a change it's been since I was there earlier this year before the floods. I got to fish Saturday eve and Sunday morning for a bit. I got down there Sat evening around 6:30 and had to take a few peeks around to see what it did look like. Went around the dam area and there were people everywhere, then I went down to the next fishing area south of the dam there (can't remember the name), but I looked at it and it looked just like a deep muddy river, so I went back up to the dam and took my first right down that drive. I had never fished down there before, so made my way down that way and caught one little rainbow right underneath the falls there. Fished from 7:30pm-10pm and that was it. I was throwing a black wooly bugger. I threw and threw and threw and just couldn't find anything. Went back Sunday morning around 6:30am and fished right below the dam there and had the whole place to myself and threw a white wooly and a black wooly and missed one and that was it. I was so surprised I couldn't find a white, a crappie, trout anything. Always a fun time down there, just ready for the water to clear up and hopefully this fall it will be somewhat back to how I remember it before the floods took over. Keep up the reports and pics since I only get down there every 3-5 months.
  4. Well, I'm gearing up for my first trip of the year down to the LIR this weekend. Plan on fishing tomorrow afternoon through dark and then early Sunday morning for a few hours until the wife says it's time to leave. I'm so used to always fishing right below the dam there that I'm thinking about trying further downstream? Anyone have any pointers or going to be down that way any of those times? I drive a tan F-150 with Kansas tags if anyone is down that way so feel free to stop by and say hello. Probably be the only 6'4" guy down there in green waders and a green vest. Just call me the Green Giant! Sure am ready to dodge some rain and see how it pans out. Thanks guys, Tyson
  5. Well, unfortunately my father and I weren't able to make it down there this past weekend due to the weather. It truly amazes me one day it can be 70+ and the next in the 30's with heavy snow. So, not sure when we will be able to head down that way as I am expecting baby number two pretty much anytime. Has anyone been out this week at all?
  6. Well, looks like my Father and I are going to escape Kansas for a weekend and head down that way. Not looking to be a great weekend weather wise, but as of right now we are planning on braving it. Hopefully the Corps will cooperate and not let much water out. Doesn't look like they probably will with the lake being at the level it is now. Anyone been fishing there recently or is anyone planning on being out Sat or Sunday? My father has never fished here before, so he's in for a big treat. I've only been fishing down there for 3-4 years now, but I absolutely love it. I drive a Tan F-150 so stop by and say hello.
  7. Glad to hear you had a great time with the new fly rod and waders. I was surprised as well went I made it down there on Saturday afternoon to see the water was shut off. I was shaking I was so excited to get down to the water. Got all setup and went directly below the dam and a saw few guys fishing. Everyone said they were catching Sand Bass, so I thought heck, I've always wanted to catch them on my fly rod. I tied on a black unweighted wooly booger and it sure didn't take long. Ended up catching 7-8 rainbows right away and then came the bass. Biggest bass was maybe 1lb, but sure was fun on a fly rod. Ended up going down there right before sunup and fished till 10 on Sunday again right below the dam and caught 15-20 rainbows all on a brown wooly booger. To my surprise I had a big hit and something that didn't want to come up out of the hole. Finally after 2-3 minutes saw a nice rainbow come to the surface. Wish I could've got a pic of him, but he would've gone around 17-18, great looking fish. Wish I could've stayed longer as I really enjoy fishing down there. I always fish right below the dam in the first stretch of water as I always do well, but I need to try and fish the rest of the river as well. Someone will have to show me some new water to fish next time I come down that way.
  8. I guess we missed meeting everyone there on Friday. My father and I fished RR on Friday mostly in the pools there right below the hatchery. We did pretty well, or I guess I should say that I did pretty good...sorry dad! Fished all day long and had a great time. I was amazed at how many browns were in the river and that I actually caught. I ended up landing 5-6 Browns that day and always a bonus to catch them. Here is a pic of the biggest that I caught that day. You can't miss where I caught it with the background! It was hiding in the fast moving water right underneath the first group of falls. Honestly thought I was hung up on a rock and then it got out of that current and I finally saw it wasn't a rock and was amazed as that's my personal biggest trout so far. Was taken on small peach egg fly. Hooked another one that was deep and did not want to come up at all and ended up breaking off before I got a look at it. My father and I ended up meeting Conehead at Taney right before dark Friday. We fished for a bit that night but had no luck, with water running. If you are reading this, thanks again for the egg flies you gave us! Caught a few on them on Saturday at Taney. All in all it was a great, much needed trout trip to MO.
  9. Thanks for the information as my father and I were going to head down there on Friday and give it a try. Haven't been to RR for around a year now, so it's time! How are things fishing, anyone have any reports, or what they are liking now? Thanks
  10. Okay, maybe I'm overlooking something on the generation page, but is there a way to tell if they are planning on running water on Saturday? My father and I were planning on coming down there from KS on Saturday and wondered if they might be running water, or if the only way you can tell is to check that day? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. From what I've heard on these pics, it's been confirmed that they were taken from a trail cam in the Black Hills of SD. Still a sight to see for sure.
  12. Well, I was able to make it down below the dam on Saturday morning early. I got there right at sunup, so I walked down to see if there was any action going on? I did see some trout rising here and there, but nothing like normal. I tried a griffiths gnat for a while and had no takers. I tried a san juan worm under a float with no takers either. I finally moved into the deeper water with my spin cast and caught around a 7 inch crappie and snagged a buffalo carp. That was it. I saw a few other guys fly fishing and using spin cast rods, but nobody else having any luck either from what I saw. I was hoping to be able to make it back down there on Sunday and Monday morning, but family plans never allowed it! My wifes granny lives down there so I make it down there every 3-4 months. It was weird going down there and not having any luck. Still a great time even though the fishing was tough. I look forward to next time!
  13. Yeah, sad to hear. I was going to come down and do some fishing this weekend. Has anyone been down below the dam fly fishing at all? Just curious if anyone has had any reports down there recently?
  14. When I used to live in Springfield, I used to fish around the park there in town. I tried it the first time, and was using a zara spook right before sunset one night and I tell you what, 5 casts and WHAM, scared the heck out of me. Pulled out a nice 3lb largemouth. I used to put my canoe in there and in the summer, by the park, there used to be lillypads all over. I would take zara spooks, and cast along the edges of them, or use weedless frogs over them and used to have a blast. Always had a great time catching the bass there. This was 4 yrs ago, but I imagine it's still the same way. Never did catch any smallies, but a great time catching largemouths! Good Luck to you, and definitely let us know how you do!
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