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  1. I'm interested to see what you find. That lakes on my list to fish for smallmouth.
  2. Mueller caught 7-13 smallmouth on Day 1. 7lb-13oz !!!
  3. 27lbs is SOLID 7-13 big bass was a largemouth?
  4. Booked a trip to Sturgeon Bay in early August. MLF convinced me. We booked a guide for the 1st day of the trip.
  5. Mille Lac's & Sturgeon Bay are on the radar. Champlain & Thousand Islands for the longer trips. Doe's the MS River at LaCrosse, WI have smallmouth? Those natural lakes in MN look to have smallmouth?
  6. I'm making a bucket list of Northern Smallmouth Fisheries for my Dad & son. Ideally, something within 12hrs of Fayetteville, AR so that I can haul a boat. It maybe best that we hire a guide the first day of each trip?
  7. Good job sticking with it. Maybe I should try the crappie again before its too hot.
  8. My son wants to fish a tournament for his birthday. He's never fished a tournament. It so happens to fall on that weekend. Is this tournament going to be fished on time (June 5-7th)?
  9. My dad bought several off Babler a few years back. We still use them 100% of the time. Excellent Rods
  10. Nowadays, I have 2 Ned Rig rods on deck at all times (Ned swimbait & TRD) and a versatile MH baitcaster for casting square bills or Topwater. Outside of that I end up stomping around expensive equipment. Unnecessary Hassle. Keep it simple stupid
  11. Btw, your inbox is full, I was trying to get you my new contact info
  12. Installs Flasher on the Minn Kota
  13. why they don't offer GP-red in the TRD is baffling.
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