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  1. Good job sticking with it. Maybe I should try the crappie again before its too hot.
  2. My son wants to fish a tournament for his birthday. He's never fished a tournament. It so happens to fall on that weekend. Is this tournament going to be fished on time (June 5-7th)?
  3. My dad bought several off Babler a few years back. We still use them 100% of the time. Excellent Rods
  4. Nowadays, I have 2 Ned Rig rods on deck at all times (Ned swimbait & TRD) and a versatile MH baitcaster for casting square bills or Topwater. Outside of that I end up stomping around expensive equipment. Unnecessary Hassle. Keep it simple stupid
  5. Btw, your inbox is full, I was trying to get you my new contact info
  6. Installs Flasher on the Minn Kota
  7. why they don't offer GP-red in the TRD is baffling.
  8. Last weekend, I was spot locked on a really windy Bluff end. We were catching lots of bass with a dead stick retrieve along the edge of the boulders as the waves crashed over them. I watched a married couple as they fished past me with bait casters & big TRDs. They caught diddly squat. Moving too fast, overworking the bait, not casting shallow enough, etc. Lesson learned
  9. Ned Swimbait is deadly around the schooling white trash (white bass), same jighead, same everything
  10. The hop & glide is working, as well as the straight swim & the pendulum swing under the boat. I can see them taking the bait with my 3rd eye. You instinctively know they have it when you pick up on the slack. Some of the time, they are gut hooked if you don't use the Jedi mind tricks on them.
  11. Yes sir, I've been out hunting smallmouth. But its only yielding baby largemouth & walleye. Ned bite 8-15ft deep along boulders, right at the base, hiding in the shade. Short pitch & watch the death spiral down into the shade. That's the sauce right now (10 fish per hour)
  12. whatever dude, we all know you don't throw crankbaits.
  13. @EzFishN, You're correct. They're hitting before it hits the bottom or as I go to reel it in to recast.
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