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  1. With the weather being in the 60s tomorrow I am planning on getting out. I was thinking LP or somewhere on the Meramec. But I see now that it's going to be raining some overnight through the region. I have read that you gotta be careful with the Ozark streams because they can rise quickly without warning. Well...how do I prepare for that? Do you just adjust which spot you're looking to go to in the first place? Is there anything else you can do? As in, if the rain/higher water will be coming downstream tomorrow, should I avoid a bigger drainage like the Meramec (around Maramec sprin
  2. Also, I too have a YouTube channel...but it's burgeoning. Not nearly as developed as this drewlooknfishy
  3. I suspected he was from around here because of some of the Ozarks stuff I've seen him post. ...and yeah, he does fine. Catches plenty of fish. And a good saltwater fisherman too. He's so close to the fish in that shot because he's tighlining I think
  4. Yeah exactly, I see the "activity" and "All unread"options, but I don't want to see activity for all categories. It would be better if I could filter it down to just show me the activity for the topics and areas I am interested in. Right now the "unread posts" for me contains things about lakes that I don't fish or are in another state, boat tips and tricks and I don't have a boat, etc. Thanks for the suggestions and keep 'em coming if anyone has a better solution. It seems like there is a "stream options" button but it doesn't give you many options...would be sweet if you could filter
  5. Does anyone else visit the forum mainly from their phone using an internet browser (like chrome or safari)? If so, how do you best "organize" it to access only the new posts and items you're most interested in? I went through and "followed" the sub forums I am most interested in, for example Smallmouth Talk, Trout Talk, Wild Trout Streams, etc. But then there's no way to see a view of just "sub forums I follow". I don't want to come to the site and then have to click on "forums" and then scroll all the way down and all that. It seems messy and hard to find what it is I focus on
  6. Found my answer ...
  7. Found what appears to be a pit mine over here in Lemay area. Seems to be near the Aldi that I go to. Anyone know if this place is worth a shot or if it can be accessed?
  8. Interestingly I generally have been tying my own leaders for a while now too. But I'm kinda tired of all the knots in the line, and lately I long for the simplicity of that extruded leader again. Also, $9 for a 5 pack of leaders is plenty cheap for me. Thanks for all the info everyone
  9. To the other fly guys here, I was looking at buying a pack of leaders recently and haven't bought some in a long time, and am also new to the state so still figuring some things out. So I poll thee: what do you find is your most common leader length and weight/rating? 9ft, 5x 7.5ft? Something else? Obviously it depends on the stream and fish you'll be catching, but what is your most common "go to"? So far I mainly fish for trout, along hwy 44 (spring creeks, meramec, etc), I want to fish the Current more, and plan to fish for smallies Thanks for any
  10. Ryan Walker. He's the founder of Ozark Smallmouth Alliance so I figure you guys may have heard of him. Bathroom only available on the deluxe model
  11. Yeah it's cool! I had thought many times about making one but never ended up trying it. This thing is very convenient and snug and is just like a normal tent so you can keep the bugs out with netting, zippers etc. We fished the section that ends at Prosperine access
  12. Ah nice - thanks for the intel! Guess I'll go above Scotts Ford then
  13. I (and probably everyone else with this warm weather) am planning to get out tomorrow. Was hoping to have another go at some smallmouth, this time with my fly rod. I haven't been to the meramec yet so was thinking of going there and Wade fishing or paddling my kayak up and floating back down, getting out and fishing here and there. I was thinking of going somewhere around steelville since it's relatively close to me (1.5hrs) coming from St Louis. Would the access at Birds Nest or Scotts Ford around there be good for this type of thing? Was also thinking I could fish upstream of
  14. Stabilization It's a great small-body cam, and it has in-body stabilization (IBIS) of the sensor that operates even in video mode. This should hopefully decrease the need for a gimbal, but perhaps not do away with it entirely. You can find examples of the IBIS on youtube. If you're trying to hold your arm out into small spaces, at night(?)...probably going to be too shaky haha. If you can stabilize some with your body and proper "hand-held video techniques" then you should be fine. Additionally, with some lenses, like the two it comes with in the kit, they have in-lens stabiliz
  15. Wait...BMF like Black Mafia Family? The drug running crew with Big Meech?
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