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  1. EzFishN


    I would look in the back of Big and Little Clifty, secondary coves with flooded timber. Throw small chartreuse jigs over flooded timber. I've never netted any huge ones this way, but have found it odd they stage in timber. This video may help you out. I've rigged up some spinners but have yet to try them.
  2. Both types. but i spend most of my time in boats but know more of them. I have some friends that do the fly fishing thing that tell me about creeks on the west side of bentonville but have never tried. The Razor back greenway that goes through town, follows sugar creek and has deep pools in it (40 miles or so) I wouldn't count on anything sizable in those creeks other than fun. https://www.springvalleyanglers.com/ has a private ranch with the public creeks that flow into. I don't much about it honestly other than people I know that have a membership there. It's 45min west of bentonville.
  3. The story I read said it was from the tail waters, it must have came over the dam when they had the spill ways open. Article says by highway 62 bridge which is close enough to tail waters in my book. http://big1sstriperguide.com/state-record/ https://oklahoman.com/article/2696600/record-64-pounder-hooked-in-arkansas
  4. Great job not getting skunked! If you make it out again, after the top water bite dies off, try little Maribou white jigs 1/8 to 1/4oz, the ones with white hair that see for a dollar or two; find some standing timber on points of secondary covers and you will catch plenty of Kentucky bass to keep the kids entertained. Also throwing Wacky Worms / Senkos against bluff walls will produce good large mouth near docks and vertical bluff walls when the fishing gets tough.
  5. I guess it depends where you are from; hear in the NWA Arkansas area talks about white river as in down south, around 412 hwy bridge. I was trying to find the report, but came up empty handed, it use to be posted on beaverlake.com but now a 404 error, but if I recall, both these records were below the dam of beaver. I guess the main thing to point out, there is great fisheries around Bentonville area if you are need of more amenities, hospitals, airports, etc than Mountain View, although if you like the country, views, and smaller towns, I think Mountain view or surrounding areas w
  6. Bobby Garlands (straight tails) in shad blue/white color works good for me either casting or jigging. Use at least 1/8oz jig head.
  7. I'm confused by this, can you elaborate "The white is a world class fishery, beaver tailwaters cannot hold a candle to it"; the tailwaters of beaver are the white river. It's where it originates from and feeds beaver, then goes up stream to Chain O Lakes, table rock, bull shoals, etc, and if I'm not mistaken two of the largest records have came from the beaver tailwaters for striper and trout. Anyways, if considering the Bentonville area, it's roughly 45 minutes drive to the dam of Beaver Lake. Currently table rock has been backed up so the river has a lot of current and depth to it. You
  8. Congrats Lance! Any measurements?
  9. Navionics maps has a few but I think they pull data from AFGC. None the less crappie seem to be hit or miss when I try as well. I think it's just the Beaver; it's like a giant aquarium of fishing traveling extravaganza. One minute they could be by the dam, or in the Clifities, next by 12 bridge, then back to the river and south. I think communication is the key, fish seem to swim all over the place in this lake. From stripers, crappie, blue gill, to everything other than catfish unless it's blues. I start looking at when they pull power and definitely plays a role in fish activity,
  10. I use 25 on ultralight, 6' and under, 30 on light above 6'
  11. Pflugers I've dropped in rivers, creeks, lakes, sand, mud. It's like the ak47 or Glock of reels. Very hard to break in my opinion.
  12. Pfluger is the best in my opinion. President combo, light or ultralight. They blow my Shimano, Abu Garcia, lews, and quantum's away.
  13. Nice catch! Morning fishing?
  14. EzFishN

    I knew it!

    Senkos and Bluff Walls with outcreeps. 3-5lbers always be hanging in around.
  15. EzFishN

    I knew it!

    The more I fish beaver the more I'm convinced these fish travel miles throughout days/weeks even being structural related fish. Or go swim out to main water when waves get choppy. I've been snorkeling bluffs and diving down 10-15 feet and notice a whole new world of what fish are doing. Did you know they are almost lobster size crawdads in beaver? Anyways hoping to get this gopro figured out and post some underwater video. I'll start at one end of the lake fishing early the morning not seeing a darn thing where I caught fish the day before, then end up several miles out later in the day,
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