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  1. Terry Pryor, recovering from a bad bout with cancer, has started a guide service at Twin Bridges in Oklahoma. He caught his first spoonbill for this year today. Pic of fish and his advertisement below. If you get a chance, go out with him, he knows the twin bridges area like the back of his hand. 2.17.2011 I'm going out with him this weekend, will post pics of any fish we catch. Happy fishin
  2. TO me the hubub is that the state got a tax that other states do not have. The taxpayers of this state pay their license fees in the 1/8th cent sales tax. What tags cost in other states really has nothing to do with anything, but since it was raised, we pay a speical 18th cent sales tax so why should our tags be as high as and in some cases higher than in other states? The MDC has a bigger income than any other state that I know of, the residents of this state are paying, why should MDC arbitrarily raise fees or cut limits? Just so they can make larger donations to the general fund? I like what the MDC has done I just think the cost we pay is getting out of hand. Giving them more money is like giving an heroin addict more heroin, it is not going to be of any use at all.
  3. It is pretty simple really. The MDC is a BIG CASH COW for the state. Does anyone really believe the MDC needed more money and to cut limits to rebuild the hatchery for MO residents? They stuck it to MO residents so they could increase the hatchery to sell trout to other states. Excess money goes to the general fund. Simple as that. The deal with deer permits is no different. Has nothing to do with conversation. Its just cash.
  4. My uncle taught me the anti-perspireant trick a long time ago and it does help. My feet sweat a lot and get really cold. It may seem counter productive but adding more insulation tends to make matters worse. Hotter feet = more sweat. Over the years I have found wearing shoes that can breath a little helps a lot. Kind of hard to do when you are in snow or around water, in that situation there is nothing I have found that works better than Goretex shoes/boots.
  5. Thanks for the info Sam. Any info is of help as I have never fished Beaver for stripers before. BTW great fish and video you posted earlier.
  6. Hey Tightline How have you been doing? Have you been doing any catching? I have been planning to go to Beaver for a long time. Finally decided to just do it. I have caught a few stripers below Truman. Want one of those big'uns from Beaver though. Hoping to get some info as to where there is public boat ramps, areas the stripers hang out this time of year and such.
  7. I am planning on making a few trips to Beaver to do some Striper fishing. Anyone have any reports? Advise on when, where and how? Winter patterns and techniques. Public access points? Thanks
  8. I have a few items I am going to sell. I decided to post these items here before putting them on Ebay. If interested in an item please make a reasonable offer. Items all gone
  9. Doesn't really matter what a person thinks either way. The fact is we went in to Iraq and the terrorists, if they weren't already there, quickly followed. The argument being made about the cost and it not working is simply a way to make a grab at power. Deep down everyone knows that on 911 things changed and we were going to have to spend money and people were going to be at risk. Anyone who says different is lying to not only their self but to the people they say the serve. Read up on some military tactics. We gave then not one but two fronts to defend. In defending those fronts they have less manpower to create havoc elsewhere. Again it is very simple and very old military tactics. Not only did it force them into a defensive position we took away a lot of their financing and a prime location for them to work and train others to attack the US. Further it gave us a very strategic position to monitor and keep a close eye on other terrorist minded nations. Somehow some people in this country think the US went to Iran just to be a bully or some such. That makes me breath hard. The US went there for good reason. Others argue that it is all George Bush doings. Hardly, the senate had to vote on it. Now some of them turn like a bunch of rabid wolves. I don't call it unpatriotic, I call it un-American. I still think it is time to take a serious look at what the cost would be to our country if we hadn't took the fight to them. Making things worse? I have no idea how a person figures that. There have been no terrorist attacks here in our homeland since we started. Looks like it is working to me. My argument about the 1930's was twisted into something I did not say. I was talking about the people who wanted to not do anything, to not get involved. We didn't until we had no choice. History tells us how big of a mistake that was and that the cost of doing nothing was extremely high. Of course what do I know I am just one of those uncouth, uneducated, unenlightened, backward, hillbilly, conservative types.
  10. I reckon that is probably true. Japan, where guns are outlawed, has the second highest suicide rate in the world. Most suicide's are done when people kill their selves with a gas concoction that puts others in jeopardy also. People who want to commit suicide will use whatever means is most handy. So my question is, what is the point to the article posted above? I'll see your article with this one. Japan suicide rate nearing record high Agencies Published: June 19, 2008, 14:02 Tokyo: Suicides in Japan neared a record high in 2007, with over 33,000 people taking their lives, a report released on Thursday says. The report issued by Japan’s National Police Agency says 33,093 people killed themselves last year, despite a government campaign against it. The figure is the second-largest number on record after 34,427 in 2003. The main causes for suicide are believed to be debt, family problems, depression and other health issues. The number of suicides involving toxic hydrogen sulphide gas made from household detergents also saw a large increase. A government spokesman said the data was regrettable and said they were trying to do as much as possible. Japan has the second-highest suicide rate in the Group of Eight nations after Russia according to the World Health Organisation
  11. Yes this is off topic but, is kind of related. Having the right to bear arms allows us to defend our homes against foreign invasion which is what the terrorists would like to do. The whole 'cost' argument is a matter of perspective. Yes the war is expensive but, what would it cost if we fought them here? The strategy is a very simple one that has been used for centuries. Attack them with a strong force on their home turf they have to pull their fighters in to defend their home turf and are hence are put in a position of defense rather than offense. Simple and effective and costs much less in infrastructure damage to our country. The argument you use was also used in the 1930's when Hitler was taking over Europe and sinking our ships off shore here in America. The argument was Ohhh, the cost! and we don't need to get involved. Long story made short is history now tells us how much it cost to wait and deal with it later. I have to disagree with you and anyone else who believes this argument. The argument is flat wrong.
  12. It seems really simple to me. The founding fathers added the amendments in their order of importance. The first being freedom of speech the second the right to keep and bear arms. People are supposed to be unencumbered in their right to own and bear firearms to protect their self, property and country against enemies both foreign and domestic. Domestic being criminals, out of control police agencies and corrupt government. One might notice that there has never been a military coup in this country. This is another of the reasons the founding fathers did not want the right to bear arms to be infringed upon. It is a very important right and one that should be protected at all costs. There has never been an instance in the history of the world where a group of people have been talked into giving up their weapons that mass murder did not follow.
  13. I don't understand how people come up with the argument that only the militia has a right to firearms. If anyone with a brain bigger than an amoeba reads quotes, journal entries or personal letters of the founding fathers of this nation it is really easy to see what the second amendment meant.
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