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  1. Thanks! I'll check that video out. Yeah, from my limited exposure, Phil is extremely generous. I know I've worked hard through the years to learn my "spots" in Colorado, and, while I share info. with friends, I'd be hard pressed to share a lot of details online.
  2. Hey Y'all! First, thanks for all of the great info. you guys share! I'm planning on being in Branson early next week and it's been over 30 years since I was last there. I worked as a counselor for Kanakuk when I was in college and fished from the bank of one of the camps. I mainly fly fish when trout fishing, and I let everything go mainly because I generally don't care for the taste of freshwater fish including trout. Since I live in the Texas Panhandle, I primarily fish for bass and occasionally throw jerkbaits, especially in the early spring. I'll definitely bring some with my "finesse" gear. I also regularly throw plastic swim baits (Keitech's, etc.) on jig heads and Flashy Swimmers. Do people throw those on Taney? Any particular color? Any recommendations on fly patterns for this time of year? I tie my own though I'm not above buying a few or other supplies at the local fly shop in hopes of securing a little bit of intel. I don't expect any freebies or significant disclosure of spots. What about kayaks near the dam in otherwise legal water? Safe? My friend and his son are tentatively planning on golfing in the afternoons. I don't golf and will have some kayak exploring opportunities and my own vehicle. I'm open to nearby locations for other species as well. Anyways, any information is appreciated! Again, thanks and blessings to you! Alan
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