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  1. Boy I've sure appreciated the help on this topic. After visiting many dealers and going crazy looking at different options I think I'm narrowing it down to either the Triton Allure 186 (fiberglass) or the G3 Angler V-18 or V-19 (aluminum). Anyone have any experience with either of these boats? I also am having a heck of a time even finding one to look at. (other than online). Again, any help or input appreciated.
  2. Thanks again for all the tips. After testing a couple of boats, I've decided to go back to having a windshield and not a console. Wife had a vote on this too . Still looking at aluminum, but now considering the Lund Impact 1875, G3 Angler V18 or 19, or Ranger VX1888. Not many choices for new or used, so might not find anything till spring.
  3. Thanks so much for all the helpful suggestions. Appreciate the input.
  4. I sold my 02 Triton SF 21 two years ago after enjoying it on Bull Shoals for over 10 years. I am now back in the market to buy a new/used bass boat to use on Table Rock. I am currently looking at the Crestliner XFC 189 and the Xpress X19 Pro bass boat. Since I've never had an aluminum boat I'm looking for any advice on these or other aluminum boats. The other option I'm considering is a Nitro Z18 Pro. Wanting to keep my purchase under $40k if possible. Thanks for any advice.
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