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  1. Thanks for keeping us safe.
  2. What are you going to spend your riches on?
  3. Advertisements are based on search history and cookies. I can only imagine what would pop up for him 🤔
  4. Viagra and bath salts?
  5. Looks like the mount is discontinued.
  6. How much shaft length do you lose with the 360 Ulterra mount?
  7. I have the cheaper okuma and it clicks. Check Ebay. I saved some money buying new ones there.
  8. House across the cove at LOZ has a rental tritoon and our favorite thing is watching them try to dock. They repeatedly hit the dock, ran over a lily pad, and started it with outboard out of the water. They even go out at night which is incredibly dangerous for someone that sucks at boating and isn't familiar with a super busy lake at the 3mm.
  9. I feel like Oneshot would have some terrific advice. I hope he sees this thread and chimes in.
  10. Alhonna on the 8mm would put you in a central location. Good crappie on north shore and up Gravois.
  11. https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/the-bass-boat-hero/378395
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