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  1. I feel like Oneshot would have some terrific advice. I hope he sees this thread and chimes in.
  2. Alhonna on the 8mm would put you in a central location. Good crappie on north shore and up Gravois.
  3. https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/the-bass-boat-hero/378395
  4. The Google Earth pic has 4 or 5 trucks and trailers parked at it.
  5. I'm not disagreeing but you'd also be very surprised how many of those big boats have Flir or similar on them so they're looking at those monitors vs plotter and the view is pretty amazing. But yes most are going too fast running blind.
  6. Sad news. No excuse but I hope fog is to blame vs just flat out not paying attention, but if it were foggy more reason to slow down. Speed is fun but only in ideal conditions and keep your head on a swivel since most are clueless on nav rules and who is stand on or giveway vessel.
  7. I have had good luck going 1.8 with bandit 300's.
  8. Early season mornings are a waste of time in my opinion. Mid season morning is great. Rut obviously all day. Late season it goes back to evenings.
  9. No worries. There are good and bad people anywhere a person goes. I was asking for trouble on a holiday weekend lol. Like I said 99% of the people were super friendly and nice. I can't say that I missed any of the power boats and cruisers like what's on LOZ. I went all the way up to Kimberling City one day and traffic wasn't bad at all and pretty smooth.
  10. The swim float was out. Then Friday morning there was probably 6 standard white no wake buoys along there to shield the beach/swim float from channel from railroad bridge up north 100 yards or so. I was going maybe 10 mph but putting out wake and a guy pulls up beside me to yell that it was no wake. I said and motioned I took it as no wake behind the buoys. He told me to "learn to f'ing read" 😆 Clearly I wasn't going that fast and reckless for that conversation to happen. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and laugh at people.
  11. Had a great time and boated a few fish. Beautiful area. I learned a lot and explored a lot. I knew this trip would be more exploration and familiarization trip. The majority of the other boaters and fishermen were super nice and friendly, but ran into a few that thought they owned the river. Had a group of kayakers give me dirty looks, literally give me the thumbs down (better than the middle finger right?), and 6 of them purposely tried to block the river and then decided to move, but 1 guy sat there and glared like I shot his dog. It was probably pretty difficult for them to comprehend that
  12. I like getting up on my roof once. Had I cleaned spring of 2019 then fall of 2019 I would have been in bad shape as birds plugged my chimney majorly during the summer. I found it in fall cleaning right before first burn. Wouldn't have burned the house down or anything but would have puked smoke and started a fire in stove pipe.
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