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  1. Thanks for all of the awesome advice. I'm still learning, or really playing catch up since I haven't fished in over a decade. And I realize that the Big River in this area is FAR from ideal, but with being able to fish easily in 15 minutes from my house, I think I just have to do it. Knowing the difficulty. Knowing the lack of bites...it's just there. But...it's at least good to know how difficult it will be. Interestingly enough, I went down there this afternoon to Byrnes Mill and fished for about 90 minutes. Caught two (Kentucky and smallie) on a knock off Whopper Plopper from Ozark Trail t
  2. Yeah. It was an enjoyable day. Went out for just a few hours while the kids played in the creek downstream from me. It was a learning day. Caught three more from about 10a-1pm. Biggest was about 10 inches, but I'm still content, just because I was able to learn a little bit. The early morning one I actually caught on a whopper plopper. That was easy to figure out if they were biting. Missed a second one right before I went back to the cabin. In the afternoon, I caught the first on a Zman Hula Stickz in a hole on a mushroom head jig, Ned Rigged. Got hung up shortly thereafter and swi
  3. Fortunately I didn’t say how large of one I wanted to catch. The monkey is off my back in the sense that I caught one on the Black River. So next is the learn more and catch bigger ones. Thanks for the encouragement. Hoping to get back out today and get more.
  4. Appreciate the input. I knew the Black was very clear so I'm excited to try something different. As for the Big River, how far up to really start? I scoped out Morse Mill yesterday for a little bit just at the public access. I'd like to see if I can't wade upriver from there if at all possible if that's a good spot. Not a long drive for me to go. But of course, I'll drive however far upriver I need to. All new territory for me. By the way, appreciate all of your write-ups on the Big and many others. They've been helpful. Much appreciated. I've been using dark colors in the
  5. I grew up in rural Tennessee fishing lots of ponds. I've caught my fair share of pond largemouth. Post-college led me to the St. Louis area in 2010 and I hadn't fished since I got here...until I had a kid. Two weeks ago I took my five year old daughter to Fabick in Fenton and she caught her first fish and loved it. We've been a couple of times since then...but that made me miss fishing. My house is about 15 minutes from the Big River, so I've gone to the Byrnes Mill access a couple of times, and that's when I realized, I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like I am out of my element
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