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  1. Well, that went 100mph to 0mph quickly. Got a call we were unfortunately exposed to the virus shortly after I posted this. So I’ll have to save this for another day. Thanks for the help though!
  2. First season of actually fishing, and I have Friday off. You guys suggested the Big River to me last time I needed help and I enjoyed the day. With it being 70+ this Friday and it seemingly being summer and fall's final breath, I'm trying to figure out how to spend my day. It looks like after the weekend's rain, the water is up just a little bit, but should be better at Steelville and that area by Friday. Was considering going to Ozark Outdoors and doing the Bluffs float to enjoy the last good weather of the year. But, before I planned that, I figured I'd at least check for suggestions if
  3. Thanks...that's really the biggest part for me is making sure I pack my gear if it is possible to use. We're staying at an AirBNB about 2.5 miles from Patrick Bridge and 2 miles from Blair Bridge, so I assume parking at Patrick and wading up will work. Now for the weather to cooperate, I suppose. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. My wife and I are looking to get away at New Years in Tecumseh in a cabin. She’s excited, and I became even more excited when I saw the river. Not wanting to get my hopes up too much, understanding weather may not cooperate the two days we are there...but if weather cooperates, what could/should I expect? Our cabin will be about two miles from Petit’s. Just curious if it’s even something to consider on our trip given the potential weather patterns, or access from the bank. Is it even wadable? Thanks in advance for answering my newbie questions. Hoping to add this
  5. Yeah, I have both. Buddy I fished with yesterday and I have been planning already. The park rented Perception Access 11.5, which they really weren't bad. The seat sucked horribly though. Starts at $500 which is fine by me, but want something I can outfit a bit more. I don't know that I need a gigantic $1500 monster, but fortunately, I think marketplace is about to be full of kayaks this winter from the COVID purge...
  6. Learned a lot today. Wish that we could have gotten on the water earlier, but their rentals don't start until 9. Once we were picked up, we were dropped at what I think is Blackwell and started around 9:45am. We went upstream just above the bridge where we dropped in. My buddy was floating and fishing for the first time. He is brand new to the entire thing. Two casts with a green pumpkin lizard and he hooked a 14 inch smallie. We were hoping it would be that type of day. It took around another hour of floating before I finally caught one. I was throwing a Baby Brush hog and hooked up wit
  7. Scheduled for a 9am departure at Washington State Park tomorrow. 7 mile float on one of their kayaks. So, hoping for a good day of learning. One is better than most of my outings this year, so the bar is pretty low.
  8. This is awesome info as always, Al. I floated the Little Piney from Newburg to the confluence of the Gasconade last weekend and it had some major low spots. I don't mind to get out, as I'm really just trying to learn how to fish and float (because a kayak is on the horizon for me). Sounds like there are pros and cons to both, but both can have some good results. I would say in many ways, I don't know what I'm doing with a ton of confidence. Threw the HD Craws last week on the Piney and caught one...but was fishing with three other guys who were ahead of me most of the float. If they're g
  9. Good to know. Is that stretch of he Big tough or the Meramec is just that much better?
  10. Good to hear. I usually bank fish the Big in Byrnes Mill and hate it. So just wanted to make sure. And can you let my wife know the necessity of constant fishing, please?
  11. Looking to rent a kayak next Friday for my birthday getaway. I know Washington State Park rents them to float 7 miles on the Bog River. And Ozark Outfitters floats the Meramec. Looking for just a day out to try to figure out floating and fishing as it’s all new to me. Both are $35. Washington State Park is 30 minutes closer to me. What’s my best option for a successful day?
  12. Thanks for all of the awesome advice. I'm still learning, or really playing catch up since I haven't fished in over a decade. And I realize that the Big River in this area is FAR from ideal, but with being able to fish easily in 15 minutes from my house, I think I just have to do it. Knowing the difficulty. Knowing the lack of bites...it's just there. But...it's at least good to know how difficult it will be. Interestingly enough, I went down there this afternoon to Byrnes Mill and fished for about 90 minutes. Caught two (Kentucky and smallie) on a knock off Whopper Plopper from Ozark Trail t
  13. Yeah. It was an enjoyable day. Went out for just a few hours while the kids played in the creek downstream from me. It was a learning day. Caught three more from about 10a-1pm. Biggest was about 10 inches, but I'm still content, just because I was able to learn a little bit. The early morning one I actually caught on a whopper plopper. That was easy to figure out if they were biting. Missed a second one right before I went back to the cabin. In the afternoon, I caught the first on a Zman Hula Stickz in a hole on a mushroom head jig, Ned Rigged. Got hung up shortly thereafter and swi
  14. Fortunately I didn’t say how large of one I wanted to catch. The monkey is off my back in the sense that I caught one on the Black River. So next is the learn more and catch bigger ones. Thanks for the encouragement. Hoping to get back out today and get more.
  15. Appreciate the input. I knew the Black was very clear so I'm excited to try something different. As for the Big River, how far up to really start? I scoped out Morse Mill yesterday for a little bit just at the public access. I'd like to see if I can't wade upriver from there if at all possible if that's a good spot. Not a long drive for me to go. But of course, I'll drive however far upriver I need to. All new territory for me. By the way, appreciate all of your write-ups on the Big and many others. They've been helpful. Much appreciated. I've been using dark colors in the
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