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  1. Thanks. That's really not what I'd like to do, but the thought has crossed my mind. Hopefully I hear from some guys close to the area and may be able to get a better idea from there.
  2. Hey everybody. New to the forum, but not the area. Grew up in and am still in south Saint Louis. I found the forum while I was shopping for boats, but got signed up just a day late. Posted on other forums asking for advice on boat/motor size for my area and nearby waters. Where I'm at I don't know of many lakes nearby. My closest access would be to the lower Meremac, but don't believe that is great fishing. George Winter/Flamm city ramps. I believe the closest lake that I can get into is Horseshoe in Il. Well I bought my boat. A 2007 bass tracker pro team 175 with a 50hp Merc
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