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  1. tried to post some pics, but they did not go, or at least i can't see them. bo
  2. glad i have some people fooled. went from deep fishing to a bit shallower, 15 to 30 ft. went over to the kings. your favorite colored water. thought might get them on a crankbait. but, that did not work out for me. picked up the old doodle. bits were from 15 to 30 ft. deep very maticulous fishing in all the wind. this is were the spot lock is really nice! bo
  3. yes, it does have a remote, but i have not taken time to get it linked up. there would be times that it would be very useful. bo
  4. i burned up about twenty gallons of fuel looking deep yesterday, and that bite seems to be fading. shad for the most part all seemed to have moved out into the main lake. all scattered 60 to 80 feet deep. put it on the trailer and went to eagle rock. got out the doodle and caught bass all afternoon. no keepers, but plenty of action. all were fat as ticks and mostly k's, but did have few lmg's in the mix. it was hard to pattern the depth a bite might occur. some 8 to 10 and some out as deep as 25. did catch 2 short walters. catching something is certainly better than not getting your
  5. might to take a listen to this. https://www.bitchute.com/video/9FD0SZShGoOf/. link would not embed, so you will have to copy and paste it. bo
  6. do what you wish to do, but there is way too much coming out about bad outcomes for many that have taken the vaccine. case in point, the last time that i took a flu shot, which was back in high school, i ended up in the hospital for three days. i have not had one since, and in that many decades have had the flu twice. there are also several studies that verify that asymptomatic people do not spread the virus. do you actually know what is in the vaccine shots?? do you have any recourse if you have a bad outcome from the vaccine, and that would include death? no. the actual death coun
  7. yes champ, the spot lock feature among others is sure easier on an old body. bo
  8. i guess that i just need a lot more practice. my wife went fishing for the first time in about 3 months, and beat me as usual. i had to make a fast and furious comeback to make it 5 to 4 on keepers, but i did sneak in a 4 lb. lmg on her. not too bad for 2 hours of looking and 2 hours of fishing. 70 to 75 ft. deep on or near the bottom is where every bite came from. on a 2d sonar, you really have to know what you are looking at because there is hardly any evidence of fish around. when you do catch one, it is easy to tell they are laying flat to the bottom because of the extremely pale
  9. fished out in the middle of the huricane today. here a real test of how good the spot lock is on the tour pro. put a buoy out and park right by it. bet i stayed within a foot of it. this is a great troller. bo
  10. forgot to mention that the bump pole is integrated on the bracket. meaning that it is hinged and when you deploy the motor it folds down into the top of the bracket. bo
  11. i replaced a minn kota maxxum 70 lb. thrust. the motor guide is at least 15 lbs. lighter. that is a lot of weight to take off the very nose of the boat. bo
  12. second trip out with the tour pro. i took an ultrex guy with me, and he was more than impressed. i have the 24 v 82 lb. thrust. full speed, pantera 2, 52 gallons of gas, and livewells full, 2.7 mph full speed. no flex noise of any kind out of bracket. normal movement of foot pedal, you never here any steering noise. barely hear it when making a very fast movement of pedal. spot lock is right on the money, very precise. i just wish it had not taken so long to get it. it is a winner. bo
  13. it was easy to mount to the boat, and the bracket is solid as a rock. very impressed with it. bo
  14. suppossedly they made some more internal changes and upgrades. they are to begin manufacturing after jan 1. bo
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