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  1. i have been doing lots of looking, and on the lower end and many other areas, the bait is extremely deep for the most part. kc to the dam 80 to 100 ft. deep. that clue tells me that much of the fish population is still very deep and have not come up yet. good reason that there are so few fish up and the catching for the most part is not the best. food supply tells the tale of what is going on with the fish population. they all have to eat for a living. bo
  2. alex, sure wish i could see your pics. i've tried everyway i know to open them, but nothing will do it. bo
  3. probably around 4 1/2. measured real close to 20". the lower end of the lake has a lot of brownies this size. could not tell you how many of them i caught last summer in the 4 lb. range. they sure are fun to catch. bo
  4. it is called a holy rogue. once water hits 52+, it can not be beat when bass will hit a minnow bait. it sinks about 1 ft. per second. it will catch them suspended or those that are glued to the bottom. back when i fished tournaments, it won me a lot of money in the early tournaments. i really don't know of too many jerk baits that can be fished on bottom 30 ft. deep. on days like today, wind wise, you have to hold the boat into the wind and throw down wind, count and feed it line until you get to desired depth. when you pop it, it jump erratically and then sinks back tail first wobbling
  5. got out and piddled around for a bit today. water is 57 to 60, but just does not seem to be many bass up. could be because they ended up so deep because of the bad winter. anyway, ended up with 4 big k's and another really nice brownie. caught with a real old technique that most folks don't even know about. bo
  6. maybe something like that one would collect a little bit of hourly cash next week. bo
  7. fished downstream this afternoon and no one around. suited me just fine. i fished from cow creek back up under the bridge just a bit. never had a bite out on the main lake. ended up with 5 keeps, with three of them pretty nice fish. a doodle and an iovino crankbait got the bites. doodle fish were 15 to 25 ft. deep something that might explain why there seems to be a lack of shallower fish, is the fact that i saw several balls of shad 40 to 50 ft. deep. still can't believe there was not a jillion boats out. bo
  8. you could stay at my house. never say never, just look for a solution. bo
  9. i will just add to the story instead of starting a new post. everything was off last night. caught a lot of nice bass, but they were all nothing bites, and all were out deeper. there was absolutely no critters stirring. hard to figure that one out. warmer air temps. wind out of the south. night before was very cold air temps, but everything was out stirring, and the bite for the most part was easier to detect. fished until 3 and ended up with 18 keepers, very few shorts. had at least three in the 4 lb. range. it was great out. not another boat. just the way i like it. caught a
  10. a friend on mine has two new in box 36 v motor guide tour pros with built in sonar for sale. $2300 will get you one. he got them as payment from motor guide for advertising. as i have already posted, i love mine which is the 24 v. anyone interested, pm me with your phone number and i will get you in contact with the seller. bo
  11. saturday night was windier than heck. ended up with 7 keepers. biggest was in the 4 lb. range. caught some on a 1/2 Elite SpinJig, june bug, with # 6 nickle colorado blade. caught some on the 1/4 GrassJig with buzz cut skirt, and some on the 3/8 GrassJig brown and blue, with blue trailer. bank to 15 ft. last night had over a dozen keepers. several in the 3 lb. range and one in the 7 lb. range. it was a bit over 23 inches in length and over 8 inches tall. everything last night came on the 3/8 GrassJig brown and blue with blue trailer. most of the bigger ones were 10 to 15 ft. deep
  12. i waited for everyone else to go home and then went fishing. ended up with 5 keeps. one of those was in the 3 lb. range. also caught three short walleye. as with quill, one bass came on a spinner bait and not another bite on it. the rest all came on a 1/4 GrassJig with a buzz cut skirt, bluegill in color. bites ranged from on the bank to 12 ft. bo
  13. that is terrible. good reminder to wear a pfd. bo
  14. i was a co-angler with sonnie chaffin a long time ago. he wanted to go up the james flipping, which was ok with me. we took off from mill creek and quickly ran into the fog. he was telling me all the time how he knew james river like the back of his hand. he got lost three times before we got to cape fair with me telling him he was going wrong. i was right each time. we got headed upstream from virgin bluff in the fog still, and i kept warning him to stay out to the left further to miss a patch of trees that were out in the lake, and he, amazingly again, informed me he knew where that pa
  15. besides not knowing how to drive a boat, it was ignorant on his part for going around a blind corner the wrong way on the inside. what if there had been someone coming from the other way that would have been in the right, and he collided with them. exactly what we need an operators test just as with cars. but, you can't fix stupid. bo
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