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  1. Tightline

    Only 26

    Good job Dutch, try to leave a few in that lake for us fish hungry guys !! Lol
  2. I didn't see anything stupid in any of the responses to this report, just a guy giving his opinion on they way he sees things . I think everyone deserves that right . Very good report DD ,You have come a long way in your fishing expertice in the 9 years I have been on OA, hec I remember you needing directions to get to the Blunk hole years ago ,LOL Good job.
  3. Heehee , i hear you capndan , gotta watch those pictures with recognizeable stuff in the background also!! Live and learn .
  4. To each his own opinion on taste or catch and release. From what I have seen with the whites on James this year is that there is a year class missing maybe 2 years, they have good and bad years just like any other fish, (remember Bullshoals several years back) whites were as scarce as hens teeth. I'll feel alot better about the James when I start seeing lots of pecker heads caught. Hey BATCAB27,nice catchs, thanks for posting. I was wondering, do you ever keep Bass,LM,SM or Kentuckys,they taste great?
  5. Well said,and so true,usually we won't hear about the trips that come up with little or no catchs,especially after posting you just slayed them. Sometimes you just get lucky.
  6. Great mess of crappie you got there,looks like a good mixture of black and white crappies,,ummm good. I love fishing down there,and would alot more if it weren't so far. Good job!!
  7. Thanks , Motoman and Vonreed,we were kinda on a mission to find some whites and feel some power on the end of our rods for a change.Alot of the females were 18 inchs +, you guys know the power,it was awesome. There was no way we could've used 1/16 ou heads where we were at, making long cast and throwing cross wind. At 9:30 am when we put in,I said to myself we're going to have to get lucky today with all the boats,and we did,left at 3:00 pm.
  8. My son and I put in at Flat creek,and quickly realized we had forgot it was the opening day of spoonbill season..I can't ever remember seeing that many boats from Flat creek to Ashers.It took us a good 1/2 hour to weave through all them to get up there. 2 whites and 3 crappie in 3 hours just wasn't getting it,then the wind started to pick up so we ran back down past most of the boaters to a bank that the wind was just pounding.We started catching whites right off the bat in about 3 feet of water. We caught 41 whites all together, we released 21 sows and brought home 19 males and 1 sow to eat. Caught 6 keeper crappie also. We used 1/8 ounce heads so we could cast in the wind reeling fairly fast with our rod tips high. Ice colored swimming minnows were the best but smoke also produced along with white sliders. Here are some pics of the sows compared to the males that we kept. PS. Don't know how the date on my camera got on march 17,I guess I messed up the last time my batteries went dead.
  9. Pressey has been one of the best point guards I have seen play in years but at times I could just ring his neck. Go Mizzou !!!!
  10. Awesome pictures oneshot, if you blow up the pictures you have marked as Taneycomo you can see Powersite dam in the back ground.Looks like the ole Pothole was a busy place back in 1957. I would've been 5 months old and living just up the hill to the right of the pictures. Love old pictures, do you have more?
  11. Josh,i have 2 journals that span from 1980 to 2000 , mostly bass fishing, but alot of crappie and white bass fishing too ,its really cool to look back and see just how good it use to be and the different lures we use to use. 20 years from now you'll really enjoy looking back and reading about the good ole days. I just wish I would've wrote down more of the really bad days fishing too there would've been alot more to read though,also there were a few years I didn't keep track of much,got lazy I guess.
  12. Nice mess,Josh did you learn to crappie fish and learn how and where to find them all on your own or did your dad and relatives help alot ?? Jimmy got me going up to Pomme de Terre years ago in december when I couldn't find em on TR or BS, we slayed em for years up there.
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