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  1. I was bored dreaming of fishing so I eased my mind with something I don't do very much...painting. Anyone else get creative with fish theme projects to relax the mind until better weather comes?
  2. I have a 5/6 wt, never understood why my rod says 5/6...I guess it's inbetween both 5 and 6 lol...makes sense.
  3. The line I have came with the rod, it was cheap, I know I should invest in good line, but until I can it's what I have. I'll get 3x and see how it goes. I thought maybe I need a 9' to cast streamers better. I like to fish creeks and current river and trout parks and stocked lakes. Most fish I catch are 1 pound b/c I dry fly fish in stocked areas more than anything.
  4. I have a 5/6wt 8' fly rig. I like to dry fly fish and have trouble using streamers, but do pretty good dry fly casting with this rod/reel. I buy 7.5'--6X tippets for dry fly fishing. If I want to fish with streamers and other flys other than dry fly what's the best set up? Any other info on the limitations and advantages with 5/6wt 8' rod would be appreciated. cheers to spring fishing
  5. The water was great, only 1/2 unit running that day, but it was kind of cold. I only caught 3 fish but I'll take it. The super duper lure gold worked great around 10am or so near the dam. Looking forward to spring fishing. Here's a one minute video I made set to Ozark Mountain Daredevil music.
  6. Indeed, fooling a fish on a preferred fly is fun.
  7. My tippet was 2.4Lb I believe. I'm sure there was too much drag at times. I knew I would be doing something wrong, but I seem to catch trout on other things other than scuds and such. I'll definitely learn to fish with scuds and anything that needs indicators. Baby steps haha
  8. I fished Taneycomo in the trophy area near the dam on Dec. 27th. It was around 60 degrees that day and there was strong wind on and off. The water looked great and very little water was being generated so I was able to wade. I was lucky enough to be fishing next to one of the trout guides that owns a fly fishing shop near Taneycomo. The trout guide had a client with him and they were fishing scuds with an egg pattern. They were catching fish after fish while I was switching flies out trying to see what works. I don't think I saw anyone else catching fish as much as the man with the trout
  9. I fished Bush Wildlife today. I didn't have any luck on the rooster tail. If I tried with it for a little longer maybe I'd get lucky, but I got a "super duper" lure from another person and had some luck. I caught 4 trout in about 30 to 45 minutes (I only kept 3...I also almost lost one when putting it on the stringer!). The first trout was only 10" or so and two others were 12" and one was 13". I know one guy that had luck on salmon eggs today, but he was catching them at a slower rate than those using lures. From what I've noticed, freshly stocked trout chase jigs/lures more than junk bait wh
  10. Thanks everyone! Meddle is my favorite Pink Floyd song. I really wanted to catch fish at Blue Creek Springs, but the water was low and I heard it's a little easier to catch trout there during the spring. There weren't many fish spotted which kind of shocked me. I'd like to go to the spring next year (got to get permission from the salvation army I guess.
  11. This is my first post on here (i was accepted in the forum today...woohoo!). I finished editing a video of my trips to Blue Springs Creek, and thought I'd share it. The footage was captured during late summer and during fall this year. There weren't a lot of trout there that I could easily spot, probably spooked most of them into hiding. I was mostly wanting to get familiar with the spots that I might fish. I did see a couple good size 12'' wild trout, but the other handful I saw were small. I think this creek had some flooding that may have hurt the wild trout population?? Has any fished for
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