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  1. Met a lot of good folks there at the various get togethers, fishing and hunting meetups. But before it was the link you posted, it was actually ran by the MDC before they shut it down. Then that one started. There are a few originals still around that hang out at whats left of the Cafe Outdoors
  2. Every since the days of the Conservation Cafe and throughout the many, many forums I belong to I just use my last name. Gets to confusing when people use different names for different forums. Back in the day I also never wanted to hide behind a random screen name so I thought my real last name would be best. It works out good now days because some forums require you to use real names so I never had to change a thing.
  3. Beautiful Birds there @BilletHead . Looks like the season has been treating you well these first few days. I have yet to get out.
  4. Thanks for the good info navery, never thought about that.
  5. Thanks MCrump for the info. Did not think about calling, nor did I find that other link that you posted. I agree with you on the being there the first week on a long generation period because of a flood. At least that has been my experience as well. One of the reasons that I check the generation, just to see when they crack that thing open after the water levels get too high. MoCarp, I have called Cody's before on this and stop by to get tackle each time, and yes they are helpful.
  6. I have been fishing the tailwaters for 30 years. I try to look at the generation tables to get an idea of what it might be like every time I plan on going down, but I am far from knowing what numbers are good. Can only guess what might be a good number range. Everyone knows when they are generating good or generating and releasing water the fishing is good. If anyone else uses the generation tables to decide on going down and are experienced with the data, see if you can answer a few questions for me. Truman Thursday Generation Table When looking under HST column in the tables
  7. Was at Hobby Lobby in Jefferson City and happen to see this nice drawing of a moose. I thought it would go well in the house. The signature.... Al Agnew.
  8. Not always the case..... You would think that you could use a small layout boat duck hunting with a trolling motor or other motor and hunt a conservation area flooded cornfield and not be in any trouble, but unfortunately, sometime water patrol can and will patrol those areas. I think that is kind of crazy for a flooded field, but it is what it is. For example, I know Four Rivers has had some people getting ticketed for not registering their boat and motor. The odds may be that you won't have an issue, but it is possible.
  9. Was interested in Falconry when I was young. Studied hard and was ready for the falconry test, handmade some of the equipment, looked for a mentor, and ready to capture a bird (wanted to start of with American Kestrel, then move to Redtail Hawk), but parents at the time were not too keen on me having one. So it never transpired. Still interested now days but will probably wait until retirement when I have more time on my hands.
  10. Well didn't get out like I wanted this weekend, scouted Friday but did not see any birds flying anywhere. On a good note I will be out on Thursday at Eagle Bluff's on a friends quick draw reservation.
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