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  1. Stop at Tim's Fly Shop north entrance to RRSP on hwy 112. Tim can tell you exactly what you need.
  2. Waters should be fine. The rain just barely showed a jump on the river gauge this week. They're dredging Zone 2 during the week causing chocolate milk downstream. Even that just messed up sight fishing only. The bite has been fine. You'll be fine
  3. Gavin's right. Five to six pounds and yes, a lunker
  4. Good advice Dave. Stop by Tim's Fly Shop, and he can fill you in on the latest lures and colors.
  5. Stop by Tim's Fly Shop for up to date info. I'd suggest the State access just east of the park on hwy F. The last flood took out most of the access roads so the MDC access best bet. Park in lot and walk down to River.
  6. I last fished Monday in RRSP. It was more like I got blown away Monday with steady winds all day. Roaring River is alive and doing well.
  7. I've had my best luck after the sun warms the water surface a little and you see a hatch swarming. Cracklebacks in blue dun hackle works for me but other friends have done better with whites and cream colored parachute pattern
  8. Saw you guys and was wondering what fly you used. I too caught some nice fish on a green hopper. Curious what fly a "Frenchie" is?
  9. Trout are sluggish from the heat too but did well on green hoppers and beetles in the morning. About size 10 concentrated in shady spots.
  10. They are stocking some nice fish this year. Of course wiTh the high water they might be in the lake by now
  11. Most flies that work for Taneycomo also will work for RRSP. Try Tim's fly shop too for the latest
  12. You should be alright as long as you are not dumping beer cans, trash, or tearing up the place. ATV, keg parties, and trash dumping generally spoil access for all of us. If posted, definitely ask first. If I'm thinking of the right place, it is gated and padlocked now anyway.
  13. Ronnie is right on - second Friday in November is the opener. Second Friday in November is Nov 8th
  14. First, try to keep the small ones to eat. Soak in milk to draw out the blood
  15. Stop by Tim's Fly Shop. He'll let you know how to catch the fish.
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