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    hunting, bowhunting ,fishing, trapping ,arrowhead hunting, mushroom hunting, floating, camping. If it's outdoors and in season that's what I'll be doing.

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  1. vonreed

    I need to fish Bull more

    Thanks, I should of known, it's what everybody seems to use down there.
  2. vonreed

    I need to fish Bull more

    Nice report. What were you catching them on?
  3. vonreed

    In the world of walleye...

    Well at least something was biting, even if it is stinking bass. They taste better at about 12 inches. Nice yellow perch there Andy, it sure makes me jealous.
  4. vonreed

    SOLD Predator MX Kayak

    I've been wanting to try one of those Predators for a while, You should be able to sell it, it's a fair price.
  5. Thanks, I know that exact hole. I've caught lots of coon right there on that steep bank where the water runs into that bank.
  6. If I knew the exact hole of deep water, I could probably find the stuff that sunk. I spend a lot of my summer water metal detecting at tip over points on the rivers around here. Looking for all kinds of goodies. The half paddle sucks cause you and the person who find the other half will neither be able to use it.
  7. vonreed


    Happy Birthday and thank you for having such a great site and keeping it going all these years.
  8. vonreed

    Boat Regulations On NFWR

    Thank you, it's much appreciated. It never crossed my mind to search old topics. Thanks again.
  9. I've looked but haven't found any information. I have a 2.5 hp Mercury with a canoe. Are there any kind of restrictions anywhere on the North Fork of The White River? I'd like to be able to motor upstream and float back down to my takeout point.
  10. Shelvin Rock to Hootentown is no doubt the most floated section of the river. I'm on that section a lot and some days it rivals North Fork of White for the amount of people. The water is at a good level for floating right now. Hootentown down to Marble Grounds off V Hwy is a much better fishing float in my opinion.
  11. vonreed


    Around Bull Creek in Christian County MO has a good chance to spot a timber rattler. Also the same area has a decent amount of pygmy rattlers also.
  12. vonreed

    Shelving rock hole access

    People and myself have been parking at the upper bridge for quite some time. It's not posted, even got checked by a game warden there years ago, with no problems about parking there. It's an easy walk from there. The other way would be much further and harder, but not impossible either. The hole you're talking to has been a popular spoonbill snagging spot for a long time.
  13. vonreed

    My Last Smallmouth

    Wow, that's bizarre. To just break your foot while walking? Sorry to hear.
  14. vonreed

    Blue Gills

    Yum Yum, although tedious to clean, they are some of the best eating fish swimming around. congrats.
  15. vonreed

    Mud bank to Hl kerr

    Like he said the bridge on V highway is out between Galena and Marble Grounds/ Mudbank. You will have to back out to 160 Hwy to get to Galena. There are also a couple backroad ways to get to Galena if you can figure them out. You can definitely float that stretch. And you are correct about the water, it's probably sped up a bit compared to what I'm used to during mid summer time floats.

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