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  1. Lots of good flatheads in Tablerock, my biggest was 60+ pounds. I had a 23 pounder that got lodged in its mouth while in the bottom of the boat. Most are obviously smaller in the 3-5 pound range.
  2. I've caught hundreds of catfish from Tablerock, never a blue cat.
  3. There is no other standard options. Best bet would be to float down to hootentown but it has the party crowd.
  4. It's tough to find good bank access that's worth the effort. Gotta get away from the access. But maybe you can do better.
  5. You'd probably be best off floating from horse creek down to galena.
  6. Congrats on the walleye and sorry you lost the couple other nice fish, next time dont use older hooks with dull barbs, haha. That was me and my kids down there fishing next to you. Congrats on the nice fish
  7. I have a friend who has snagged spoonbill below power site dam on the bluff side
  8. I fished yesterday evening and was really surprised by how dirty the water was! There was even small trees coming through the gates.
  9. If you're using a hat, you're not finding enough.
  10. Wow, I was pretty much kidding. Now Iim second guessing using it.
  11. I was surprised it made it all the way down to bull shoals without getting snagged somewhere on taneycomo.
  12. I found this on the bank down on Bull Shoals. I figured someone here might recognize it, lol.
  13. The owner at McCall bridge is a great guy and a friend of mine. Unless things have changed, he will let people in and out at that bridge. But you have to talk to him beforehand. He lives in the house overlooking the river next to the bridge.
  14. Well judging by those pics, I think fishing is canceled today.
  15. I was gonna make a snide comment about what they said about buying store bought mushrooms but thought I'd keep my mouth shut, lol.
  16. I've been hunting almost 40 years here in SWMO. I used to only hunt 1 type of area, sycamore trees. After I opened my mind, I realized they can be found anywhere. However there are some places that are overwhelmingly better than others. Here's my list of my best places to look. Sycamore trees which are not in a major river bottom. It seems the best trees are in well drained area's. Especially at the head of a ditch. Dead elm trees. But then it's only a small percentage of them that will grow mushrooms. And they have to be
  17. Yeah but only got 4, so it wasn't real impressive
  18. Yeah we got a 19 and 25 incher. Also some trout, smallmouth, and white bass.
  19. I saw you guys up there. We were obviously over by the canoe. Whoever was in the front of your boat, was catching one after another. I think your pile is permanently bent now.
  20. Awesome, thanks. If you want any walleye, you better hurry cause me and my boy are heading there shortly, haha.
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