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  1. Son and I fished the fly zone Saturday as well from around 930am till around 330pm and caught quite a few. I caught at least a dozen and he caught 6 or 7 on a white jig. They were nailing a #8 olive wooly bugger on my 4 wt, my last 2 I kept were 13-15" each. Beautiful day!
  2. I would have to second this one. I've gone there 3 or 4 times, and each time when I left, I would say to myself never again. Last time I went, I agreed with myself. Will drive a littler further to Montauk, Current, or Bennett, no more Meramec Spring for me.
  3. mhall02


    $15 an hour, I would say that is pretty close starting salary. Last time I worked for MDC it was as a Lab Tech with a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife from Mizzou. Yep I was making minumum wage. Tried that for a few years and moved on to much better paying, less interesting jobs. Gotta pay the bills, feed the babies and pay for the gas to go fishing, right? Anywho, at that time if I had 'identified' as a minority woman may have got my foot in the door but that is whole nother story that isn't too PC so I will stop.
  4. That is one clean looking fish, not a beat up brood stock. Must have escaped from the big pool where the spring comes out of the base of the hill/hatchery area?
  5. No, they didn't play for us. 1 bluegill and a few spring peepers by hand by my son, all released unharmed. Saw a few on stringers but didn't see any caught while we were there. Nice day to get out. I caught a brown one year in May in 28 as well, but anywho, guess we will try again when we head to Montauk later this year.
  6. Any tout left? I'm taking my son out to Lake 21 or 28 this afternoon, see what happens.
  7. 28" rainbow trout in my avatar, would guess 8 - 10 lbs. Summer of '90 when I was at C of O at the Rebar hole caught on 6' Eagle Claw ultra light rod, 4 lb test line, Shimano spinning reel on a 1/64 oz black Bass Snapper crappie jig. Fought hard, got her in, Dad happened to have the camera, snapped a pic and let her go. Yeah, didn't have waders back then so wet wading in Taney, ankles go numb pretty quick! http://s37.photobucket.com/user/mhall02/media/trout.jpg.html?o=0 Caught a grass carp close to 3' long, 15+ lbs would guess and a channel cat about the same. No pics.
  8. Yesterday the stocking began...... call 636-300-9651 for locations and numbers.
  9. It is kind of nice to take to kids over to lake 21 or 28 out of Busch during the winter and learn how to feel the subtle hit on a jig, and it is only 15 minutes away! They don't have the chance I had growing up down by Capps Creek, Roaring River and few 'other' trout spots.
  10. 21 is smaller, what time of year did you catch it? Did it look like a typical somewhat beat up brood stocker or something that had been in the lake for a year or more (i.e. fully developed fins, no nubs or rounded, good color, etc.??).
  11. That sounds interesting! Any stories to tell? I caught a brown out there (the year they stocked them) one time in May or June, but nothing in July or August timeframe. I don't get out there as much as I used to, but usually hit 28 at least once a year after the trout go in. Take my son and let him have at it!
  12. I am hoping you are not thinking 'fisheries research biologist'. Been down that road, the line is long and the opportunities are few, especially here in Missouri. Perhaps another state?
  13. #8B - old lodge at Roaring River, Johnsfolly has been there apparently! Dad and I bought our tags there for many years, I'll never foget it. Great pics.
  14. Same grass carp in the small family pound numerous times. Talk about fun on an ultra light!
  15. Hey that is cool! I'm assuming that is a hybrid, didn't know they had stocked them, never heard of anyone catching them before.
  16. Let us know of the size of what you catch. Went last summer and they were dinks, would have felt guilty keeping any of the ones I caugt, but they were plentiful and biting. Caught at least a dozen, but most 10 inches or less. Planning on going back this year for my annual middle of the week take a day off from work fishing outing, I just love that place!
  17. They used to stock browns in Roaring River, first noticed it in the mid 80s, but I haven't been down there in years. Rainbows could have come in from Flat Creek as well, there is/was a hatchery around Casville at one time, my dad caught one down around the Stubblefield Access. Very interesting thread, keep the stories coming!
  18. We did end up going to 28, and yes there are still plenty of fish in there. Took home 3 apeice, little on the small side compared to prior years but plenty of excitement. Rainbow powerbait and olive and yellow jig did the trick.
  19. Any fish left in 21 or 28? Thinking about taking my son out after church tomorrow.
  20. Confluence of _______ Spring and _______ River? (hint, ______ is the same for both)
  21. How big were they? I remember seeing some big carp in the fly zone at RR in the 80s, don't know where they came from or what became of them.
  22. I went to Montauk in the August and caught 10-15 dinks. Usually try to keep a few for the skillet but felt bad keeping babies, so I let them all go.
  23. Yeah, I drove through Thursday in hopes of open water but no dice. Did see a few guys walking on one of the trout lakes (not the catch and relase), but didn't see anything on the news about a rescue so I guess they did OK. I certainly would not have walked out there! Told my son with me those guys are just asking for trouble.
  24. Yeah I went to one of those conference as a young idealistic MU Fisheries and Wildlife major years ago. Just went for the day and the information was interesting!
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