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  1. I was there as well Friday. Fished the fly zone and all I caught were dinks. Got there around noon and left around 5:p.m., 6-7 smallish fish on olive buggers the first 1.5 hours, then it went dead. Managed to get 3-4 more on grey skuds, but disappointed with the size, seemed like 10" or less. Sounds like I should have fished further downstream
  2. Pickerel maybe? How big were they?
  3. I bite the bullet and drive another hour or so to either Montauk or Bennett. Gave up on Meramec Spring a few years ago, just not my cup of tea.
  4. Just bought one of these combos over Christmas for $39, 9' six wt. I haven't had a six weight in a while, my other is a St. Croix 7 or 7.5' 4wt, great for the small trout streams but thought I would have bigger rod for bass and bigger trout streams (Taney, Bennett, etc.). We will see how this setup works, price seemed right. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Fishing/Rod-Reel-Combos/Fly-Fishing-Rod-Reel-Combos%7C/pc/104793480/c/104762880/sc/105571980/Cabelas-Cahill-Fly-Rod-and-Reel-Outfit/732362.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Ffishing-rod-reel-combos-fly-fishing-rod-reel-combos%2F_%2FN
  5. No ice on 28 the weekend before Christmas and the fish were biting! Took the kids and we caught and released a number and saw one guy catch (and release) a really nice one. Fished on the dam, not too bad for a 20 minute drive from the house! Come Feb. 2nd may have to break out the powerbait and let the kids tear em up (assuming no ice)!
  6. Hopefully they will stock Busch this coming week.
  7. Usually the first 10 days or so of Nov.
  8. I would recommend seeing if you can get on w/o a degree and work your way up. I tried it the other way around and it did not work.....
  9. Who, that is huge! The one in my sig was 28", but not nearly that fat! I would guess more in the 13-14 lb range.
  10. Back when I worked for the University of MO, we surveyed 48 streams throughout the State and one of the parameters was turbidity levels (i.e. how clear it was). Now we obviously didn't do all the streams in the State, but we did the Black River near Lesterville, and you guessed it, it had the lowest turbity level of any of the streams surveyed. I think it ranked one of the highest for the number of different fish species.
  11. Too often the kids are disciplined out of anger, parents let things go to far and lose their cool and snap. We try to nip it in the bud with our kiddos and it works well for both parties. Jails are filled with people who were not correctly disciplined as a child and taught to control themselves in the areas of anger, sex, money, and then some. Without boundaries being established as a child, you create an adult who is setup for disaster.
  12. Try reading through this, maybe a fix in there? http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f13/ok-so-ive-been-battling-no-start-random-dying-issue-please-help-im-burning-1271983/
  13. 1/32 oz marabou jigs in the following colors, black and yellow, olive, & white. 1/16 oz black rooster tail with with a silver spinner and if you bait fish, rainbow powerbait. Good luck!
  14. I saw that, man if that is a smaller fish......
  15. Where are you in that pic? That doesn't look like any place in the park.
  16. I hear you, I've reminded a few of the rules (about bait and catch and release). One guy did let his trout go, but it went belly up so what do you do... I'm going to try to get out there week after next and see what happens.
  17. Sounds like your clutch disk is worn smooth (I'm asssuming you never had the clutch replaced?). Wish I knew someone down there trusworthy, I'm sure others will chime in.
  18. Removed the quote, but still the question and Center Punch 2, you answered it. Does this look familiar? http://www.charteredwaters.com/fishingreport.html
  19. Yeah, they are in the lower portion, at least they used to be back in the late 80s early 90s. There used to be a nice hole where Capps and Shoal came together where you would catch largemouth, smallmouth and trout. Lots of fond memories of that creek.
  20. I would guess the fish to be a whitetail shiner (C. galactura), skinny and longer body than that of the red. Would guess the snake a Northern Water snake. The cottenmouth I saw was in one of the drainage canals in SE MO. Oops, just noticed Al already ID this, different common name, same snake (banded or northern water).
  21. I totally agree with this statement. I only know of two people off the top of my head that have been bitten by a venomous snake. My Grandpa by a copperhead and a friend of a frind by a cottenmouth when playing Steve Irwin (not a good idea). Grandpa's bite was treated like a cut, but no antivenom or anything like that. My understanding it is like a wasp sting, if you are allergic your in trouble, but otherwise it stings and goes away. The cottenmouth bite caused some severe skin and muscle damage, but the guy lived. Hopefully will not pick up another! As a former employee of the
  22. I ususally wrap the hook with lead before I time them up. If the water is up I'll even add a little shot to it. 4wt double taper floating line with a 7.5' 4 wt St. Croix rod, lots of fun!!
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