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  1. I use an indicator with scuds, but not with wolley buggers. I have good luck with olive wooley, cast out and slowly stip back. Many ways to fish it, you can also use cracklebacks w/o an indicator. As mentioned above, glow balls under an indicator seems to be successful for many.
  2. ?? Trout in 89 degree water? Do the trout survive the summer there?
  3. First one is a horney head chub, and as mentioned above, the second a common or striped shiner, depending on where you caught it.
  4. My exact thoughts, those blugill make great bait for LMB. Took my son out to Busch's kids fishing lake a week or so ago. He was reeling in a blugill and had a hog attack it. We switched tatics, used a bluegill for bait and he caught a 16" and an 18" one, both released but he won't forget that little trick anytime soon!
  5. Were they constantly swimming or did they lay on the gravel, sometimes not moving around. If they stop and lay on the gravel for a bit, then dart to their next location and do the same, they would be some sort of darter.
  6. This I don't quite understand the logic of these rules, you need a stamp to catch and release in the park, but you don't need a stamp to catch and release elsewhere? I get a stamp every year as well, may only go four or times a year these days, but don't keep anything unless I'm in one of the parks.
  7. That looks like a lot more water than when I went!
  8. Where did you put in at? My Dad and I used to wade upstream from the Stubblefield access, where the creek ran right by the road. Many fond memories, smallies, rock bass, channel cat, and a few carp. Nice stream!!
  9. Was anybody catching anything there in the outlet?
  10. Hummm....I wish the pectoral fins looked that good on the MO brood stock. If that was here, I would say it is not a brood stock fresh out of the hatchery. MO brood strock pec fins are ususally worn down to little nubs or at least quite worn, this fish has some nice pointed ones. I've seen gut eaters in the parks and in Taney with a lot bigget guts than that guy. Maybe the fins grow back that good in 4-5 months??
  11. Interesting, looks like they have some hold over fish from one year to the next. Must be cold enough somewhere in the lake to keep them alive year around..a spring somwhere?
  12. For that price, I would look for a '89 - '96 with the 4.9 inline six (not the 4.2 V-6 in the '97+ F150s). Strong motor!! Have you tried craiglist or autotrader.com? Try these: http://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/2341011242.html http://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/2338149985.html http://springfield.craigslist.org/ctd/2334353364.html http://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/2333428232.html http://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/2329440286.html
  13. Any particular lake better than the other?
  14. The silver carp must be good catfish bait. http://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/update-st-louis-area-angler-catches-130-pound-blue-catfish-breaks-state-and-world-records
  15. NO SHAD FOR YOU! Too funny!! The Shad Nazi!!
  16. Well, I had some business this morning in Cuba so I thougth I would stop by the legendary Blue Spring Creek for a go. Got there around 11:00, what a beautiful little stream and area. Fished for about 3 hours and caught lots of minnnows (dace, shiners, and chubs) and 3 very small trout, probabally 3-4 inches for the biggest. All were caugth on greyish skuds under an indicator.. Pretty fish, but a very tough area to fly fish. Every good looking spot had a tree laying in it so I see how these fish survive and probabally where the bigger ones were hanging out (i.e. under the tree!!). The cre
  17. Which engine and transmission do you have? Auto or 5-speed, straight six or V-8? I had a '78 Ford F-100 with the 4.9 straight six with a three on the tree years ago, great truck, served my Father 8 years, and me 17 (high school years and beyond), till I was hit going thru an intersection (I had a green light, the one that hit me did not) then the insurance said she was done. Had over 220,000 miles on it, and no egine or tranny rebuild. That is back when the knew how to build a truck!!
  18. If they are from the Neosho hatchery, I've heard them called Silver Bullets. Buit if your old school, some may refer to them as Salmo gairdneri!!
  19. You have to look pretty close to tell the difference in small pike and a pickerel: http://basstardfishing.com/Identifying_The_Pike_Esox_Family.html
  20. That is where I leaned to trout fish with my Dad at around 8, and later self-taught myself on flyrod. Great memories I had with Dad, I miss him terribly at times.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but below Ceadergrove where this was caught is a White Ribbon area so I don't think that would qualify as the 'trophy' area further upstream. Again, this is not a smallie or even a rainbow in say Crane Creek or one of the other 'wild' trout streams I've fished. To each their own, if he is legal, it wasn't snagged or shot, then fish on!! I've caught trout in every leagal way and now enjoy catching them on my 4 wt fly rod with flies I've personally tied. Does that mean someone catching trout (and keeping them) on corn with their Zebco 33 or spinning gear with jigs is
  22. Here is my biggest http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e65/mhall02/?action=view&current=trout.jpg Not sure how to insert the pic directly, so above is the link. Any help appreciated on how to do this.
  23. Did make it down to Zone 1 from about 2:p.m - 4:30 p.m. and man it was slow. Caught two winter leftovers that were small and skinny, kept them anyway and had one get off. A few other hits and that was it. Beautiful day, wouldn't have missed it for the world but hit some nice storms on the way back up to the St. Louis area.
  24. I think I'm going to give it a try tomorrow afternoon if the rain isn't too bad. Thought I would try the traditional white 1/32 or 1/16 jig in zone 1., gotta go deep and heavy I guess?
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