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  1. Green or clear Trilene Sensation here.
  2. Since he is fishing on the dam there, I would say the water is 12-14' deep as well, based on the amount of time it takes the jig/sinker to hit bottom. Catfish?? Wow, never caught one there but then again, I've only fished it during the winter. Caught blugill, crappie, and bass, but no catfish. Caught catfish at 28 as well as the other abovmentioned 3 species, but never one a 21, may have to give that a try this summer.
  3. mhall02

    Report 2/20

    Never caught a crappie there all the times I went in the late 80s. Caught a few nice smallmouth closer to Shoal and saw a few nice largemouth closer to the mill, but never caught a crappie. That was also before the days of the browns or golden trout. I'm sticking with my origin via farm pond theory.
  4. April 1, March if the weather is permitting. http://mdc4.mdc.mo.gov/applications/moatlas/AreaSummaryPage.aspx?txtAreaID=4901
  5. I'm lucky to go trout fishing these days 2-3 times a year, not to mention in a creek on day then in another within 48 hours. Guess I'm good to go with my felt soles?
  6. mhall02

    Report 2/20

    Maybe it washed in from a farm pond?
  7. Hit 21 with my son today. Baited him up with rainbow powerbatit and he nearly limited out in less than an hour. We took three home and let a dink go for someone else to catch. I cast my jig a few times but mainly focused on him, he is 5 and I think I now have a trout fishing buddy. The line would start to move out and I would tell him to reel it in, and he did. Good times!!
  8. I think MDC threw a little bit of evertying in there, best I recall a monster paddlefish was caught out of there and there are some muskie as well. Caught a number of bass, catfish and crappie in there when I was at Mizzou, fun lake.
  9. FYI, don't make the sport we have a passion about try be our field of employment. I'm guessing for every salaried position MDC has there are probably a couple hundred applicants.
  10. Good job of clairifying there guys!! Too often I see this:
  11. That is because that is a stoneroller, not a chub http://www.tnfish.org/PhotoGalleryFish_TWRA/FishPhotoGallery_TWRA/pages/CentralStonerollerSmallNorrisNegus_jpg.htm Try one of these: http://www.bio.txstate.edu/~tbonner/txfishes/semotilus%20atromaculatus.htm
  12. I have one of those, works great! Especially if you spray some rubbing alcohol on the windshield first, then wipe with the cloth on the handle.
  13. That is why I prefer the vehicles with the timing chain (i.e Jeep 4.0 inline six and a Chevy 6.0 V-8).
  14. Harold liked the Puddlejumper, I used to use them and caught about everything on 'em. Channel cat, trout, smallmouth, rock bass, you name it.
  15. How about Harold Ensley? Another gem of a man. Met him once when he was giving a fillet knife seminar at the Wal-Mart in Monett Wal-Mart sold stuff with his name on it for years, really nice fellow. Dad bought a knife and it is his takle box in my garage. Miss my Dad as well as Harold's show, where has the time gone? Also briefly met Virgil in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Branson, he was walking in and I was going out, briefly shook his hand and said I've enjoyed his shows over the years, since I was a kid, then I quickly moved on. Didn't want to bug him too much.
  16. OK, a little more research, this is the latest off MDC's website: Trout Lure Definitions Fly an artificial lure constructed on a single point hook, using any material except soft plastic bait and natural and scented baits as defined below, that is tied, glued or otherwise permanently attached. Artificial Lure a lure constructed of any material excluding soft plastic bait and natural and scented bait as defined below. Soft Plastic Bait synthetic eggs, synthetic worms, synthetic grubs and soft plastic lures. Natural and Scented Baits a natural fish food such as bait fish, crayfi
  17. Someone may beat me to this but catch and release season is fly only and this is a quote directly from the MDC site: Editor's note: Conservation Department regulations are a permissive set of rules. That means that they tell you exactly what is allowed. Anything not specified is not legal. Our Wildlife Code defines a fly as "A lure constructed on a single-point hook, of feathers, tinsel, chenille, yarn, fur, hair, silk, rayon or nylon thread or floss, with or without a spinner." This definition has been in use for many years and until it changes to include such fly making materials as rubbe
  18. a pre-larval fish pattern That's a pretty interesing description of the ole egg fly. I can't wait to take my kiddo there, he just turned 5 so I'm going to give it a little longer.
  19. This answer to one of the questions is a little subjective I think. To use any sort of coloration/spots as part of a fish identification is usually not a solid basis. Spots/color can be dependant on water clairity, light conditions, environment etc. Take for instance the difference between a rainbow trout fresh out of the Neosho Fish Hatchery compared to the rainbow trout caught out of Crane Creek, or a largemouth caught out of a muddy pond vs a clear creek. There is a very visible difference, but it is the same species. Fish ID is generally based on things like fin to body length ratio,
  20. I hear the late fall/early winter is the best time to catch those trout over white gravel. Easy to spot and they always come back if they are spooked. (kidding, as I assume JAH is here). Anyway, the coolest fish I've seen caught was by my Dad, a Rainbow trout in Flat Creek, must have escaped from the hatchery up by Cassville. What a suprise! Oh, I did catch a trout in Lake 28 at Busch in May one year, I think that was one of the years they put browns in.
  21. I would agree with this, usually there is ice on the lake on Feb. 1 and it would be nice to have one more month of fun, and hopefully the ice would be gone in mid Feb. I have no intentions of walking on the ice out there.
  22. Bass Pro in Springfield I think will do it, they have fixed a few of my reels for a pretty good price.
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