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  1. Too funny, the exact quote I was thinking when I saw this thread. Nice pistol!!
  2. Naw, we threw it in the deep freeze when we got home, that is frost on it and why I have the funny look on my face. My fingers were freezing. It was 24", 6 lb 14 oz, caught on a little Zebco ultralight spincast reel, 4 lb test line and a black/brown 1/32 oz jig the fly zone. Flipped the reel to where you could back reel it (remembered that trick from the Harold Ensley show....anyone remember him, really nice guy I had the pleasure to meet). I don't know if the drag would have kept me from breaking that big boy off. Caught it in the narrow stretch just upstream from where the old dam was.
  3. Does the park keep big brood stock browns like that?? Usually the rainbow brood stock are kinda beat up when they reach that size but those browns look like their fins are in good shape. Here is the biggest rainbow I caught down there back when I was 10 or 11 ('80 or '81) and it was pretty rough looking but a blast for a kid to catch. I wish they had a kids fishing day back in the day, I've taken my oldest to the one at Meramec Spring, but the one 2 years ago wasn't so great. Wish we could have went to the one at RR, but its now nearly 5 hours to get down there (vs 35 minutes growing
  4. Try this map, Capps is the one on the left, Crane map is on the right: http://mdc.mo.gov/sites/default/files/resources/2010/05/5622_3532.pdf Man, I need to get back down there. Grew up around Monett fishing Capps in the mid-80s, but haven't been back in years. They would ocassionally would stock dinks, 4-5 inches long, kid you not, but the last few years I fished it they were more in the 10-12 inch range. Fond memories. Always thought Browns would thrive there with all the minnows and crawdaddys.
  5. Yep, I've got the 5 foot two piece Berkely Lightning UL rod and it has been one of the best rods to date. Attached to it is a Daiawa 1505T Jupiter-x Spinning reel. Also have a 5-foot Eagle Claw yellow fiberglass attached to a tiny Shimano(can't remember the model) spinning reel that hasn't been too bad.
  6. Here is the scoop on 21, fish were jumping and grabbing off the top. 0 trout and 2 tiny bluegill on the fly rod in 2 hours (scuds, and wooly bugger, no dice) . Switched to spinning and a 1/32 olive and yellow jig, ding ding. Caught 3 trout and 1 nice crappie in about 1 hour and called it a day at 1700.
  7. I'm going to give it a try this afternoon, either 21 or 28, I'll post how I do.
  8. I don't know about that, I remember in Nov. one year at Suson a kid was scooping up stressed trout with a net. Something wasn't right and I was guessing the water was too warm, but it may have been that nasty brown water there
  9. Called the hotline last week and the C & R lakes were stocked heavily, may give it a try towards the end of the week. Is the water cool enough? Anyone have any luck if they went?
  10. Interesting, just guessing you didn't grow up in the Ozarks?
  11. Alien....classic sci fi. Glad your sweat wasn't alien blood or you canoe would be in trouble. And nice smallie!!
  12. No doubt something has to change there. I took the kids earlier this year and we caught nada. My last trip there for sure, Montauk, Bennett or RR for our next trip. If I'm going to pay to fish at a trout park, there needs to be some fish there to catch (or at least to look at and say...humm wonder what they are biting on ).
  13. I wonder if otters are any good to eat? You know, otter stew, otter ala mode, otter on the barby, maybe even otter casserole? Maybe they taste like chicken.
  14. You may find this hard to believe but the white 1/32 oz crappie jigs you buy at Wal-Mart kills 'em. You know, the ones with the white chenille wrap body and the maroubou tail? They are cheap and readily available. Too bad they don't make them in olive or black and yellow. FYI, my largest trout to date, a 28" Rainbow from Taneycomo right below the rebar back in the summer of '90, fell to a black 1/64 oz crappie jig I bought it at the Branson Consumers store (am I dating myself??). BassSnapper brand, I don't think they are around anymore (Consumers or BassSnapper). Man, I'm feeling old
  15. Best I recall the catch and release is pretty narrow water (5-6' across in some areas). I guess if you like the 'small' water go for it, I like catch and release but its a little too small for my liking. Otherwise, I would focus on the fly zone or drive down the Baptist Camp MDC access and wade downstream. Enjoy, it is a beautiful area and I can't wait to get down there again.
  16. X2, I think a new market has been found for the invasive species!! Anyway, I saw this on the news last night and it was an impresssive looking fish.
  17. I think the main points have been hit: 1. Use light line 2-lb test is recommended 2. Start in the a.m. when the siren sounds, the fish are inexperienced and you should be able to catch a few. 3. With spinning gear, I recommend a 1/16 oz Roostertrail, black with silver spinner or white with silver spinner or a 1/32 oz black and yellow or white marabou jig. My gut feel is you were fishing mid-day with the factory line on your ultra-light, which is usually 4-6 pound test. Too heavy for RR during the summer when the water is low and clear, gotta go to 2 lb. I've always had better lu
  18. Went yesteday and the water was low and clear. Plenty of fish, caught about a dozen, average sized. Most caught on a weighted olive wooley bugger, should have a good time. Hey, just saw you went to C of O. I was there from fall '88 until spring of '91, then transferred to MU to finish. Probabally spent more time there fishing while I was there then I should have. Didn't have that problem in Columbia.
  19. Yep, I'll be rolling right on past the Meramec Spring exit on I-44 on my way to Montauk/Upper Current Monday. No comparison at all!!
  20. Yep, better bring in River Monster's Jeremy Wade to check into this!! First bighead/silver I remember seeing was as a fisheries undergrad at MU-Columbia. I was a tech for a wetland fish study on Grand Pass Wildlife Area (wetleand on the MO River between Columbia and KC)and we netted up about a 15 pounder. I didn't even know what it was a that time (17 years ago), but now apparently they are everywhere. As Outside Bend discussed above, here is an article from last year out of Columbia Missourian that discusses the numbers may be dropping: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/200
  21. Apparently so.. http://ozarkanglers.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22684&st=0&p=151523&hl=Record%20blue%20catfish&fromsearch=1&#entry151523 Just think about how long that fish has been around and the bioaccumulative toxins that may reside in its flesh.....oh my.
  22. Near Stubblefield access?? Used to wade the stretch upstream from there, beautiful river. Hope they catch the creeps.
  23. Yep, they are hybrids (bluegill/green sunfish). Nice!! They are great fighters!
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