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  1. Oneshot, Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. Saturday plans for a quick trip did not work out, but I did get to go to the Project Healing Waters benefit at my home fly shop, K&K Flyfishers in Overland Park, KS. Supporting our veterans and fly fishing at the same time was almost as good as getting out for the day. So, now I am just back to working, tying flies in the evening and dreaming about my next chance to get away. Appreciate everyone responding to my request for some help; sorry I don't have something more interesting to share as a result. Next time.
  2. Thank you, gentlemen. If I make out I'll post a follow up.
  3. I'd like to spend a day on the Niangua this weekend. Maybe float from Bennett to NRO or hike around Bennett or Barclay. It's been a few years since I've been able to make it down. I'm a catch/release flyfisherman and used to fish it it a few times a month targeting holdovers and browns. Last time I went I was skunked...very unusual. I love a day on the water regardless, but tight lips is different than no fish. All the recent depressing discussion about the Niangua "decline" has me second guessing my weekend plans. I'd really appreciate a recent update from anyone willing with a few minutes to spare. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. My boat's a FishCat Panther. Drafts a few inches and holds gear fairly well. Not great in the wind. I've always called it a kick boat, but it seems most refer to it as a pontoon. Great advice, though, thanks.
  5. Thanks for your help. I don't mind dragging through spots as long as it's not just losing proposition out of the gate. If I get down there as planned I'll share a post. Have a nice evening.
  6. To you gentlemen who know the Elk, I'm a catch/release fly fisherman. I'd like to try floating Indian Creek from maybe Lanagan to the confluence. I've got the flow at ~80 cfs. Is that sufficient flow to use my kickboat? Appreciate any help. Thanks and have a great weekend.
  7. Dear Elk River experts, I'm a catch n release fly fisherman from KC. I'm going to be down at Grand Lake this weekend and would like to do a quick scout trip to the Elk, a river I've been wanting to fish for a couple of summers. I won't be floating this weekend and wondered if anyone could share a couple of good walk in access points for me to get a sense of the river. Definitely not asking for anyone's honey holes. Thank you for any help.
  8. Sorry, looking for size 2 spares. Would consider 1.5s, too. Thanks.
  9. I would like to purchase spare spools (or even a reel) from the old litespeed model with the guide finish. This model and finish is maybe 2 models old. Maybe you have some spares or maybe you'd like an excuse to upgrade. I'm looking for size 1.5. Thanks.
  10. KCfisher

    Hair Jigs

    Gentlemen, I've been lurking on this discussion. I'm intrigued by the hair jig recipes and the discussion of the pros/cons of different jig heads. Mostly, I'm impressed with the all of the experience in this forum! I've been almost exclusively fly fishing the past several years even though I grew up spin and bait cast fishing for bass. I'm curious about the spin rod/reel set ups you all prefer for this type of smallmouth river fishing. Appreciate any responses. Happy New Year.
  11. That's great news. Thanks for your help!
  12. Would one you gentlemen close to the water mind giving me a quick update on the status of the water? I have the levels, but am wondering how the clarity is after the most recent rain and rise. Thinking of floating the Bennett Access to NRO or Barclay tomorrow. Thanks so much if you have the time. Brian
  13. Anyone close to the river have a minute to report the current conditions? I was thinking of floating below the Bennett access with my boys tomorrow. How's the clarity after the recent bump in flow? Thanks for taking the time.
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