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  1. Carp were brought here from Europe back around 1890 for food. Asian carp later to control algae and vegetation in ponds
  2. I have been experimenting and have found that rubbing alcohol works great. I just keep a cloth soaked in alcohol in my vest
  3. Anyone have a good way to get the glue off your line after using a Palsa indicator?
  4. Sold, full price. I know they are hard to find, good luck Dennis
  5. Just read TU news letter and it states that Dawson's shoe repair in Columbia will re-sole felt waders with vibram for about $60 Anyone know of a shoe shop in the Branson-Springfield area doing this?
  6. Missouri is not a riparian rights state. From the way I understand the law as long as you are in a boat you are legal. Put your foot on the bottom of the stream and you are trespassing. Does not sound right to me but
  7. 2003 Supreme 207 Jon Boat and trailer SOLD thanks SOLD thanks
  8. This scares the hell out of me. Politics has no business being involved in MDC. Just follow the money on this legislation and I think we will see where this is coming from and why it should be stopped.
  9. Has anyone treated their boots as recomended by MDC and then used them? I'm curious as to how they perform after treatment.
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