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  1. cwc87

    Smallmouth of the North Country

    I haven't posted in a long time. Since this trip was about Agnew and me here are my 02cents. Al pretty well covered the whole trip. But, I wanted to add that Al is a true fishing machine. His age and ability to go from 7:30am to 8pm for three straight days. And not even get his feet out of boat is just fishing sickness. We compliment each other really well. By the third day we were so dialed in on what where and how to present our lures made the trip really feel self rewarding. Being a father of three and having a full time job makes my fishing Windows very small. This trip gave me more than what I needed . I may have run down my physical batteries but I recharged my life. Also, I do have to mention my friend bill who sent me this direction three years ago and he absolutely made these trips become a success.
  2. cwc87

    Stclair Smallie's

    Pressure. One day a friend told me "if X amount of fisherman tells Y amount of fisherman that equals Z (zero) fish wil be around". Jus saying. Enjoy your right to post or not it's part of life.
  3. cwc87

    Designing lures

    The solid body soft plastic Zara puppy was a great creek bait in September on a trip quite a few years ago. It wasn't solid white it had some gold faded into it. I fished it like a sub walk. Anyways, I haven't tried it lately
  4. cwc87

    Water Levels

    The huzzah at Hwy 8 beat March 18 2008 by four inches. Since the new bridge was built in 1993 it has changed our water mark the way we measure it. By guessing it was. Lose to the flood of 93. But not quite as big as the flood of 82. Either way this time last week was water every where.
  5. Al hit the nail on the head that from birdsnest to Onondaga the Meramec has Great Potential to produce some big smallmouth. BUT we still have the gigging issue The eleven point has the right regulation no gigging in the trophy section The smallmouth tagging/movement study taught everyone how fish migrate. The real statistics I and everyone want to know when citations are issued for harvest of smallmouth gigged and over limit harvests What rivers ( areas) citations are issued. Breakdown on zip codes who received citations. What really bad is the archaic six fish twelve inch length limit for smallmouth is that it's gonna still exist when we all know it's time for a change.
  6. cwc87

    Lonesome fishing

    Tears of joy come thru my eyes cause of the happiness that fishing trips like yesterday brings me. Even though I fish as hard as I can as i get older I don't take these trips for granted.
  7. cwc87

    Lonesome fishing

    so going fishing from 10 am to 7:3o pm in a canoe without any human contact is really what I like to do this time of year. The fish are getting grouped up and with some stealth the action can be nonstop. Top water and a wacky rig is all it takes for smallmouth fishing. My trip started slow but as the habitat got better the fish numbers climbed. Yes, logjams where encountered but to get away from people it's worth it. Omg I'm still in a haze from the much needed fishing therapy I endured.
  8. cwc87

    These work very well

    Rover I picked up two two years ago at a bass pro in Florida. One of them got broke off on a LOZ hawg this spring (sucks). Had 20lb test mono. Other rover still catching fish. Btw. I like the sexy shad color and the chartreuse color. They are pricey. But caught my eye and had to try them.
  9. cwc87

    MDC Smallmouth Regs Recommendations

    Facts of how we know what needs to happen versus the way MDC biologist stats prove. One time I had all the stream biologist on a float / meeting on the lower six miles of both huzzah/courtois creeks. We talked over a lot of issues. One of the top guys out of the Sullivan office looked in amazement at my 3/8 oz spinnerbait and could not believe how it caught smallmouth. Difference what fisherman and biologist view in our world. My take on regs. Two fifteen inch fish Or two 14inch fish statewide. Let's get this right
  10. cwc87


    The Meramec is dropping slowly. Water color is brown at steelville turning green in the shallows. Above Meramec springs it's clear to green with a strong flow. The huzzah and courtois still have a nice flow with both being crystal clear.
  11. cwc87

    Lost tackle

    What's the color of the tray. Or tackle box?
  12. cwc87

    Nice day to be out.

    All rivers and creeks have a clear flow on there headwaters. This is the time to try new areas and stay away from large crowds that outfitters normally service especially on Saturday and Sunday
  13. cwc87

    Nice day to be out.

    Headwaters are fun right now.
  14. cwc87

    meramec huzzah courtois

    Just a quick report. Meramec above meramec springs is green with a swift flow below there it is chocolate milk with the color trying to clear each day I expect a green color by this weekend if fridays rain is not a gully washer. Huzzah and Courtois are both clear with green in the deepest holes. Dry creek at the confluence of the Huzzah is pumping in some dark green water. Keep in mind fishing and floating conditions right now are improving However, there are some new trees down and the fish are finicky finding new homes and have been feeding like crazy on the food that has been washed around. Hope this helps
  15. cwc87

    High water

    The water comes out if its banks at 11 feet so just moderate flooding.

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