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  1. I just stopped by to say Hi to you fine folks. I have been under the weather a bit but am on the mind. They have me on some drugs that make it hard to do much at times. They also have me in a new neck brace trying to stretch the mussel's on the left side. If this dosen't work (I have my fingers crossed it does) They are talking about another surgery and me being in a Halo brace for several month's No fun at all. Anyway I jusr wanted to say I still read the board and enjoy it very much. I hope you all go out and catch a few fish for me as it may be a time before I can fish again. I hope you are doing well Phill the boards are all great you are doing a very fine job. I promise to post more when it gets a little easier to write without the drugs. I wish all of you God Speed have a great fishing season and please be safe. God Bless. Ron
  2. Nice colors. THe Rainbow's in the Gallitan River here in Montana are like that. Dark Black spots and real red on the sides. Cool Ron
  3. Remember that the American Indian can catch and kill Eagles without going to jail or anything else. They use them as a part of there fath. Just a heads up as it may have been done by an Indian? Ron
  4. Snowed here today. About 2 inches. But it is all powder. You folks be careful when driving as that wet stuff can sneak up on you. Ron
  5. I am in to. Just make them nice hat's. I hate cheap one's LOL Ron
  6. MTM

    Grand Canyon

    Phil- That guy is a few cards short of a full deck if you as me. LOL Not me thats for sure. Ron
  7. I wish you all God Speed. While we have been subzerro here for over a week we are now starting to warm up. So it will be heading your way. That is about the best I can offer you folk's except a good cup of coffee if you are ever out this way and fishing information. We got into the 30's today and it felt like the 50's. Spring is on it's way. There is a trout stream in Mid Texas. Tailwater. I was there one time but didn't fish it. But it is cold there today to. LOL Ron I looked it up. Canyon Lake, Texas. and the river is the Guadalupe River. Like I said a tailwater. Ron
  8. MTM

    Sunday Sleet

    Hope you are OK? While we got the real cold all we got ws some sonw out of it. Hope you are all in good shape. Ron
  9. Many years ago I use to use my left hand to fight the fish with the rod. But I asked myself "WHY" when my right hand is the stronger of the two? So I switched and have been right handed for the rod and reel with the left hand. I was Salmon fishing many years ago and we got into a big run of 12 to 15 pound King's and I can say that if you use your week hand in fighting those types of fish you will get tired very fast. I would guess that if you used your left it would in time get stronger but again Wht? Do what comes natural. Ron
  10. SKMO- My guess as to why the temp's are warmer at the lake is the water it's self. It is just to warm and holds the air temp up. Now if it froze you would get cold temps at the lake, I live on a hill about 300 feet above town and it will be 2 too 5 dregrees warmer at my house than down town on any given day. So you are right cold air does sick. But when you have a large body of warmer water it will hold the temps up. Ron You folks be careful if you have to go anywere.
  11. It was 18 below here last night with a 30 mile an hour wind blowing. I will trade you real fast. LOL Ron
  12. Congrats. now that you know how it happens you can quit LOL Hope the baby and Mom are doing well. Ron
  13. Having been a guide for over 36 years I to have run into idiots on ramps. If you fish enough it is going to happn. Just make the best you can out of it and go on your way. If you don't you will go nuts with these people LOL. Ron
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