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  1. If bassfisher ain't catching fish, no one is.
  2. smbasser


    I have no idea how the city ramp is west of dam. This is the ramp at RB, Roark Bluff. I heard the hawkers point ramp was open
  3. Quick question, Anyone know if i can launch there before i make the long drive tomorrow? Thanks
  4. 19+ won. Couple 18 lb sacks, 17 and so on. I believe big fish was 5 something. 18 boats
  5. A four-hour trip for 1 or 2 people is $275 or a six-hour trip for $375. Third person is extra.
  6. Btlife and Scott, heck of a day and bag of fish. I won't ask the who, what, when, where, why question on how it was done. I wish someone would show me how to catch em like that but understand that it took hours on the water and you all learning the "technique" by yourself. Again, heck of a day to both of you
  7. it is not illegal to fish near or around private docks on Stockton Lake. The only violation of law would be if you entered upon the dock without the owner’s permission; in which case it would be trespassing. A commercial dock for purposes on Stockton Lake is a marina. The few marinas on Stockton Lake are licensed by the Corps of Engineers and in doing so, the Corps of Engineers allows the marinas to restrict fishing in or near their docks. Each marina can be different and you would need to check with them to verify their individual fishing restrictions. This is from water patrol
  8. The winter polar bear series starts November 13th I believe. Both stockton and Pomme
  9. Next on is 6-24-16. They try to go every other weekend. Sign up is at the ramp. Boat number is assigned when you sign up. No early entry fees. Stocktonfridaynighters.com
  10. How did the boy do today? I think I saw where you said he was fishing in a HS tournament.

  11. Just delete this topic, i wont post tourney results anymore
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