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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date Al. The photos are wonderful. I have never been to Boseman, only Billings but your narratives make me wish i was there.
  2. They were not kidding about being cleared up! The river was beautiful! And that seems to be the problem, it was too clear for wade fishing, I could see the bass everywhere which means they could see me also. I tried everything i had in my vest and no luck. None the less it was a great day to be in the water with a rod in hand.
  3. Went down a few weeks ago, Caught a 15" Smallmouth on a black plastic crawdad. Going this weekend but down closer to Annapolis. I am hearing that crawdad cranks and minnow colored Senko are working in that stretch of the Black.
  4. Nothing that big, but i did float the Big River for 12 hours. Caught some smallies. Best part was No cell phone and no Hey Hunny can you.......
  5. Thanks Tkite, i consider that an honor!
  6. Drew One method that works for me on small ponds is split shotting. Works well with light tackle. Here is an article that explains the method fairly well. Split Shotting If you did not live so far away, I would come up and give you some first hand advice
  7. Went last night for a couple hours, nada, nothing, not a single bite. Tried spinners, jigs, Wiggle Warts. Beat the heck out of watching the tube
  8. Silver Mallard Are you implying a politician would lie to a constituent? I am shocked, no, Appalled, no, …Ok never mind, what I was trying to convey is that I picked up the phone and TOLD someone how I felt about this. I am encouraging everyone else to do the same. Whether or not you get a straight answer from your state rep is a whole other subject. But if you tell them, they just may hear something that they have not heard or just may actually do their jobs and vote the way the people they represent wish them too. Maybe I am naive who knows, but you could to liken this to “Alice’s Res
  9. I sent my email through the website, then emailed him directly. I just got off the phone with his office. His aide tells me he is Open on the issue but does not see it passing as it is written. He made some good points Pro Farming i.e. Guys is cutting his hay until late in the evening, his neighbor does not like it and brings a suit against him. But understands my point on water quality. (True politician) Anyway, it is in debate this week so time to pick up the phone guys and girls. This is the reason you elected these folks, to be your voice. If they don't hear from you they will make t
  10. I encourage everyone to use it! I find it very disappointing that the Senator that sponsered this bill Chris Koster, sits on the Economic Development, Tourism and Local Government committee as the vice-chair and yet he proposed a bill to reduce the effectivness of local governments on issues that greatly concern them. Seems very hipocritical. I guess that is the life of a politician.
  11. I just read the entire bill, OMG. Anyway, this is what I wrote to my Senator. Dear Senator, I have just read SB364 and I would like you to know I am strongly opposed to this bill. I would like you to please vote against SB364. I would like you to understand I am opposed to any bill that would strip cities, counties and watershed/drainage districts of ANY authority to enforce conservation / pollution regulations. Our water resources are far too fragile as they are. If anything, stricter policies should be in effect to protect the resources that we share with agriculture. The da
  12. Al Good to hear the bigger ones are out there. Nice fish!
  13. Nice to hear you had a good day, Where are the pictures?
  14. Everyone be safe and have fun! I would like to see pictures tonight of the bigun's
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