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  1. would you take 65 for the 30 lb thrust?

  2. Update: Sold 1 of the 30's.....have one 30 left and the 40 left
  3. Thanks! I had no idea about that...never even thought to try that out. Will give it a shot on one of the ones I am keeping
  4. I have 3 new in box Minn Kota trolling motors (transom mount) available. Absolutely nothing wrong with these just bought too many of them for our boats at the farm. Endura C2 30 (30lb thrust/30" shaft)...2 available @ $80 each. Endura C2 40 (40 lb thrust/ 36" shaft)...1 available @ $150. FTF only.... can meet in St. Charles/ O' Fallon
  5. Just a little update to rile you fellas up. Ol Boy is back at it again for 2017. Well him and his snaggin buddies Now they put names up on the board they think are funny.
  6. Thanks for the report! I hope to get back down there within the next few weeks. The stocker size seems to be pretty good at least it was on the opener. Caught lots in the 15"-16" range then got really lucky and landed a 28 incher that went 8lb 8oz on opening day in the early afternoon. Was surprised she was left after the crowds started to dissipate
  7. They stock all of the St. Louis lakes with Montauk bred lunkers. Funny to see them stock the absolute biggest lunkers in the Stl lakes rather than the trout parks and streams. I think every single lake gets a handful of lunkers at a minimum...and seems they stock a few giants 8lb-12lb in each year over year.
  8. Honestly don't waste your time...it was absolutely terrible last Saturday for derby day. I saw maybe 200 fish throughout the park and besides the handful of lunkers caught I didn't see a fish over 10 inches (most were 7-8 inches). They claimed to have stocked 1500 but there was absolutely no way they stocked anywhere close to that. I didn't expect much going in but I was definitely disappointed just like everyone else down there. They may load it up for C&R but I highly doubt it...
  9. Saw on the MDC Facebook page they were loading up 9500 fish that would be stocked at urban lakes in "Central Missouri" today. I don't know if they mean Columbia area or St. Louis... not sure on what they mean exactly by "central" Oh yea they aren't stocking Busch....stay far far away...not worth wasting the gas I hear they are going to instead split Busch's normal portion between O'Fallon Park, Forest Park and the other hood lakes. MDC really doesn't give a crap about temps so what would a few stray bullets from drive by shootings hurt?
  10. Montauk I believe is a main supplier for the Urban Fishing program unfortunately. Not just stockers but all of the brood stock lunkers (100's) come out of Montauk hatchery that I know of. Seen them personally delivered at Busch Wildlife and other urban lakes as well. The reasoning straight from the mouths of personnel is that the fish are a "state resource" and have to be shared. I have also heard that fish are shared as other parks attendance over the years was dropping due to decreasing numbers and size...thus the need to share with Bennett and Meremac. I get the "state resource" aspect but nothing is more infuriating than seeing lunkers and stockers get dumped into Urban C&R lakes that are still way to warm and watch them go belly up. The first few days they are stocked is extremely tough on the big fish and low oxygen and higher temps is a recipe for disaster. I cant count how many times I have seen fished released that go belly up even with proper resuscitating technique and release. The fish don't have a chance in hell of making it very long. I noticed the fly area was sparsely stocked the last several months. On a positive note I have noticed increased overall size of the fish that are stocked though. Montauk Hatchery (Tom Whelan and staff) is the best there is in my opinion on raising quality fish (Shepard of the Hills does great as well). Just wish more of those fish stayed where they were raised!
  11. Oh they are definitely protective over the minimal grass in the campground. Been chastised and threatened several times over it. Best bet is make sure you are completely parked on pavement otherwise they might make a visit!
  12. I have heard it is some fall migration deal but I'm no Herpetologist haha. It is funny you say that Seth because quite a few of my friends said the same thing that they are seeing more/killing more this year.
  13. Hope she was alright! I know kids and the elderly or people in poor health don't handle the bites too well. Would hate to see a kid in the park get bit... would sure ruin a vacation that's for sure
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Figured there would have been some type of wound at least. It was extremely limp too like it hadnt been dead long. Maybe it died of old age!
  15. Just a friendly reminder that while not extremely common there are Copperheads in the park... and late summer and early fall they seem to be more active. Happened to run into this big girl back on Fri 9/9 at Blue Hole just after the bend below the Spring. Before anyone gets worked up I DID NOT kill it (someone just before me must have though). It was one of the largest Copperheads I have seen and was 38"+ long and had a heck of a big set of fangs to boot. I called the park and let them know as I didnt want any kids messing with it or anyone else to flip out when they saw it and they advised they were going to send someone to pick it up. Shortly after seeing that one there was another smaller Copperhead coiled up on the gravel road near between the two gravel lots below the spring. Not sure if they were a mating pair or what but it has been about 6 or 7 years since i saw my last Copperhead on the current fortunately. And I made sure to use a long stick to check it out so no worries I wasn't at risk of being bitten. It is ashame that people kill watersnakes in the park but there ARE Copperheads around so just be careful if you are walking barefooted or have kids running around. Here are some pics!