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  1. 10pointer


    Just saw a post on FB supposedly quoting a Montauk Hatchery worker that said over 80% of the breeders/brood stock have been returned in the last week. Not 100% verified but that is what we were all hoping for!
  2. 10pointer


    The best way I was told is to show up to the Park Office (573) 548-2201 and they can direct you. I believe certain things they wont let volunteers help with for liability reasons but there are plenty of other things to do. I believe the campground is in the most need of help but they could clarify if you gave them a call or showed up.
  3. 10pointer


    From what I was told------------The lodge fared well and wasn't flooded. The campground on the other hand was hit hard and they were working through the weekend to get it cleaned up. I didn't get to hear the extent of the damage but the folks are working hard to get things somewhat back to normal. They had quite a few volunteers this weekend and prisoners that were brought down to help restore the campground. I haven't heard when it will open back up though. The cabins near the waterfall looked to be standing as well as the fish cleaning station and bathrooms. I'm sure there is damage but glad to see them still intact from the outside. I was going to try to help clean up in the campground area on Thursday but there was no work able to be done as it flooded once again while I was there. I arrived Thursday morning and no sooner had to flee back across the bridge from the lodge to the hatchery building/bait section as the water was rising quickly and would be over the bridge within minutes. It only got to I believe 8ft on the gage but enough to top the bridge and keep the road/park closed for hours as the rain just kept falling throughout the afternoon.
  4. 10pointer


    Yes both hatcheries (the one near the C&R and also the big one between the mill and lodge) got hit. The fish from the brood tanks above the C&R got blown out into the C&R and some into the bait section from that first hole on down through the cemetery hole at the bottom of the hill. I would have posted about this last week but we were trying to buy as much time for the hatchery and staff to seine what fish they could and get them back into the tanks. Most have been returned. I'm sure the hatchery staff would love any additional brood stockers be returned to the hatchery if possible (of course they would need to approve). That flood blew away all records and seeing the high water marks was just unbelievable. I've seen big floods and this one was just unfathomable. It is amazing that no one lost their lives and there wasn't even more destruction.
  5. 10pointer


    Yes quite a few breeders got loose and blown out into the stream with the flooding. I made an emergency trip down last week along with several others and I can personally attest (along with 5 buddies) that over 175+ breeders were returned to the brood/breeder tank at Montauk over the last 5 days. No kudos or thanks needed as it was the right thing to do (still sore from carrying bins with fish/water over to the raceway haha) . We love that park and the Current in general as most of us have been enjoying it since before we could walk and talk. I can't say the same for several other people who took advantage of the disaster and decided to catch/film//keep/boast about them (TAD HEADRICK and crew) on their "outdoor page". Makes me sick along with the lodge, park, and hatchery staff and every single other person who knows about it. Its nothing new from him. Nothing at all sporting about catching fish in a barrel and then acting like a wanna-be celebrity. I did hear that while there were some losses at the big hatchery quite a few fish survived. I saw some posts by the MDC on Montauk Hatchery specifically that the hatchery fared better than expected. After talking with the park and hatchery staff and everyone there was an incredible effort to save the hatcheries. Those folks busted their tails and worked tirelessly (and still) to save and clean up what they could. Many thanks to them as well for everything they did and do on a day to day basis!
  6. would you take 65 for the 30 lb thrust?

  7. Thanks! I had no idea about that...never even thought to try that out. Will give it a shot on one of the ones I am keeping
  8. 10pointer

    Current River on 2/19/16

    Just a little update to rile you fellas up. Ol Boy is back at it again for 2017. Well him and his snaggin buddies Now they put names up on the board they think are funny.
  9. 10pointer

    Fishing 1st Week

    Thanks for the report! I hope to get back down there within the next few weeks. The stocker size seems to be pretty good at least it was on the opener. Caught lots in the 15"-16" range then got really lucky and landed a 28 incher that went 8lb 8oz on opening day in the early afternoon. Was surprised she was left after the crowds started to dissipate
  10. 10pointer

    Hot October - Urban Stocking Program

    They stock all of the St. Louis lakes with Montauk bred lunkers. Funny to see them stock the absolute biggest lunkers in the Stl lakes rather than the trout parks and streams. I think every single lake gets a handful of lunkers at a minimum...and seems they stock a few giants 8lb-12lb in each year over year.
  11. 10pointer

    Anyone been down there recently?

    Honestly don't waste your time...it was absolutely terrible last Saturday for derby day. I saw maybe 200 fish throughout the park and besides the handful of lunkers caught I didn't see a fish over 10 inches (most were 7-8 inches). They claimed to have stocked 1500 but there was absolutely no way they stocked anywhere close to that. I didn't expect much going in but I was definitely disappointed just like everyone else down there. They may load it up for C&R but I highly doubt it...
  12. 10pointer

    Hot October - Urban Stocking Program

    Saw on the MDC Facebook page they were loading up 9500 fish that would be stocked at urban lakes in "Central Missouri" today. I don't know if they mean Columbia area or St. Louis... not sure on what they mean exactly by "central" Oh yea they aren't stocking Busch....stay far far away...not worth wasting the gas I hear they are going to instead split Busch's normal portion between O'Fallon Park, Forest Park and the other hood lakes. MDC really doesn't give a crap about temps so what would a few stray bullets from drive by shootings hurt?
  13. 10pointer

    Where are the fish?

    Montauk I believe is a main supplier for the Urban Fishing program unfortunately. Not just stockers but all of the brood stock lunkers (100's) come out of Montauk hatchery that I know of. Seen them personally delivered at Busch Wildlife and other urban lakes as well. The reasoning straight from the mouths of personnel is that the fish are a "state resource" and have to be shared. I have also heard that fish are shared as other parks attendance over the years was dropping due to decreasing numbers and size...thus the need to share with Bennett and Meremac. I get the "state resource" aspect but nothing is more infuriating than seeing lunkers and stockers get dumped into Urban C&R lakes that are still way to warm and watch them go belly up. The first few days they are stocked is extremely tough on the big fish and low oxygen and higher temps is a recipe for disaster. I cant count how many times I have seen fished released that go belly up even with proper resuscitating technique and release. The fish don't have a chance in hell of making it very long. I noticed the fly area was sparsely stocked the last several months. On a positive note I have noticed increased overall size of the fish that are stocked though. Montauk Hatchery (Tom Whelan and staff) is the best there is in my opinion on raising quality fish (Shepard of the Hills does great as well). Just wish more of those fish stayed where they were raised!

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