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  1. patfish

    Leader length?

    I don't either but the couple times I have ruined me. It is THE best.
  2. patfish

    The Corner Spot

    I'm sure hoping.
  3. patfish

    The Corner Spot

    This would have been so much better if you were good at photography.
  4. Strong trip reporting BilletHead. Thanks for taking me along for the ride via the General Angling Discussion forum. Glad y'all had a good time and made it home safely. Peace.
  5. Pat(rick) is my given name. Named after my uncle Pat that was a US Army medic and KIA in Viet Nam. Panel 39W Line 18. I have a bunch of nicknames. Patman, Pattywhacker, Patmandude, and my favorite, Uncle P. I'm sure @Flysmalliewill chime in with some that are a bit less kid friendly. Fish{ing) something I don't do enough of recently. Need to fix that. Avatar is my first salty fish on the fly. Redfish, intercoastal out of Santa Rosa Beach FL with Capt Tom http://www.destiny-unbound.com
  6. patfish

    New tool for the shop.

    If you need a twin for that hammock let me know. I have one that I may be able to let go of, cheap.
  7. patfish

    Short Trip on Bryant

    Great times with two of my best buds. We must do it again, soon. Thanks for being my guides @Flysmallie and @Harps
  8. patfish

    Current thoughts

    The Spanish are indeed super speedy and strong. NICE!!!
  9. patfish

    Current thoughts

    A few of my favorite things @Flysmallie Well done. I look forward to a TR.
  10. patfish

    First time boating on the Meramac

    There's always Flamm CIty. Plenty of water there most of the time due to its proximity to the confluence.
  11. patfish

    Waterfalls and Bigfoot

    You should probably just go ahead and tell her that YOU are bigfoot.
  12. patfish

    Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Nope. You're not supposed to touch them. Seems weird, I know. Dunno, probably nothing. 6 weeks(42) pills cost $15k.
  13. patfish

    Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Yes, because the FedEx guy delivered today and all that was in the box was more chemo pills. Blech!
  14. patfish

    Relentless Search for whites

    Did you clean @Flysmallie and @Harps fish for them?

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