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  1. Uh oh! Bro has been called...... Don't you have a fish wagon to be stocking up?
  2. Nice trip and pics fellas. Thanks for the fish porn. I'm super jealous.
  3. HEY! I'm famous!!!! Well done Drew. His smiles, love it!
  4. You can use math to know for sure....
  5. That is some badass reporting there @Flysmallie Still bummed I didn't make it. I really gotta work on shaking my loserness.
  6. Patman didn't use all 8 weeks he had banked when he got that hole knocked in his head a year ago so he has a little time coming as well.
  7. I'd split the cost of fuel with you SIO3 but apparently you are "the cooler" when it comes to the whites.
  8. I got to work about 530a and still no hint of the devil's dandruff. Told the service guys to clear me a spot in the shop. Heated and has a trench drain. The boss doesn't clean off his vehicle. I let it melt off. The Patmobile will be a balmy 68* when I depart for home this evening. Here's proof. I'm lazy, brought her inside early in the day so I didn't have to break out the squeegee and air movers.
  9. Then they removed a tangerine sized hunk of my brain and now I'm just miserably average like the rest of y'all.
  10. I'm in on a White Bass trip. Invited or not.
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