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  1. He's the reason we can't have nice things. Park the boat next to the Land Rover.
  2. Feather-Craft gave me bad vibes the first few times I was in there like "this guy isn't driving an Audi and doesn't look like he knows anything or has a few thousand dollars to spend so I won't even acknowledge his existence." Which is mostly true. YMMV.
  3. Made room for another one of yours.
  4. I prefer vodka olives.
  5. My place of employment has been deemed essential as well. We sell janitorial products(disinfectants, toilet paper and ton of PPE.. We have a store front but it is now all will call. No one that is not an employee allowed in the building not even delivery drivers. I scored a couple of gallons of alcohol gel hand sanitizer, a box of N95 masks, and access to all the nitrile gloves I can use. Can't buy a loaf of bread though. The hysteria of America has become tiresome.
  6. My place of employment sells all kinds of PPE, N95s included as well as almost any kind of disinfectant on the planet. Our sales have been through the roof. Finally since we have sold out of all the masks and most of the disinfectants the excitable ones have started to buy soap. Wash your hands you filthy animals!!! I had a runny nose this morning, its spring. I'm allergic to it. Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Peace.
  7. My co-workers use this on me a lot.
  8. Whoa! Wait!!! You're actually happy with something?!?!?!?
  9. I'm about as ok as I am going to be apparently.
  10. One goal for 2020: Stay alive til spring...
  11. patfish

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Just in time for the holidays.... that Spanish Christmas song The least nobby dot.
  12. Mother Nature! She does what she wants.
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