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  1. patfish

    Are you prepared ?

    I got to work about 530a and still no hint of the devil's dandruff. Told the service guys to clear me a spot in the shop. Heated and has a trench drain. The boss doesn't clean off his vehicle. I let it melt off. The Patmobile will be a balmy 68* when I depart for home this evening. Here's proof. I'm lazy, brought her inside early in the day so I didn't have to break out the squeegee and air movers.
  2. patfish

    Did anybody see this? Mercury in all fish now.

    The mercury leaks out of all the outboards.
  3. patfish

    Our Buddy Charlie Reading

    Then they removed a tangerine sized hunk of my brain and now I'm just miserably average like the rest of y'all.
  4. patfish

    KVD on Table Rock

    I'm in on a White Bass trip. Invited or not.
  5. Goals? Over 2018s numbers which were insanely low I'm going to go with... Fish more, fish more often and say "I can't go" less to never.
  6. patfish

    River Smallmouth Revenge! 12-20 & 12-23

    Well done gentlemen, well done.
  7. patfish

    Managed Hunt

    I see no salami from Volpi... sad.
  8. patfish

    Managed Hunt

    Boar's head makes a darn fine Canadian White Wax Cheddar. Pairs nicely with some super thin sliced Volpi salami and MO Bakery bread. You probably don't know anything about Volpi do you SIO3?
  9. patfish

    A bat in the house.

    Well I will tell myself that his thief was a smokin hot chick that fed him well.
  10. patfish

    A bat in the house.

    He was a great one... I still wonder what the heck ever happened to him.
  11. patfish

    Gun questions

    I recommend the Glock 26 9mm for ladies. It's 10+1 and you can use the Glock 19 fifteen round mags as back up. A couple of years ago I bought a 45acp at Cabela's on my lunch hour.
  12. All these "numbers and percentages" reminded me of this song....
  13. He's afraid of contrails and sharks. That was my 666 post for the WIN!
  14. patfish

    Full of dinks.

    I've had too much to think.
  15. patfish

    Leader length?

    I don't either but the couple times I have ruined me. It is THE best.

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