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  1. The Fresh Start Thread

    I think the white bass fly thread has been pretty darn awesome. I plan on chasing some with Wrench(shhhh... he doesn't know) this spring after I get this 4cm alien cut out of my melon in 10 days.
  2. Big thanks to Hog Wally

    It's nice to be seen, Phil. One of these days I'll get down that way again. Hopefully.
  3. Big thanks to Hog Wally

    There must be something wrong with my phone.
  4. Air Rifle

    Just a few?
  5. Meramec at Holzer

    Daryk and KLiK, I am intrigued by your finding of whites. I go to Flamm City about every weekend. Never fish, just taking Daisy dog for a ride. Y'all ever fish that far down?
  6. Lop-headed dog ????

    That is crazy weird Wrench. Glad your buddy is ok.
  7. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

    Like spiders?
  8. Show off your pets!

    Here's Daisy. She's my best buddy. She'd rather go for a truck ride than a walk. Just like her human. She knows when its the weekend and stays between me and the door until she gets a ride.
  9. Meramac near Steelville 8/7

    Good job Justin! That's one sweet smallmouth.
  10. March 1st Opener

    Was this the first "watch list" you were put on?
  11. Mountain Lion Interstate 70

  12. Bone Fishing in Cozumel 12/29/16

    That fly line hasn't dry rotted by now?!?!? Keep the report going SIO3. I need something to do while I wait for Roto-rooter. It's a fecal matter.
  13. Hot October - Urban Stocking Program

    If memory serves, they have delayed it in the past due to water temps so I think this year would be no different.
  14. Glenwood Springs Trip Report October 2016

    SIO3 - you're killing it! Thanks for taking us along with the TR.
  15. Fast vs Slow

    ladies and gentlemen.... it's official. Malarky has been called.

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