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  1. Welcome to the site. You’ve came to the right place for advice. A wealth of info from a good group of guys.
  2. Ok thanks, I got honey do’s this week. I’m shooting for next week
  3. Okay. I was researching. That looks like a good place to put in. Thanks for your help. Now it’s up to the weather.
  4. Ok thanks. I may try that lower stretch. Sounds more like I’m looking for. Overnight or two would be great.
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. One shot, you seem to be knowledgeable about the Niangua. I’ve been trying to do a smallie/float for several years, now. But, rain/flooding has destroyed my plans every year. I assume the upper Niangua would be better. Also, avoid the big campgrounds. It’s a 4 hour drive for me so to make it worth it. I’d do an overnight. 7 or 8 mile float would be nice. Any suggestions on which stretch would be best? I do have a solo canoe. But, need a shuttle service or use one of theirs
  7. What section did you fish? I was thinking of doing an overnight on the upper Niangua. Away from the party floats. I’m from St. Joseph area. Any trip is about a 4 hr drive. One way
  8. I used to travel to Jefferson City, several years ago. I fished most of the streams in about a 70 mile radius. I always wanted to try the Grandglaize. Never made it. I'm pretty sure you'll do a combination of floating/wading. Good luck. If you do it, please give us a report on it. I'll be waiting to read it.
  9. Are any of the streams, anywhere south of I-70 worth floating/fishing? I've seen the flow charts and I know that a falling streamflow isn't the best. Just wondering if anybody has been out anywhere.
  10. Al's right, Phil will shut this down. Some people believe in science, others believe in conspiracy. It's useless to try to change anyone's mind on this. I'll drop it. The crappie are bite is in full swing, up here. I now have something better to do.
  11. "scientist" cooking the books for decades to fit their agenda. Seriously? Do you actually believe that statement? At what benefit? Did they all the scientists in the world get together 20 or 30 years ago, and hold a pow wow? Producing a plan, better yet a vast conspiracy to lie to the world. Why? At what gain? I guess people can believe that the earth is flat, that's your right.
  12. Trout aren't native to Missouri or Arkansas. So, I guess if bad farming and manufacturing practices create poor water quality and the elimination of trout in Missouri. By your logic, that's ok because there not native, anyway.
  13. Your correct. Guess they don't belong here anyway, kind of like the buffalo. Oops sorry, they may have been native.
  14. You could be right. God may have willed it on man to wipe out the pheasant. Might as well sell our National parks to mining and drilling companies. Oh, I forgot, they're trying to do that.
  15. Fishinwrech, I really don't know the answer about the melting, either. I assume it's the ocean temperature that's warming. And it's melting the outer edges of the icecap. Just a guess. On the "on the edge post". Trying to keep this an environmental issue. Not a religious issue. We don't really know what God's plan is. One way at looking at it is: God created man, so anything man does is in his plan. Good and bad. Including the holocost, genocide, clearing the rainforest, acid rain, fracking causing thousands of earthquakes, testing nuclear weapons, pollution in all forms, etc. That man is a tool or means of carrying out God's plan. Or, the other way of looking at it is; God gave man a brain with the power to reason/think. God made a planet that is suitable to sustain life for man. Fresh air, clean water, food, temperature, etc. When you look at the atmosphere and extreme temperatures on other planets, this is the only planet that man can survive on, that we know of. We have such a small window of temperature extremes and air mix that we can survive in. That God trusts man to take care of the planet and to make it a livable environment at the very minimum. Since we live here and have more impact on the planet than any other living organisms. Then we are basically the stewards of this planet and for generations to come. So, man needs to take it very seriously. Something that hits close to home are the quality of the Ozark streams. Some may take it for granite. Where I live, the rivers are muddy, farmers have taken out many of the riparian corridors and stream bank erosion is quite bad. Loss of habitat do to farming every square inch, has decimated the quail and pheasant habitat to mention just a few. Growing up in Nebraska, pheasant was king. You would see hundreds if not thousands of birds in a year. Now, seeing a pheasant is a very rare thing. Man altered that. I believe that humans have the power to make this planet what we want it to be. If man can create earthquakes, many earthquakes, I think we can do other major environmental disasters. Key to everything is moderation and learn from our mistakes and don't repeat them. Just my 2 cents, again
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