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  1. Sorry, Gunner, I haven't been down for a few weeks. It was very dead, that day. You've been there since I have. I have noticed that they're doing a yo-yo effect with the release. They're releasing hard till a little after dark, then shutting it down. Then starting it back up in the morning. .. Good luck... wader
  2. Hate to be one of those prudish people, always correcting people. ... But, .... The fish Buzz caught is a Logperch. Not a Longperch. Maybe you just misspelled it. I do all the time. If I wouldn't of spent a about 2 hrs. trying to find one, I wouldn't know how to spell it either. Here's some good info and a good pic of one. http://www.duluthstreams.org/understanding/logperch.html
  3. Yeah Chief, I got the main project done. Unfortunately, it created a lot of other smaller projects. Looks like my summers full up. Glad I get down to Jeff., every now and then, so I can get some fishing in. After my last outing there. I've decided to check out a few sections, that I skipped over. I'm still keeping your area in mind for a float, though, I'll keep you posted. Problem is now, the wife wants to go somewhere for vacation, and it won't be fishing. Buzz, A log perch, wow. The weird things you catch while fishing. I did my qualifying "Nature Dive" down at Table Rock, 9 yrs. a
  4. I say Senko, but, I'm cheap. I've been using a lot of 3" Yum Dingers or Bass Pro's Stiko in 4 1/4" . Since the fish are on the small side. But, they'll still go after the 5" Senkos. But, with Yum Dingers and Stiko's, you get more per pack. ... I fish em different ways. Usually weightless, like a texas rig without the weight. Sometimes I add a small split shot up the line 6" to 12". Lately, I've been using a jig head more, so I can alternate between a twister tail and senko or dinger. But, the most productive is weightless. If you cast it to a likely spot, let it sit till you can't stand it a
  5. Had some free time 06/25 at Jeff. City. So, I thought I'd try a new spot. It was very hot mid 90's and high humidity. Drove down to one of the middle sections. I've fished both up and down stream, but never there. Started wading at a low water crossing and caught quite a few Sunnies there. Down stream looked better so, I headed that way. The water was up a little but, fairly clear. It was cool and very refreshing. Caught the first of about 25 smallies right off. I was using the usual senko's. Most fish ran small, between 8 and 12 in. Went to a twister tail and started catching goggleye. Nothin
  6. Glad you guys had a good time. I always love trying new water. I fished a different section of the Big Tavern Creek last trip at Jeff. City. I'll have to put together a post.
  7. couldn't agree with you more on snakes, way to go
  8. Don't know of any off hand. I'd say up by the dam would be your best bet, if there are any.
  9. I used to rarely get line twist. Seems like the only times that I got any was after using an inline spinner. But, anymore I get them a lot. I'm not sure why. I used to use mono, but now I use a variety of fluorocarbon and co-polymer lines. Not sure if this is the problem or something else. But, I think I'll put on new line on a couple of my go to rods and give this method a try. They need new line anyway. I guess I could call it a field test.
  10. I was fishing the Maries river a few days ago. It was at the lowest level that I've seen in a long time. Most of about a mile section was knee deep or less. Most wasn't much more than ankle deep. The river was low and just a small narrow channel, was winding through a large gravel bar. The water was very clear and you could see the fish very easily. The Longear Sunfish were guarding their nests, and all decked out in their bright spawning colors. At one of the deeper spots, I saw about a 12 in. smallie on a nest. The hole itself was maybe 18" deep at the deepest. It was maybe 4' wide and ab
  11. Chief, my plans to head your way fell through. I started a project on the house, that turned out being much bigger than I thought. Once, I started this project there's no turning back, till it's done. My buddy called last night wanting to head down this Thur. But, my wife 86'd the trip. Looks like no fishing for a month or better, for me..... keep sending those reports, I'm still holding some hope for late July.
  12. Al, your right. I looked up where we stayed. It was the lower section of the Buffalo. I stand corrected. Thanks, wader
  13. cool, thanks for the report. I'll have to try it today. were you close to the dam? or by the boat ramp?
  14. Floated that same section about 7 or 8 yrs. ago. I went with a dive club out of Little Rock. We did a canoe/dive/fish trip. The water was so low that year, that we did a lot of dragging of the canoes. Only found a few holes on the entire stretch that was over 10' deep, worth putting on the tanks. In the Buffalos's defense, it was in late summer. The outfitter said, that they had been in a drought for a few years, also. We didn't fair well with the smallies either, a few dinks, here and there. Glad to see that the river has recovered. The scenery alone, was worth the float.
  15. I gotta agree, great pics. I too, love to wade the small creeks also, hence my handle. Don't blame you for keeping it a secret. The smaller streams don't need the traffic. The streams up here a raging, lots of heavy rain, in mid-missouri. Bummer, even the small er streams are up and muddy.
  16. Thanks for sharing Al. Knowing and keeping a secrect (that may not be all that secret), for all those yrs. Must of been tough. Well, you know all of us reading this, is dying to try it. Do you use a full skirt, on something that small?
  17. I guess most of my experience has been with State game wardens and State conservation agents. Not with the Fed agents. So, maybe that is why I have not had many problems.
  18. I like experimenting with others but, use the palomar most of the time. It works for me.
  19. I'm sorry all of you had bad experiences with the agents. I personally like seeing agents out checking bad guys. If your doing everything with in the law, you should have no problem. I've encountered many more people violating game laws, then I've encountered agents. Agents are humans, too. You got your nice helpful ones and you have your jerks.
  20. True, the wee craw doesn't act like a crawfish. True, other crankbaits work for smallies. True, I don't use other cranks as much as I do the wee craw. But, true, the wee craw works quite well. I personally like the results. So, ozark trout fisher , try it and see for yourself. I personally like experimenting with other baits and tactics. I prefer soft plastics, while other anglers prefer spinnerbaits or crankbaits. So, go with what works for you. But, I keep a few of the Rebel Wee Craws, in my tackle box. It's my second choice, behind soft plastics. I've used them and Rapala floating min
  21. 05/05, Ran down to the dam for about 4 hrs. this evening. They're running the most water I've seen so far, this year. Running over the top of the dam. It was overcast, drizzly, and about 70*. I thought they'd be going wild, but I was wrong. I caught 4 crappie (2 at 13 in.), a small largemouth, a small Kentucky, and a couple of bluegill. Oh, and a large gar. Threw everything at them but, minnows. I walked up from the boat ramp on the east/south side. Couldn't fish the cove, water was too high.
  22. I 2nd all of the above. My first smallie was caught on a Rebel Teeny Craw. I've caught largemouth, smallies, spotted bass, rainbows, goggle-eye, bluegill, sunfish, and crappie off of them. I like the diver in the streams, it plows the gravel and draws a lot of attention. Here's a pic from last year. It's not a smallie, but I caught many smallies on it, that day.
  23. Question to all you stream smallie fishermen. I've noticed that alot of you use spinnerbaits for smallies. I have yet to catch a smallie on a spinnerbait. I've caught them on inline spinners and beetle spins but, not on the regular spinnerbait. I realize it is probably because I don't use them much. Anyway, I saw someone on TV, using the chatterbaits for largemouth. It looks like an effective bait for smallies. Just curious if anyone has ever tried them and what were the results. I already have multiple tackle boxes full of lures that I don't use. Sometimes I think I'm not a fisherman but, a c
  24. Sounds like a wonderful place. Al. ... It also, sounds like most of the streams, that I fish in the Jeff. City area. Most fisherman wouldn't give them a second look. I rarely find water much over waist deep. Long stretches between fishable water. Most fish are around 12". But, when I fish it. It's my little stream and my little world. At least for a little while, until I have to return to the real world. Hence my handle ... "Creek Wader" ...
  25. Redbud, Glad to hear they caught the poachers. .. .. I understand what your going through with the trespassers. I used to own a farm and had problems with people fishing my ponds and the deer hunters. I guess it goes with the territory. I may have to take you up on that stream access part. I'm going to be down that way in late May. Unlike your unwelcome visitors, I wouldn't trash your property. I C&R, only. I have total respect for the landowners and their land. Where in Mac county, is your land located? What mile marker on the Big Sugar?... wader
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