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  1. Chief, I'm not doing the Jeff run anymore. Instead I drive to Omaha, (2 1/2 hrs. each way). Then take a coal train to Neb. City, dump it, then take empty back to Omaha. Then of coarse the drive back. Long days. Usually around 12 hrs. plus the 5 hrs. driving. But, I usually get around 48 hrs. off in between runs. Sounds bad but, I only work around 2 or 3 days a week. It's a guaranteed board. So, it pays rather well. Also, I don't have to stay in a hotel every other night and live out of a grip.( Wow, I've been doing that for almost 40 years, now). Since, I've got less than 4 years, I'm going to
  2. Thanks everybody for your input. It really helps. Al, I've read a lot of your past posts and as usual they are very informative. The Big river sounds like it might be worth a try. I always go midweek to avoid the crowds. These trips are my escape from human contact. I love the solitude of the Ozark streams. Catching smallies helps, too. I really enjoyed the float/wade fishing that I did in the Jeff. City area. The only problem, since I was alone, I had to return where I started. So, I was very limited on the amount of water covered. They were mostly smaller streams and other than the local swi
  3. Jbooth24, you never posted again as to whether you made the trip or the results of the trip. I'm interested in any input on the Beaver. I'm trying to do a few off the beaten path floats this year. Any info would be appreciated
  4. Not yet. Still got 3 yrs. 7 mos. 3 weeks and 3 days, left. But, whose counting.
  5. Thanks for your input. I realize that no stream is a slam dunk on any given day, especially with spring weather. The Black and Mineral Fork sounds like more of hit and miss streams. I'm looking to float a stream that I haven't floated before. I guess I should list the streams that I've floated. Sugar, Elk, Big and Little Piney, Gasconade, Meramec, Big and Little Niangua, Huzzah, Curtois , Osage, Tavern, Maries, N. and S. Moreau, Jacks Fork, and Current. I haven't floated the Black, Mineral Fork, Big River, St. Francis, James, Castor, Bryant's Creek, and 11point. And several other
  6. Due to a job relocation, I've been out of game as far as smallie fishing, for over 6 yrs.. Cabin fever is hitting me real hard, right now. So, I started reading past posts. Which has led to planning a smallie float/wade trip for spring. I'm still up in the air, as to which stream. I'm wanting to try a stream that I haven't tried yet. I've narrowed it down to the Black, Big, and Mineral Fork. Possibly a combination. Also, I haven't been on the 11 point, North Fork, and the St. Francis. I have an Old Town solo canoe(trolling motor if needed) that I'll probably be using, but I'd have to have
  7. No, I haven't read it. I'll find it though. I totally agree with what you are saying about the war beginning along the Mo/Kan, border. I'm no one to be giving history lessons. But, This is how I see the beginning of the border war, in a nutshell: The Missouri Compromise, was just that. A compromise to balance the slave states and free states. The gov't, was trying to keep the peace, without offending anyone. A tough balancing act. Missouri was deemed a slave state and around the same time, Maine was accepted into the union and deemed a free state. Then came the Kansas/Nebras
  8. . I'm an Independent. So, if either side wants my vote then the have to deserve it. I split the fence on many issues. I don't want to get into a political debate. But, .... The right has spun the Obama Care quite a bit. I was listening to Romney. He ran down Obama Care . Then stated that he'd keep all the "good" things in it. When he was done talking he was basically for every bit of it. Except, for paying for it. Obama care has kept my 20 yr. old son my insurance. I still have to pay the premiums but, it's cheaper than him getting his own. Most employers don't want to hire someone
  9. No. it was the "Northern Railroad". It possibly became the Katy. Not sure. Bloody Bill, raided the town of Centrailia, Mo., for supplies. While there he found out that a passenger train was due to come in. So, they hung around to rob it. When they took control of the train, there were around 24 Union troops on leave, aboard. They captured them, executed, then mutilated the bodies, of all but one. He was a Sgt. They kept him for a prisoner exchange that never happened. Andreson and his men were tracked down and killed soon after the raid. I'm a bit of a Civil War foamer, too. I grew up in
  10. I seen the pic and just had to comment. I'm an engineer for the U.P.R.R. Been RR'ing for 33 years now. About 6 years ago, I started running from KC to Jeff. city. We connect with crews out of St. Louis, at Jeff. City. They cross the Gasconade. I've heard them talking about the engine. This is the first time I've seen a pic of it. Ironically, several years ago, I was surfing the web for more info on this sub-division (I'm not a foamer). When I came across this article. I printed it and related the story to several of my co-workers. ( I guess that does make me a foamer). Anyw
  11. How to you rig the zoom super fluke swim baits? I was just gong to put it on a jighead. The regular super flukes I rig weightless on a worm hook.
  12. Been wanting to try the river below Vienna. The only problem is, I'll need a shuttle. Othewise, I'll have to paddle or wade back.
  13. My go-to bait is the Yum Dinger or Bass Pro Stick-O. Both are Senko type baits. I do like to experiment, though. A few years ago, at the suggestion of several on this forum, I started using spinnerbaits, sammys, and a varety crankbaits. All with good success. Ironically, I just purchased a pack of the Zoom super flukes swim baits. I haven't tried them yet. Can't wait to try.
  14. Some people want to jump out of an airplane for thrills, I rather take my chances with the sharks.They are after all, misunderstood.
  15. Blacktip reef sharks. They didn't intentionaly bump me, I was just in the way. As far as they were concerned, I was just a rock or something. They were totally focused on the food. Also, the females were pregnant, and very plump. They were larger than the males.
  16. Here's an odd duck I ran across a couple of boys doing some "creek wading", earlier this year. I've seen smallies in variety of shades, but this one was a first.
  17. I put a new twist on fishing, while in the Bahamas. I thought I'd try usng myself as bait. Actually, I went on a shark feed dive with Stuart's Cove's Dive Center. I was "bumped" 7 times. What a hoot!
  18. Thanks guys, for your thoughts. I want to make my floats as comfortable as possible. I think the seat will be the only major modification that I'll make.
  19. Thanks for the info guys. I searched the site and didn't find much. You've given me a few ideas to go along with with a few I got from you tube. I'll probably change the seat, too. wader
  20. I just traded my 8' 2-man bass boat, for an Old Town guide solo canoe.I;m upgrdig from my inflatable kayak. My back needs a break. Anyway, for the past several years I've seen pics of modifications that some of you have done to your solo and tandem canoes. I mainly will be using the solo canoe on small Ozark streams while fishing for smallies and sunnies. I would like to see pics of adjustments that others have made to thier canoes. So, please post some pics. Such as pole holders, paddle holders, milk crates, anything that would help me modify the canoe. I'm open to any and all ideas th
  21. Did you use an outfitter? Or did you shuttle yourselves. If so, who did you use?
  22. 2sheds, Please give us a full report. I've been wanting to fish there for years. Haven't made it yet. .. wader
  23. Yes. Rosecrans Air National Guard Base is on the Kansas side of the river. Missouri claims a small parcel of land that was left on the "wrong" side of the river, either after channelization or the 1952 flood. I can't remember which. There are several parcels of land that has been in border dispute between NE, Iowa, KS, and MO. Due to channelization and the 1952 flood. I think Missouri has settled most of their disputes, now. Anyway, Rosecrans was destroyed by floods and rebuilt twice, that I know of. In 1952 and 1993. They evacuated the base a few weeks ago. There's been talk that it may b
  24. Well, the high water is getting closer. The Missouri river bridge at St. Joseph is still open. But it's the last place to cross the Mighty Mo. till you get to Omaha. Also, both Nuclear plants in Nebr. are being threatened, now. The Ft. Calhoun plant was shut down for maintenance, already. The Cooper plant, near Neb. City, will be shutting down soon if not already. Update on I-29 closings. For those that were interested in the closing of I-29 read the article below. http://www.kmbc.com/news/28320960/detail.html
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