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  1. I bought a Shimano Solstace Spinning Reel, last spring. I was slaying crappie on the Lower Osage, about a month ago. Then the bail wouldn't flip back. I took it apart and it had a "spung" spring. I tried to fix it to no avail. Had to give up that day. I took it home and worked on it, still couldn't be fixed. It'll be going back to Cabela's in the next few days. I loved the reel up to that point.
  2. Trav, Thanks for the info on Tanney, I doubt if I'll ever get the chance to fish Tanney, but it's nice to know about it. Just in case. I enjoy reading your reports. ... Good Luck. .... Wader
  3. Sounds like a good day. All before lunch. Didn't realize Tanney was a bass lake. Only hear about the trout. We're you catching largemouths or smallies? On crankbaits?
  4. Ok thanks. That's what I figured. I'll be talking to you when spring approaches, to see how your doing. Linhardt fishes the Osage also, I'll have to see how he does, come spring. Don't hesitate to post to this site. I'm interested in anything biting in the area. Thanks again.
  5. When you canoe down from the dam. I take it you have a shuttle at the other end. Do you use your own canoe or is there a canoe/shuttle service? I have an inflatable kayak, that I have used on the Osage. My problem is I have to paddle back to where I put in.
  6. I figured that I would have to move upstream quite aways to catch any wipers, whites or stripers. I've mainly fished in the Jeff. City area up to abouts 20 mi. upstream. Near Jeff. City, there is an old lock and dam, on the river. Most people come up from Osi-Mari CA, by boat and fish below it, for walleye, crappie, white bass. Access by land, is via private drive. I would love to fish it but, don't have a boat in Jeff. City. I've done mostly wade fishing on the Osage, when it is low. But, because of the various depth, was limited. I mainly fish the feeder streams of the Osage for smallies wit
  7. I'll have to get off my butt, and fish the Osage more, next spring. I spend too much time on the smaller streams playing with dinks.
  8. siusaluki, are talking in the area below the dam or further down stream?
  9. Yeah Whiskey, you opened a can of worms, er, snakes. Everybody has a snake story or two. Especially fishermen.
  10. I've caught quite a few smallies in the Lower Osage, mostly smaller ones but a few 15 in. or better. The feeder streams, Tavern Creek, Saline Creeek, Maries River, and Moreau River, all hold a decent population of smallies. The Lower Osage has a huge population of spotted bass so, true smallies are getting harder to find. The spots are mixing it up with the smallies. I've been catching more and more "spotted smallies" (hybrids). I did quite well on decent size crappie this fall, and heard others did better. I can't wait till the spring run to hit it again. Also, it holds a decent population of
  11. I've always thought and then did some research on the web, that viper's have an arrowhead shaped head. All the pics that I saw on the web, of cottonmouths and copperheads, did have an arrowhead shaped head. Their heads are larger than their necks. Kind of a flange look. The nonvenomous snakes heads were roughly the same size as their necks. Unfortunately, you have to be close enough to see this. Although, I've done a little research on the banded water snake, when threatened they'll inflate their heads, to appear like a copper head. That may lead to some misidentification. see .. http://www.ug
  12. I'm sure I'll stir up some crap with this one. But, it's getting cold and I'm getting cabin fever. So here it goes. .. I see snakes all the time. I don't believe there is a shortage of them, at least where I go fishing. Which is usaully off the beaten path. They don't bother me and I don't bother them. I don't believe in killing a snake in his own enviroment. He has more right to be there than I do. I imagine, in more public areas, their numbers are down. Do to the snakeaphobics. As far as cottonmouths, I've never seen one, nor a copperhead or a rattlesnake. I know they're out there, I've jus
  13. Cool. Good luck with the little guy.
  14. creek wader

    Cotton Bowl

    I'm from Nebraska, but have lived in Mo. for 17 yrs. My heart still goes out to NU (been broken a lot lately). So, I still have an outsider's view of Mizzou. Seems like everytime Mizzou does something good, some outside force screws it up. The 5th down in the CU game. The imaculate reception, NU had against MU. This year, MU has their best season in my life time. They finally win their division, beat rival KU. They only lose two games, both to #4 OU. The other 2 loss BCS teams,lost to lesser ranked or unranked teams. Also, two teams that they beat, and rivals, Ill. and KU, make it to BCS bowls
  15. A good current in an aquarium, would be tough. The logperch, that I observed in Table Rock didn't have any current, either. Still, they were quite active. I don't know whether they would eat it or not. But, I used to feed my chubs "newt and african frog food". Also, you may try crab food. Once again, I didn't mean anything bad, about you keeping the fish. I was only curious about the reglations. Sorry, if I came off wrong.
  16. Ok, thanks for the info. I was just curious. There are many regulations that have grey areas in the MDC guides. .... Years ago, I did my open water and advance certification for scuba diving at Table Rock. One of the advance qualification dives was a "nature" dive. Our mission was to find a certain fish, that was described to us. It turned out to be the Logperch. Once, we finally found one, we found quite a few. They are a very interesting fish to study in the natural envirorment. They would make a neat aquarium pet. Thanks again for the replies. ... Wader
  17. Al, you make some fine points. But, I guess I'll play devil's advocate. I don't think a log perch is a game fish. (mind you, it would be a neat fish to have in a aqaurium). I've never seen one in a pet store or at a fish farm. Now, bass, cat, sunfish, and others that were obtained from a fish farm or pet store, I can see. But, I don't think the state allows a person to catch a fish or animal from state waters and keep it for a pet. I myself have kept sunfish and chubs for months at a time, but to be used as bait. Through the years, I've known people to keep all kinds of critters including turt
  18. I'm just curious. Is it legal to keep a fish or other wild animals, taken from the wild, in captivity? I know everybody does it. I've thought about it myself. I've read the regulations and am still not sure.
  19. The boy has a 42" vizio plasma. Has had it for about a year now. So far no problems, he loves it.
  20. Siusaluki, I've never tried the float and fly. But, have read up on it, since your post. Seems like it would work on lakes, although I fish streams for smallies. I think, I'll order a few of the flies and see what I can do with them. ... Wader
  21. Wow, a lot of different reasons out there. I fish with both. I prefer my spinning rod, only because I'm inexperienced with a fly rod. I embarrass myself when other fly fishers are around. I need a lot of practice and a lot more patience than I have. I use an ultra light, mainly w/4 lb. test and with my home made jigs. I've lost some nice ones by not using heavier test. But, I'm going to release everything, any way. Although, when I caught my fisrt smallie on a fly rod, it was thrill for me. When I use to have time to deer hunt, I only used my muzzel loader and only round balls. All the deer th
  22. Al, Thanks for the reply. When I get a chance, I usually wade fish a mile or so, on a small stream, if time permits. But, fortunatly, once a year, my wife allows me to do an over nighter/canoe trip on a larger stream. So, I'll be trying the cranks and spinners, next trip. Thanks again. .. Wader
  23. I agree with siusaluki"s choices, he hit the nail right on the head. The key is fishing real slow, on the bottom, use natural colors. That's what works for me anyway.
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