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  1. Had a few hours to fish yesterday. Fished the Maries river @ Bruns Access. River was high, turbid, and very swift. Too high to wade, too swift to kayak, unless you were going one way only. Very limited bank access. Fished anyway, below what normally are riffles but, were rapids yesterday. Caught one 11" smallie. Only stayed for about an hour. Stayed in one spot, no where else to stand. At least I didn't get skunked.
  2. Drew, Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. The Maries runs from just southwest of Vienna to just north of Westphidelia, into the Lower Osage. Beautiful small stream. It's chocked full of smallies but, thier size runs on the smaller size. 6" to 12", the norm. Ocassional 15" to 18".
  3. Al, That would have been Wilson Camp Access, that you fished at on the Tavern. It is where I first fished the Tavern and got "hooked", on it. They just closed the "swing" bridge (Kliethermes Bridge), to auto traffic, last summer. Kind of a shame. Although, there is still a "swing" bridge near St. Elizabeth, over the Tavern. Drew, I couldn't agree with you more, on a more liberal spot bag limit. Although, I would add, a year around "open" season on the spot's. I only catch and release. But, to help the smallies out, I could be persuaded to keep a few spot's. Maybe the local giggers would als
  4. Bill, Thanks for your reply. I mainly use an ultra light. Occasionally I use my fly rod. I have a blast either way. But, I find my spinning rod is easier to handle when I have to climb banks and bust some brush. I use my kayak quite a bit, when I have a little more time. I am on call 24/7. So, many times I only have a few hours to run out and "hit" a stream. So, I travel light. Thanks for the info on the locations, to fish for whites and hybrids. I think the only way to find the first shoal, is to put in at the mouth and kayak upstream. It's the only access till you get to the first low w
  5. To those of you that inquired about Tavern Creek, I've fished it quite a few times last year. It's a great stream. I've accessed it at many points. Right under the Hwy 42 bridge it's diffucult, but worth it. You can access it from the west but, the there's a state sign saying no trespassing. So, I've went over the bridge and walked back, quite a ways. I've only waded it. Last year, with the small amount of rainfall, the clarity was unbelieveable. But, the fish were real spooky. Had to sneak up on them. The only largemouths that I ever caught on the Tavern, were a pair of 18 inchers, right unde
  6. Dutch, In reference to your definition of "seining the bank". Heck, where I come from, that's called (normal) fishing.
  7. Al, It sounds like you've been a tuned to this "spot invasion" for awhile. You mentioned the Moreau River. I haven't fished below the confluence of it's two forks, but I've caught spots in the north fork of the Moreau. I haven't caught any in the south fork of the Moreau, yet. I guess it's a matter of time. Maybe the combination of the low water conditions in recent years, along with several low water dams and have slowed the spots progress in the south fork of the Moreau. The south fork of the Moreau is much clearer with more gravel, and a steeper gradiant. Although, it is small in size, it
  8. Al, On the subject of Spotted Bass. I fished the lower Osage River near Jeff. City last year. I couldn't believe the number of Spots, that I caught there. I also, caught a handful of smallie/spotted hybrids. I wrote the MDC, and told them of my "find". They weren't too suprised. The strange thing about these "hybrids" was that no two looked alike. Some had strong Smallie characteristics, while others had more of the Kentucky characteristics. I caught several that I couldn't tell what the heck they were. If the weather and my free time ever cooperate, I plan on fishing the lower Osage again thi
  9. Ok Al, you got my curiosity up. What does your homemade spinner look like? I know you won't reveal that, but can you at least tell me if it's a willow leaf or an inline, or something. It's quite obvious it's your go to bait. Do you sell them? ... I'm mainly a jig fisherman, but I willing to change, to increase the quality of my catch. ... Come on, throw us a bone. ...Please.....
  10. I'm not sure if I want to get in this one, or not. I've had some great days on a certain river, which I won't mention the name. Between two of us, we caught over 60 smallies, not to mention about double that number of sunfish and largemouth mixed. But, It was a one time deal and the biggest was just a 15 incher, with most between 10" and 12". It was a wonderful day. As far as large fish goes, on that particular river, the biggest that I ever caught was an 18 incher. But, I'm far from a "big" smallie fisherman. I usually use smaller jigs and catch more numbers than size. By the way, every small
  11. My largest was also a 19 incher but, I too am happy with many in the 12 to 15 in. range. I mainly wade or use a canoe and can only cover so much water. I'm catch and releaser only, and try to leave the stream in better shape, when I leave. Kind of a self imposed stream tream concept. I love these streams and you boys living within driving distance of these great waters are very fortunate. When I make a trip to one of the Ozark streams, it's a special occasion for me, and I look forward to it for weeks. Hopefully after my trip in May, I'll have a "big" one to brag on. ... Good fishing to all...
  12. I also use a 6 wt. with a 6 lb leader for bass. A 2 lb. leader would work but, I've caught quite a few 5 - 8 lb cats. The big cats love to roll and will make short work of you light leader. By the way, what a hoot catching them on a fly rod. I use a large crawdad imitation. I wade out a few feet and cast parallel to the bank. It works great. Ive caught quite a few bass between 18" and 22". No problem with a 6 wt.
  13. This is an old discussion but, I thought I'd throw my two cents worth in. I fish many smaller steams that aren't on the map. All of these are overlooked, because from a bridge they look like just another a small creek. But, if you do a little wading you'd be suprised what you find around the next bend. I've caught 18" smallies and largemouth on these streams. I never see any other fishermen on them either. Never had a problem with land owners. I think that, they think I'm nuts for even fishing them. The jokes on them. It's just not a fishing trip but an adventure. ....Good fish'n to ya all...
  14. Just wondering if anybody has done any fishing below the dam? Walleye, Crappie, White Bass, Hybrids, or even Cats. I'm not interested in snagging. I'm thinking of taking a trip to dam, next week. Any help,would be appreciated.
  15. While snagging for spoonbill,some years ago. It was at Osowatomie, Kan. I snagged a large drum. I filled the drum and used it for bait a few hindred yrs. down stream of the dam. I caught a 14lb 12oz. channel cat (not a blue, or flathead). I weighed it at the local tackel store on official scales. It was lagre enough for an angler award in Neb. (the state I was from) but, 4 oz. shy of the Kan. angler award, which is the state I caught it in. Story of my life. Anyway that's the largest channel, that I've ever caught.
  16. Drew, Let me know how you do on the Little Blue. That is if you are seious. I'm an engineer on the railroad. Our tracks cross the Little Blue in several spots. It looks pretty good for bass. I've always been curious about the bass fishing in it. I've never had the oppotuninty to try it.
  17. Very impressive, Al. That trip would make my whole year. I've been fishing for smallies for only a few years. Apparently, I've got much to learn. Starting with using crank baits. I've always been a jig fisherman. Evendently, I've been restricting my tactics and my catch. Great pics.
  18. Your on the right track. But, I'd also bring a Rebel Wee Craw or two. Smallies love em. When the smallie action gets slow, the sunfish and googleye will keep you busy, with them.
  19. Just got back from my first time out on the streams this year. I went to a conservation are on the Maries River near Westphidelia. I caught a 15" largemouth and a pair of 12" smallies, right out of the gate. Then fished for a couple of hours without another hit. I didn't have my waders, or my kayak. So, I was limited to a small area, on the bank. Caught all 3 fish in the seam below some some riffles. Used a soft plastic jig that I made myself. A little self-gradification, there. It was basically a downsized twin tailed spider jig. Fished slow, bumbing on the bottom. The water was clear, air te
  20. Ah, poison ivy. I grew up in rural SE Nebr. Lived there for 30 yrs. Hunted, fished, trapped, mushroom hunted, worked in the fields, put up hay, cut wood, etc. Never got posoin ivy. Moved to Missouri, 15 yrs. ago, bought a farm and got the rash every year since. I average over 6 x, a year. Sold my farm several years ago, but wade fish many streams. Always getting it. I probably have it somewhere on my body at least 6 mos. of the year. Used to get shots to get rid of it, but get it right back, the next time out. Tried all sorts of over the counter remedies and home remedies. No success. Finally,
  21. I have a Sea Eagle 330 (2-man)inflatable kayak. Got it a year ago. I've used it about 20 times on streams and a few on lakes. It is as tough as any raft used on the Colorado River. It cost around $300 with the pump, etc. I am very pleased with it. They have higher end kayaks that are probably better built. But, you shouldn't have any problems with this one. Even though it's a 2 -man. It's still tight on space. If you are used to a canoe, these are smaller. Especially when you get a cooler, tackle box, patch kit, pump, bait bucket, etc. in there. Then again, I'm 6'4". I've drug it over all kind
  22. I'm always game for a new stream for smallies. If anybody happens to try upstream or down from the lake. Please give us a report.
  23. A .... Wayne sw/mo, you failed to tell us what that particular lure was ... lol
  24. I consider myself lucky. I fish about a half dozen streams for smallies, in Mizzou. But, not one is mentioned in the posts. I've done well on all. I never see another fisherman on any of theses streams. They are all like my private streams. Mizzou, has so many wonderful streams with smallies. I thank my lucky stars to be able to enjoy them. ... 3 words ... "catch and release"
  25. If your still looking for the confluence of the big/little niangua rivers. go to the site below. hit the left arrow a time or two. can't miss it. http://www.aa-fishing.com/mo/missouri-map-...the-ozarks.html
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