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  1. I did a two day float on the Osage Fork last summer. 1st day from Davis to Hull. 2nd day from Hull to Hazelgreen. I was a little disappointed, also. I can't blame the river, though. I floated with my wife and another couple. I was the only fisherman. So, there was no power fishing. I had to skip some nice looking spots and fish some not so nice spots. The first day we didn't get on the water till afternoon. An hour or so into it, a torrential downpour erupted for a good 30 min., followed by an hour of steady hard rain. That pretty much put a damper on the fist day. The 2nd day, we hit the water a little earlier (not much). It was very hot and the water was moving very slowly, we had a work out. I believe I caught about 20 bass the 1st day, most before the rain. No real size. Maybe 1 or 2 over 12". The 2nd day was real poor. Maybe 10 fish. No size what so ever. Also, a mixed bag of sunfish. I realize that I was there at the wrong time of year, the wrong time of day, with the wrong people, and with bad weather. Al, is right the river looked like a great smallie stream. I may have to hit it in the early spring. I'm a die hard catch and releaser. So, I fish year around. ... Tight lines
  2. alagnew@alagnew.com here's al's email. if you get a hold of him let me know. also, if you find the article please share where it is
  3. Mark, I'll let you know more, when I get more info. I'm getting pumped.
  4. Mark. I'll be going in late June, not July. My bad. I realize that the summer months aren't the best months for fishing. I'm floating with a group of cavers. My wife and I were invited to tag along, so it isn't a "real" fishing trip. I never miss a chance for a float on a different river. I also, never miss a chance to wet a line. I'm not sure what section I'm floating, yet. I realize that trout is king, on the 11 pt. I'm hoping to get into some smallies. But, I'll fish for anything. I appreciate any water, regardless of the bite. What sections arethe best for smallies? Maybe, I'll get lucky and float one of those. Mark, I fogot to tell you. Yes, It'll be my first float, on the 11PT. Like I said in my last reply. I'm tagging along. So, the date and section of the river will not be my call. I've been with them before, they usually float past alot of good water, and stop at the poor fishing site. Against my wife's wishes we usually have to play catch up. It's hard for me not to cast to every likely spot.
  5. Great pics, guy. Your giving me cain fever.
  6. Mark, Thanks for the info. How's the smallie action? ... Creek Wader
  7. Mark, I'll check it out. Thanks for the info. Also, I just so happen to be going on a float in July with a group on the 11pt. river. ... Thanks .. Gerry
  8. Mark, Your not missing much in NW Mo. Streams are faily muddy. Catfish, bullhead, carp, greensunfish. I do my wading/fishing in the steams around Jefferson City. The clear rock bottom streams of the Ozarks have spoiled me. I mainly fish the Big Tavern Creek, Cedar Creek, Maries River, Osage River, and Moreau River. I love fishing for smallies. Largemouth and panfish are always a bonus. Cabin fever startng to set in, I'm ready to hit thestreams, first warm front. Good fishing to you. ...Creek Wader
  9. Hello, I'm new today, to this site. What I've read so far is what I've been looking for, for awhile. I'm from St. Joseph, but my job allows me to travel to Jefferson City, several times a week. I've become an avid smallie fisherman. I mainly wade the streams in the area (Jeff. City). Occasionally, I use an inflatable kayak to get to more places and deeper water. I love the small stream fishing and maily use an ultra light or my fly rod on occasion. I'm open for any hints or any conversation. ... Creek wader
  10. Welcome Corey. I'm new today, myself. I too am hook on smallies. Being from St. Joe, I have had very few oppertunities to fish for smallies in the past. A year and a half ago, my job changed and I now travel to Jeff. City, several times a week. So, I've taken every available chance to get out and hit the local Ozarks streams. Mainly wade fishing. Recently, I've purchased an inflatable kayak, which has opened up more fishing oppertunities for me. I too will be picking your brains for any tibits of info for smallies. God fishing. ... Creek wader
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