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  1. That's a classic for sure.... Here's another; A rather nicely dressed gentleman walks into a bar. He asks the bartender "What is the most expensive liquor you have, and how much is it?" The bartender responds, "A 200 yr. old Irish Whiskey. It sells for $50 a shot." The gentleman tells the bartender he'll have 7 shots, all at once. The bartender happily obliges, and pours out 7 shots. The man proceeds to drink all 7, rather quickly. Couriously, the bartender asks, " Why would you drink such an expensive liqour all at once, and not savor the taste." The man replies, You would too, if you have what I have." The bartender asks, "And what do you have?" The man replies, "A dollar."
  2. Just want to wish you good luck Cricket. It's a nasty smelly habit. It's going to kill me. I don't like the stale smoke smell, and bad breath. Burn holes everywhere. And as mentioned before the expense is ridiculous. I'll be working on something outside or fishing with a cig hanging out of my mouth. Smoke in my eyes. etc. Probably the worse thing is. The only thing I litter, is a butt. I feel guilty. Sometimes, I'll field dress it and put it im my pocket, so it can smell like an ash tray, too. People (family) have been getting on me lately for smoking. My company has a no smoking policy. I don't smoke in the house. So I'm outside in minus zero wind chills, just to burn one. Sometimes when I'm smoke around nonsmokers, I feel like a degenerate for smoking. I've smoked for 32 yrs., except for a 4 yr. break. I really thought I had kicked it. Until one day, a coworker fired one up. It smelled gooood, so I bummed one. It was strong and tasted bad. Funny thing, less than a month later I was back to a pack a day. Keep us posted on your progress. If it works for you, I'll give it a shot.
  3. Welcome to the site. .... GBR .... wader
  4. The ponds and lakes have been froze over since early Dec. It's been below freezing every day since, except yesterday. Below zero every night, since Christmas. I haven't been on the ice, yet. But, I'd say it's got to be 6 plus inches, unless it's spring fed.
  5. Nice one. All the ice fishing posts are giving me the fever. It's been years since we've had ice this good. What were you using for bait?
  6. Nice catch, Joe. Looks like you hit a farm pond. I used to ice fish a lot, back in the day. This is the best ice we've had in years. Were you using wax worms?
  7. First, let me say that I have nothing against legal gigging, myself. We used to gig rough fish when I was in high school. It was fun. But, we waded the small rivers in Nebr. We didn't use a jet boat. I think that gives a gigger or a fisherman a little unfair advantage. but that argument is for a different day. Anyway, on the Ozark streams that I fish, it would be hard to get a jet boat upstream very far. So, the gigging problem is lessened. Although, gigging does take place on these streams. Something that Al mentions several times, is jet boats. I know it'll never happen. But, probably, the best way to lessen the "bad" effects of gigging. Would be to ban jet boats on certain rivers. I know, it would be impossible to enforce and it wouldn't totally stop illegal gigging of game fish. But, it would minimized some of the pressure on the winterizing game fish. At the least, it would make a gigger work a little harder to get to those spots. It might be a slight deterrent. The only way that this would work very well, would be to ban jet boats year around. Of course, I don't have a jet boat so, I'd be for this. They could try to ban jet boats on certain rivers during the winter months. I know they would still be used but, probably not as rampant. My personal opinion is, if your going to use an ancient and effective "art" or "means". to take game. Then it should be a 100% ancient process. Just like my opinion on muzzle loading. But, that is for another thread and another day. I know banning jet boats will never happen. ... just a thought. ....wader
  8. I guess when you make enough noise, someone will hear you. My hat off to you, Lilly. You've done a swell job with this website. Kudos to Al, too. He's a great advocate for the anglers. Also, all you guys out there that have been beating these threads to death. Maybe, the MDC will use some of the anglers' input. Job well done. ...wader
  9. "If you've fished this stream for several years or more, has that ratio changed during that time?" Al, I over looked this question on my earlier reply. Yes it seems like on all the streams that I fish the spots catch ratio to smallies, have increased. I wouldn't say by a large margin, but, I have noticed that I'm catching more now than in the past. We had talked about this in past posts. The spots have breached several low water crossings and have entered new sections upstream. This is especially noticeable in the past three years. I think this is in direct correlation to the heavy rains, high water, and flooding, the last several years. On the same note. I have also caught white bass many miles upstream on the small streams, too. I think this is just a natural occurance. .. wader
  10. Al, these are just rough my "guestimates". In my 5 yrs. experience fishing the Lower Osage and it's tributaries. Also, the N. Moreau and S. Moreau. The Lower Osage River: ... from Bagnell dam to the lock n' dam above Hwy. 63. : Spotted 60%, Largemouth 30%, Smallmouth 10%. Maries River: Spotted 15%, Largemouth 35%, Smallmouth 50%. Big Tavern Creek: Spotted 10%, Largemouth 40%, Smallmouth 50%. S. Moreau: From it's confluence with the N. Moreau upstream: Spotted 40%, Largemouth 40%, Smallmouth 20%. N. Moreau: From it's confluence with the S. Moreau upstream: Spotted 60%, Largemouth 40%. (No smallies caught) Notes: Al. These are figures are taken from my catches only. No other data used. My lure selection, techniques, and methods, may skew the species %. Also, These %, doesn't include any spot/smallie hybrids. Which I have caught on all the above mentioned streams. The hybrids are especially common on the Osage and N. Moreau. I averaged the % on the Maries and Tavern Creek. It seems that the % of smallies increase and the % of spots decrease, the further upstream you travel. The opposite is true the further downstream you go. The largemouth % seems to stay level. Al, I hope this helps. ..... wader
  11. 10 yrs. 9 mos. left., and counting down. I'll have 42 yrs. in. If all goes according to plan.
  12. Well, I'm with the competition (UP). 30 plus years and still going. It's had it's ups and downs. But, I'm very thankful for the job. Even though they called my at 6 am (Christmas morn.) to go to work. I joined the crowd and told them I was sick. Actually, I've got a 4 foot drift stretching 20 ft. out from my garage. Ain't going to scoop that today. Wind gusts up to 40 mph. So, I'm not planning on going any where today. I've talked to Chief about the RR before. I need to get down there so I can fish and RR with him.
  13. KCRriverRat, "Wader... you got a state or government job keeping you on those honeyholes?", No, I'm a RR engineer. My run is from KC to Jeff and back several times a week. I lay over in Jeff. from 10 to 20 hrs. depending. So, I make the most of it.
  14. We got over 8" of snow on top of 1/2" of sleet on top of 1/4" of ice, and it's still snowing. Sustained winds at 28 mph with gusts of 40 mph. I've got a 4' plus drift outside my garage doors, that extend out over 20'. No place to go with the snow. Current wind chills now at 15 degees below zero. I hate winter. ..Merry X-Mas from St. Joseph, Mo.
  15. I've been reading posts on several of the threads about smallie regs. Since most of you guys have a clearer understanding about smallies and what would be best for future smallie management than I. I figured I'd just keep reading the posts and I'd stay out of it. .. But, one thing that Al stated, caught my eye. "On the lower Gasconade, Meramec below Meramec Caverns, all of Big River and all of the Bourbeuse, complete protection of smallmouth, and no limits on spotted bass. On the rest of the streams within the Meramec and Gasconade river systems, no limits on spotted bass." I'd like to see the Lower Osage and it's tribs. included in that. If nothing else. Just no limits on spotted bass on the Lower Osage and it's tribs. I almost exclusively fish the Lower Osage and it's trib's. I feel that I might have a small insight into the smallie situation, on these streams. I exclusively catch and release, and would like to see everyone do this. I am a realist and understand as long as people obey the laws, it's thier right to keep the smallies. But, as I've stated many times over and over, I would like to see the regs. on the spots lessened. Most spots run 12"<. So, legaly, I can not keep any. The sole reason that I would keep the spots, would be to help control the population. that's my 2 cents, ....wader
  16. Can't tell ya all, how much I enjoy reading everyone's opinions, on smallies. We got our 2nd big snow of the year(6">), last week, up here. It's been below zero several times, already. The winter trout lake is all froze up. I've got cabin fever and winter hasn't officially began yet. You guys keep hashing out the same old debates. But, It's fine with me. It gives me something to read and it keeps me thinking of smallie fishing. .... Chief, I've got to get down there and experience that over population of smallies.... lol... It's got to be better than the opposite. ...wader
  17. license fee ? I've never bought a fishing license. ... Just joking. ... But, that's a big problem. I've been fishing with countless people over the years, who did not have a fishing license. They were usually the people that fished once or twice a year. Some had said they had never bought a license. I have to agree with most. If the money received from the increased fee, went directly to enforcement. Then yes, I'm for it. Unfortunately, when the government or a government program gets involved there is much waste and misdirected funds. Case in point, the federal bank bailout and stimulus money. Who didn't see that one coming? I knew it would be misappropriated before they even passed it. If there were a guarantee that the money would go to more officers in the field, enforcing laws. Well, I'd vote to increase license fees. But, there are no guarantees in life.
  18. I love these kind of debates. I'm going to put a couple of different slants on it: Very interesting replies. Such a wide range of views. Fly rod purists to bait fisherman. Kinda like a bow hunter and a high power rifle hunter, debating. When I hunted, I used a muzzle loader. An old style one, with round balls. Not these new fangled rifled things. I always thought it was much more of a challenge to be able to get a deer within 10 or 15 yards., in the timber, to me. Rather than picking one off at 200 yards, with a scope. But, I wasn't judging that person with a high power. It may be "apples to oranges" to compare, that way. .... Anyway, say one of you is out deer hunting. Along comes that state record buck. Do you shoot it and end it's life forever? Or do you grab you camera and snap a pic of it? ... Hmmm.. You could say "at least I'm going to eat him." Then again. You just killed the biggest deer, with the nicest rack in the state. For what? Deer burger? Na, that doesn't fly. ..You kill the deer so you can ride around with him in your truck showing him off. Getting your pic taken in the local paper and your name in the record books. Either way, I much doubt if that big ol' state record trout would of lived much longer, after that fight. As long as he was legal catching it. Let the guy enjoy his fame and luck. Just my slant. .... wader
  19. Chief, With out you ratting out your trout hot spot. What stream in your area has trout?
  20. Nice. Congrats on your first and 2nd wild trout, little Chief.
  21. Keep it simple. How about calling it "trizkid".
  22. Interesting fly. I like it. Kind or a spinoff of a Y2K, with a longer tail and some flash, then again it's not. Since it catches fish. You need to give it some cool name. ... wader
  23. Lilly, Please accept my apology for lashing out at you like that. I was in awe that you'd be against the Urban program. I misunderstood. .... wader
  24. My point exactly. It doesn't generate millions of dollars, but, the program doesn't cost much, and provides outdoor entertainment and enjoyment for many people. That's what it is good for.
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