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  1. I'm not sure whether I should get into this discussion or not. A lot of strong minded opinions going on here. But, what the heck. I just want to attempt to answer the original question. The one asked before the debate got a little off base. "What good are they anyhow?" What kind of question is that, anyway? By asking that question. I can tell that Lilly is dead set against the Urban trout program. Or he would of never asked a thing like that. I didn't care for the tone of the question. Also, you wouldn't have asked such a thing if you didn't want to ruffle some feathers. Evidently, you must of never been to one. Not everyone has a "world class" tout fishery in their backyard. We aren't as lucky as you. Not everyone has one of the four trout parks, or a trout stream stocked by the MDC within driving distance (a few hours) of their home. Opening day of urban trout fishing, the banks of several urban lakes, that I've been to, are lined with people. Such as retired people, families, guys like myself and others. Many people fishing with fly rods. Now that the weather has gotten colder and the fish have gotten wiser or sore lipped. They are very wily and hard to catch, creating a challenge. Most of the people still fishing for them are people fly fishing, like myself. There are some very serious fisherman there. I'm very impressed watching them. Most tie their own flies, like myself. Who get great satisfaction out of catching a trout on something we made ourselves. A few years ago, I would of never used my fly rod at a trout park in front of the experienced fly fisherman. Because I was so embarrassed with my casting ability. However, experienced fly fisherman at these urban lakes have helped me immensely. Now I have some confidence in my ability to cast a fly. Also, I encountered an 8 yr. old boy one day fishing with night crawlers, during the C&R season. He was using a very wore out, poor casting Zebco. I politely talked to the boy and worked on his reel. I pointed out the rules and regs. and why they were installed. I found a Rapala floating minnow in his box. By the time his non fishing wise father showed up. The boy had caught several trout and was very hooked on fishing. If you could of seen his face. You would know why this program is worth it. I had an older, distinguished, experienced fisherman come over and compliment me, on working with the boy. I saw a little of myself in the boy. It felt good to help him out. I think this is an excellent program. As far as money spent on it. It can't be that much. Not in the grand scheme of things. Some government programs that are good for the public don't always have to generate a big profit. Sometimes, they are just good to have. I think that question that you asked was a very pompous question and I'm surprised that you of all people would ask such a thing. It sounded to me that only Taneycomo, and people that fish it, are the only serious trout fishermen. And the rest of us aren't good enough to have the opportunity to fish for trout. What's the difference between the MDC putting trout in some of the streams. They are all hatchery raised trout. After all this is Missouri, not some Montana trout stream. Trout are not native here. They had to be stocked here to begin with. I personally am not a big fan of trout fishing. But a fan of all fishing, I prefer "wild" smallie fishing. But, I am having fun at the urban trout lakes.
  2. Al, will you please take me fishing with you. .... lol. ...that's a good day fishing there. ... wader
  3. I tend to agree with Al, on that one. Then again, I've found that the crosses can vary quite a bit. Lately, I've developed a bit of an interest in crosses. I've caught quite a few crosses. At least I think they were. I've caught some that I've said "what the heck is this thing". Either way it's a nice fish. Here's a few that I caught this summer. All three were caught in the about a 1/2 mile stretch. The first two, I believe are crosses. .. They both had the rough tounge patch. I thinking I should name them "Moreau bass". The 2nd is definately a spot. I threw that in for comparison. I am going to make it a point to take more pics of the crosses and the ones that I'm not sure about, and let you guys figure it out. ..... wader
  4. As promised here's a blast from the past. All me. It's not so much as what I'm holding more like what's holding the fish. These two were from early spring this year. ... Really showing my age, now...... wader
  5. We floated it about 6 or 7 yrs. ago, there hadn't been much rain but, the stream had plenty of water for floating. If you want to cover much water, that is the way to go. I can't remember any portage's. Only problem is, there are no shuttle services. We did our own. ... good luck ... wader
  6. I've got some doozies. Just give me a few days to dig em out and get em scanned. ... I'd like to see some of Al, about 30 yrs. ago. .....Wader
  7. That's a great pic "Wrench." ..Far out. ... I think a better experiment or whatever you want to call it. Would be all of us posting old pics like Wrench did. Just to see how we looked back then. Looking proud holding those fish. Maybe a "then" and "now" pics. I think I can dig up a few back when I had hair and it wasn't gray. But, it'd be pretty hard to top Wrench's pic. You were one cooool dude. back then.
  8. Yea, marking the paddle would be a good idea, or marking the side of the kayak. I tried using the stick-on tape that the MDC gives out. It doesn't work on an inflatable. Also, I've marked my rods over the years. Since, I mainly wade fish and I travel light. Caring a tape or marking a rod is the best for me. I was just giving him other ideas in case he didn't have a tape on him. On more thing on the weight of the fish. I have two crappie mounted. 17 1/2" and 16 1/2". Both were caught in the same small quarry. They were caught 2 yrs. and 2 days apart. in the dog days of summer. Neither one broke the 2 lb. mark. They were huge crappie for Nebr. but, were paper thin. Also, I've noticed that most smallie fisherman give the length not the weight.
  9. It's a nice fish. Since you landed him, and got a pic of him. That is good enough in my book. I wouldn't worry about it's weight. A lot of people put too much stock in the weight of a fish. ...I quit judging fish by weight. To most novice fisherman, a bass bigger than the average fish caught that day, always seems to be a 5 Lb.er. Must be a lot of 5 lb. bass out there. Many fisherman get hung up on the weight. I usually measure my fish. A bass over 18" is a good fish, and one over 20" is a nice fish. Anything over 22" is a hog. If I don't have a tape on me. I use a stick and try to break it to the size of the fish. Or mark it with a knife and measure it later. If no stick is available than, I measure it with my rod and measure the rod later. Or, I just tell everybody that I caught a 5 lb bass, ... lol
  10. I'd rather catch a wild smallie than a trout, that's stocked in a trout park, anyway. Especially one that size. Nice catch.
  11. No bass at all, at least I didn't see any listed. Ark. should be good for catfishing, though.
  12. creek wader


    here's some better pics. It was kinda nasty, couldn't tell where the sky met the ground. Yuck.... Most of it has melted, still some in the shady spots, I guess nature is warning me to finish up everything outside, and get ready for winter. My puppy enjoyed it, though.
  13. I've been doing some winter trout fishing at Mckay Park, in Jeff. Like Cricket, I find it tough to lay down my spinning rod. But, I'm fighting through it and have been mainly using my fly rod. Fortunately, most fisherman love to teach novices like myself. Or rather like to tell us what were doing wrong. Fortunately, I found one that also, tells me what I'm doing right. Like with a little kid, a little encouragement goes far. I'm getting much better on my casts and though my fly tying leaves much to be admired. I've been catching a few dumb or near sighted trout on my own flies. I caught an 18" bow, off of my spinning rod (I know, it's cheating), using my go to bait (small rapala), then the 16"bow off my fly rod, using some kind of mutant fly that I tied, myself. ..also, have caught quite a few smaller bows' off a variety of lures and flies. I realize that this is urban trout fishing, but, the trout seem to get more finicky, every time I go. First few weeks the trout were fairly easy, now even the seasoned fly fishermen are getting skunked. So, it's become more of a challenge....also, caught a 11.5" crappie and several 9.5"crappie, and some bluegill off the fly rod...... I've started to gain some confidence with the fly rod, and having some fun at it too, hope I can get a little better and use it more in the spring, for smallies ...... wader
  14. creek wader


    You southern boys are lucky. I was shoveling snow yesterday (11-16). Over 4", with a strong north wind. These are taken with my cell phone. I have better pics. I'll post tomorrow, just to show you how lucky you are.
  15. Chief, I remember you posted a pic of an eagles's nest earlier this year. ..On my run between KC and Jeff. There is a new nest about two weeks old. There had been two birds on it all week. So, I took my camera, today. Only one bird on it. There are 3 known nest on our run. The new one is about 50 yards. from the rail. Took first three pics (of the nest) from my train doing about 25 mph. Took the 4th pic from the train doing 48mph. Kinda surprised me that it wasn't blurred. The bird was a good 150 yards out. ... The 5th pic was through the windshield, and was doing about 30mph it's of a juvenile. Notice his leg hanging, must be an injured bird.Seen several more that I didn't get pics of.
  16. Eric, ..."but I know what it's like to obsess over a stupid jig." .. I gotta agree with you there. I also, have a habit of that. Also, on the color. I've caught smallies on all sorts of colors that you never see in a stream (unless it's some trash). I just thought that I'd try to make one as close as I can to the original specimen. Since they see it everyday.... I'll experiment with a few and see what I come up with. ...Thanks... wader
  17. Eric, The brown color that you used, is what I usually tie with, also. The retailers kind of push that brown color on us. I've never seen a crawdad that color. I think I'll try olive and use the magic marker. I guess it'll work? ... I once had some twister tails that were the close to the color of the craw in the pic. (worked well). Haven't been able to find any since. I always thought about putting horizontal lines on it with a magic marker or paint. .. The dark lines always catch my eye. Thought maybe it'd help trigger a finicky fish.. or not.
  18. Eric and others, I like what your tying and all. I even tie my crayfish in the same colors as you guys. But, in the streams that I fish, this is what every crayfish looks like. (Golden crayfish). The black (dark) stripes really stand out, and catch your eye. I'm going to try to match it in color and markings as closely as I can. I might borrow your jig design. .... I'm a novice at tying. ...Sooooo... If someone out there is looking for something to tie..... Try to tie me one.
  19. Z, Sounds like you did well. Nothing wrong with 12" smallies on a fly rod. Or a spinning rod for that matter. Your more than welcome to divulge the stream names and locations, if you wish. In fact, that was the going trend. That was why I came to this site. For info and help. Members were trying to help fellow members out. That way others wouldn't waste their time driving hours to a a place that was slow fishing. .. Anyway, a few members that were fishing the same small streams as me, thought I was inviting too much pressure on the fragile little streams. So, out of respect, I started posting "other Ozark streams", to protect those waters. Now, it seems to be the "new" trend. Welcome to the site and good luck ... wader (also, we like pics)
  20. My reply may have been a bit confusing. But, I agree high brass 6 shot. The way to go. Crocker Boy, where abouts you going in NW Mo?
  21. I grew up hunting pheasant in Nebraska. I always used 7 1/2 shot for the first round, in the chamber, followed up by 6 or 4 shot, in the magazine. Not for the reason mentioned above but, because you have more pellets for when the bird first flushes. ( the bird is close and you have a tight pattern, so more pellets helps). ... Then, if you have to take another shot at the bird, you got bigger pellets for the 2nd shot, when the bird is further out. ...But, if I was only using one size shot it'd be 6 shot. ... 5 shot is a great size, but not as common note: I also used 6 shot because, if you jumped some quail, it wouldn't tear em' up like 4 shot. Now quail is quite rare, so I don't shoot em' anymore
  22. Nice video, I always drift down in my yak from upstream. ... One thing about the Lower Osage. If your not catching anything. Just cast to the banks and you can catch Kentucky's all day long. Doesn't matter what you throw at em'. Their there. They've never let me down. Usually get one or two keepers and plenty of shorts.
  23. I'm the same way Chief. Store bought was my last, also. Before that was crappie and white bass in early March. Before that was crappie, at least 10 yrs. ago. ..and I love to eat fish.
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