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  1. Eric, Don't take the bait. Chief is fishing again. Don't encourage him.
  2. I use to get by with 3 rods in a canoe. 1) 1/8 oz. leadhead w/ 3" twister tail (old reliable) 2) 3" Yum dinger or a 5 " senko ("go to" lure) 3) either a 3" or 4" rapala, or a wee craw. (produces when others don't) But, thanks to Al and others. Now I need two more rods. 4) top water, preferably a 4" WTD lure (had a blast with that this year) 5) 3/16 oz. spinnerbait with a 3" trailer (had very good luck with it, this year) I don't need any more suggestions. I don't have any more room. ...lol ...wader
  3. C'mon Chief, Don't get it started again. ... lol Wacky, I'm jealous. You've done several floats, lately. I haven't made it out for a month. .. The weather got crappy, then the rivers went out of their banks, and now my back is out. I'm just hoping my back gets better in time, to do some winter trout fishing.
  4. I'm all for having fun outdoors, just have some respect. Common sense goes a long ways.
  5. I know where your coming from CrappieMagnet. It can get frustrating. My patience is something that I'm working on. It's easy to get stressed out. This forum is a good place to vent, because we've all been there and done it. I've been at the boat ramps when people take up both lanes. I usually go by myself, so, I get over as far as I can to allow more boats on the ramp. Seems like when I'm running late to work, I get behind a school bus, or a tractor. Hit every red light or follow an elderly person on a slow drive. Whoever coined the phrase : patience is a virture, was right. Oh
  6. Wow, 7 acres is a nice size pond. $$$$ You might be ok with crappie in that. I wouldn't put crappie in pond less than 5 acres.
  7. Chief, I play that game often. I love a challenge.
  8. Speaking of knots, here's a easy one to tie. I've never seen it before. If it has a name, i'm not sure what it is. I don't have any idea of it's knot strenght but, it seems to work fine.
  9. I'd run to Wal-Mart. For around $25, you can get some hip waders. Chest waders aren't much more. They'd last you a couple yrs., or longer if you don't use them much. .. I just bought a pair of hip waders, just so I can get in and out of my yak without getting wet. Hate wearing chest waders, unless I'm actually wading.
  10. Like I said earlier. The davy is a good knot for small hook on mono. I was just letting people know that it didn't work on braid. I saw that fish n' fool knot before. I never tried it. I think I'll give it a shot. ... Thanks guys.
  11. I was down at your place last summer. I know right where that pic is. It's a amazing how much rain the entire state of Missouri got yesterday. Flooding is rampant everywhere.
  12. Sounds fishy to me. I learned a long time ago, never to believe everything you read on the internet. I'd have to see the so called "recently published administration document", to see what the heck it's all about. Rather than someone's (in this case a CEO) bias slant on it. Also, I'd have to have more info, before I'd post something with a headline like "Your President At Work". . That sounds more political than fishing, like this forum suppose to be about.
  13. Yea, that's when I usually use it. When my fingers are too cold to tie another knot and the wind is blowing cold, while trout fishing. .. The Davy is a simple, easy, and (usually) a strong knot. When I tied the one that I lost the bass on. I was in a kayak in high wind trying to tie the knot and keep the kayak in place so, I tied the davy knot, since it was simple. ... I thought that maybe I must of tied it wrong, when it gave way. Then when I tried it at home after watching the video, I put two and two together. I was just letting people know that it doesn't work on braid, at least f
  14. WARNING!!!! The Davy knot will not work with braided line. (At least 10 lb./ 2 lb. Spiderwire). I've used the Davy knot for the past 20 yrs. or so, alternating between the Palomar Knot and the Davy. The Davy is easy to tie and doesn't leave as big a knot, so I've used it for trout, (on mono). I've even taught some people how to tie it. Never again. ...The Davy works fine for mono, but will slip through every time on the braided. For the past 30 min., I replayed the video numerous times and looked at still pics and instrustions online, on how to tie the Davy knot. I used the 10/2 lb. spid
  15. I've never noticed the white spot on the gill plate till you guys pointed it out. I went through about 50 pics or better of smallies, that I took this summer. All had the white spot on the gill plate. Also, all the Kentucky's and goggle-eye had this. But, none of the largemouth had it. ...wader
  16. Just a guess, ... Down on the Elk, near Big Rock?
  17. Bob, The Osage and it's tribs, and the Moreau and it's tribs. are full of them, in thier lower sections. I was excited when I caught the first one several yrs. ago, till I found them to be fairly common. I'm suprised that you haven't caught any on the Gasconade in your area. Do you catch any spotted bass on it, where you fish
  18. Jim, Welcome to the site. ... Don't worry about FishinCricket, he's harmless. ...Well ...we think, anyway.
  19. Al, I agree, the hybrids are pretty fish, but don't get very big in the local streams. Most have the smallie colors with the red eyes. Some may have rows of spots, but all have the rough tongue patch. Very few have a distinct lateral line. But, I guess, you've seen your share of them. I've caught quite a few in the local streams around Jeff, especially in this stream. Also, in the southern states I've seen pics of red-eye bass and green bass, I wonder if there is any connection. RSBreth, I stand corrected. The spinnerbait was a Strike King, Red-eye special, 3/16 oz. Eric1978, I grew up
  20. Bob, just read your bio. I know your area, well. we did a canoe trip from Vienna down to Paydown a few years ago. Stayed at a BB on the Paydown rd. Anyway, I fish in the Jeff area quite a bit. I've stayed off the Gasconade so far. It's a bit of a drive (I'm limited on time) and the stream looks too big to wade. So, I'd have to use the yak. Without a shuttle, the yak would be limited on range. (have to paddle back to put-in point). .. How's the smallie fishing on the Gasconade in that area? It looks wide and slow to me. That's the impression I got when we canoed it, but it was in late Ju
  21. The spinnerbait is a Booyah Pond Magic, I think 3/16, not sure on the size. I've been seeing the little grubs/worms on the fish in this stream. This stream is a muddier slower stream. I think that has a little to do with it. Although, I have seen a few of those ugly little parasites on some fish in the clearer streams. Bad thing about the spots is I usually only catch one keeper size a trip, the rest are dinks. Yea, that kind of sucked about my rod. Ironic thing is, it's the pole that I lost in a different stream (last month) then snagged it a few days later. I guess it wasn't me
  22. Fished a boarder Ozark stream yesterday. It has the characteristics of both a northern and an Ozark stream. I'm still in search of smallies on this stream. I've caught spotted/smallie hybrids, but no true smallies, yet. I put in at a slab crossing. It looked better down stream but, upstream had a long slow pool, that I thought I'd hit first. Turned out, that I never made it downstream. I'll save that for next time. The stream was up a little and murky from the recent rain. Anyway, I put my yak in and headed up. I covered both sides of the pool for a good 1/4 mile, throwing a spinnerbait
  23. I tried to move this debate to a different post, it didn't work. So, I changed the title. ..... lol .... There ya go boys, have at it. ... Meanwhile, I'm going fish'n ... wader
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