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  1. carrying a gun will only invite trouble, i wouldn't take the chance ... just my 2 cents worth
  2. Bob, Glad you had a good time. It's a shame it rained. It hasn't rained for quite sometime. It figures. Thanks for giving us a follow up. ... wader
  3. I've been fishing farm ponds for over 40 yrs. I couldn't even begin to count them all. Also, I've owned several ponds and stocked them myself. I know where your coming from as far as wanting crappie. I've seen many farm ponds ruined with crappie. But, I thought I was smarter then the other owners. I only put 10 crappie in each of my ponds. They grew rapidly to over 12". I released all that I caught for the first 3 yrs. ... And at 5 years, I wound up with a pond full of very skinny 6" - 8" crappie. I could catch one every cast at anytime, on any day. I started "feeding the coons", (pitching the crappie over the dam). it didn't do any good. Both my ponds were pretty good bass ponds before. Personally I'd leave the crappie in the reservoirs and larger lakes. Don't make the same mistake that I did. ... Just my experience, though. Sometimes you just got to find out for yourself. Keep us posted. ... Good luck. ...wader
  4. With that said, let's put this thread to rest. And everybody go fish'n. ....wader
  5. Did he catch the walleye in the dam trailrace or further downstream?
  6. My final thought on the spot/smallie controversy. ... Most of us responding to this topic are stream smallie enthusiasts. Bottom line. ... We are out to catch smallies not spots. An occasional spot here and there is ok but, we want more (a lot more) smallies to spots. Both spots and smallies spawn at the same time, under the same conditions. So they mix. That's just the natural coarse of nature. Most smallie fans are raciest, we don't want spots in our neighborhood and we don't want them to mix species. ... Also, the spots average size runs small. .... In the Osage river basin the spot numbers are increasing and the ratio of spots to smallies is changing in the favor of the spots. On one stream that I fish, I haven't caught a true smallie, yet. But, I've caught crosses. So, I know that there is a at least a small population of smallies. On the other hand, I catch multitudes of spots. I would keep and eat them but, most are under legal length. (The regs. need to be changed on those streams, also.) .. I don't hate spots, I don't hate any fish. I just want to catch smallies. Just my take on it. ... ... wader
  7. Hey, Thanks. I appreciate that. I'm getting older but, it's better than the alternative. lol. ...wader
  8. Max we talked earlier. Just want to officially welcome you to the site.
  9. Wow! All this hoopla, because I posted a pic of a spotted bass, on another post. (because, I caught him on a "wtd') ..... I could really stir up a hornets nest, if I gave my opinion on the trout and trout parks. ... Aaaa.... I won't go there, I'll save it for a day when I'm feeling ornery. lol
  10. I recently tried to move this discussion to "General Bass Fishing Discussions"/ "Kentucky Spotted Bass". The original message of this post, here, didn't have anything to do with spots. But, like the idiot that I am. I opened another can of worms, by posting a pic of a spot. I guess it really doesn't matter where you discuss this topic. Everyone has an opinion on it and will find a place to express it. Maybe some day we'll get this spot "controversy" ironed out. ...lol .... wader
  11. Never have fished Stockton. Heard it was a good walleye and smallie lake. Love to try it some day. But, I still can't bring myself to keeping a smallie. Even in an impoundment. .. keep the reports coming. Your getting me interested. ... wader
  12. As I stated in the other post. ... If the MDC would do away with the minimum length limit on spots in the Osage and it's trib's. (where I usually fish). .. Then I would keep them and fry em up. But, I usually don't catch very many keeper spots, ( 12>). So, I not going to drag one 12> spot around with me for hrs., while wade fishing. Do away with the length and possession limit on the spots on all Ozark streams, and the meat eaters might be able to keep the population in check. I think it's too late to reduce the population. But, this would open a can of worms. Because those that can't identify a spot or those that don't care, will be keeping all bass. I'm sure there would be some abuse. because there already is, with the current regs. in place. ... wader
  13. I started a post under "other Ozark streams". My intention of the original post was to state that I would stop spilling my guts and divulging the access locations, of the streams that I fished. I didn't want to bring undue fishing pressure on these streams, for the sake of others that fished them. I think we have got that worked out. Anyway, because I posted a pic of a "spot". The post turned into a spotted bass discussion. Seems everyone has an opinion of these very adaptable, resilient, hard fighting , usually small, bass. The point of original post wasn't intended to be on "spots". So, I thought I'd take it upon myself to move the discussion to a new post. So, if anyone would like to chime in on the age old spotted bass controversy, this would be a good place to do it. Maybe all to be said has been said. But, I doubt it. Thanks ... wader
  14. Hit a Ozark stream for a few hours today. I noticed that most of you have been using baitcasters with braided line. I mostly use a spinning outfit. So, I dug out my old shimano baitcaster, the other day. Went to Wal-mart and p/u a new 5'6" medium action rod, 20lb./6lb. spiderwire, and some hardnose swimbaits(on sale). I've always had problems with a baitcaster. It didn't change. I had my slim dog on a spinning reel and got a blowup on the first cast, even before I got the yak in the water. I missed him though. Anyway, my intention was to use the baitcaster with the slim dog. Nope, didn't happen. After 20 frustrating casts and a birds nest, I gave up on it. I adjusted everything I could , to no avail. I gave up and broke the pole down and threw it into the bottom of the yak. I put the slim dog back on the spinning rod and my lucky spinnerbait on a back up pole, a zebco 33 w/ factory line. 1st mistake. I caught several little largemouth on the spinnerbait then a stout 12" largemouth. He took the drag pretty good, so, I tightened it up. ..Mistake #2... You know what's coming. I then had a series of 6 blow ups on 6 casts on the slim dog but, missed them all. .. Soooo... I grabbed the zebco with "lucky" on it. I named the spinnerbait "Lucky" because I bought it a month ago and caught quite a few nice fish on it. I hung it in 20 plus trees and snagged on I don't know how many rocks and stumps, but always got it back. The 3" yum dinger I was using as a trailer was pretty beat up, so I put on a new one. the first cast was to a log in a foot of water. I got a huge hit. He came up near the surface and right at the yak. I cranked up the slack and he went past the starboard and around the bow. I kept my rod tip up and cranked him to the boat. I got a real good look as he went past the port and went aft. (that's all the nautical terms I know). He was a hog of a largemouth. 20 plus inch. , a good 5 lb'er. Anyway. he was behind me and going under the yak. The pole was doubled over. I reached for the net. Mistake #3.He gave it one more hard nose dive and ...snap. Broke the line. I had a polamar knot but, cheap line/tight drag/ and under the boat. Not a good combo. I had new and heavy line on both the other poles. ..Live and learn. I gave up on the zebco and went back to the bait caster. As I was tying on one of the hardnose swim baits, I heard a huge splash behind me. As I turned around, I saw the big hog come out of the water again. He was shaking his head wildly and there was "ol lucky", in the side his mouth. So, I got a very good 2nd look at him. He was definitely, the big fish in this pool. The 2nd cast with the hardnose swimbait, I caught a very nice fat 16" largemouth. I then changed to a 5" senko and caught a 13" smallie. That was it, for the day, I had to head out. I hated to lose '"lucky" but, if I was going to lose it. I rather lose it to a hog like that, than to a tree or rock. ...lol ... wader last pic of "lucky" and 12" bass .............. ............. nice fat 16 incher .................... the only smallie of the day 13"
  15. Wish I had my bass boat down here in Jeff. But, unfortunately, I'm stuck shore fishing. ...Rats, hate missing out on that. Love the white bite.
  16. Al, You always make a good point. I haven't eaten a bass in years. But, if the conservation dept. would take the length limit, as well as the possession limit off of spots in the Osage river,and it's trib.'s. I would do my part. In my experience of fishing the Osage and it's tribs., the past 5 yrs., this is what I've found. I catch spots 10 to 1 to largemouth in the Osage. And it's at least 20 to 1 spots to smallies. The problem is most of the spots run under the legal length of 12". I've caught "sport" spots darn near every cast, in the past on the Osage. It's like catching gills in a farm pond. The N. fork of the Moreau is chock full of spots and has a good population of largemouth. But I've never caught a smallie on it yet. But, I'm working on it. On the S. fork of the Moreau, it's 50/50 spots to smallies, with a decent pop. of largemouth. The Lower Tavern and the Lower Maries has a large population of spots, at least 50/50 to smallies., and a decent pop. of largemouth. On the upper sections the smallies are still holding their ground (er... their water). My guess is it's 5 to 1 smallies to spots, for now, anyway. Also, a decent pop.of largemouth. These numbers may not be accurate but, it's what I've experienced. If the Consv. dept. would legally make it worth my while, I'd pick off quite a few of the little spots and fry em up. But, if I only catch one keeper (12">), a trip. I'm not going to mess with dragging him around with me all day, while I'm wading. .... wader Classic Osage spot
  17. Yes I threw that spot back. I let everything all go. I like to leave the stream as I've found it. As far as Spot's go... that's another subject that's been beaten to death on other posts. I'll stay out of that one. ...Wader
  18. Recently, another member pointed out to me, that I've been divulging too much info. He messaged me, asking that I not give out the locations, as he also, fished the same streams. He pointed out that these were small streams and he didn't want to see them get too much pressure. I agree. He also, asked that I not be offended. I told him that no offense was taken. He was nice about it. I went back through my recent posts and saw that not only did I mention the names of the streams, but some nearby town's names, also. The messenger was right. I apologize to him and any others that fish the same streams. I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag. These are small, pristine, fragile ecosystems. I thoroughly enjoy my time on them and would hate to see them ruined forever. The locals do enough damage with the 4-wheelers and trashing up the streams with cans, tires, litter, etc. Also, the local farmers use their front end loaders on the gravel bars. The local "bait" fisherman keep everything they catch, including undersized fish. The smallies are taking it from all sides and they don't need me ratting out their hideouts. I do not have these Ozark streams where I live. So, every chance I get to fish them, I do. I am very thankful and appreciative of the opportunities that I get to enjoy these streams. I hope that I have not left the gate open for too many people, to apply too much pressure on these streams. If I did, I am truly sorry. I've learned to trust the others on this forum and I hope they don't let me down. Fisherman like to relate their stories and I went overboard. So from now on. I'll make my posts as "other Ozark stream". I'll be a little vague on describing the stream but, will be still be specific on other parts of the post. Anyway I decided to give the usual streams a rest and went on a scouting trip on a different "other Ozark stream". I found 3 good accesses. One is wadable, one I would need the yak, the other the yak would be beneficial. At the first spot I looked at , I threw the slim dog and on the 2nd cast I caught a 12" Kentucky. I didn't get any other hits, though. This stream is a marginal/border Ozark stream. It has the characteristics of a both a northern stream and an Ozark stream. I think I will catch more largemouth and Kentuckys than smallies. But, it's the thrill of the hunt and being surprised by the unknown. So, I think I'll fish this stream for a while. I'll give more reports as time goes by. ..... wader
  19. Well, I'm very new at this "WTD" tech niche. I'm still learning. To start with I have no rhythm (can't dance to the beat). I also, can't walk and chew gum at the same time. That being said. My retrieves have been very erratic. No two retrieves the same. But, what I have found out a faster retrieve is better. The fish go crazy and the blow ups are a hoot. So, while I'm learning, the fish are making it fun for me. I think I'm going to give the fish in the Maries a rest, for the year. There's another river close by, that I haven't fished this year. I think I'll work the "WTD" on it. I'll let you know how I do ... ...wader
  20. I use a pump that I plug into my cigarette lighter, I also, have a foot pump. From the time I get my bag out of the vehicle to being on the water is about 5 min. It takes no time at all. Takes more time, to tie on the lures. Note; As far as holes go. The good inflatables are tough. In 4 yrs. I only put two holes in it. Both at the same time. I didn't do it on the water. But dragging my bag across the parking lot at work. It put several holes in the bag and two in the deflated yak. Right where the yak was folded. It was from friction not puncture. My own stupid lazy fault, not the yaks. Should of carried the bag. My inflatable is tough. I drag it over gravel bars. Use treble hooks in it. Run into rootwads, trees, logs, rocks, etc. Still, I will eventually by a solid one. Someday. ....wader
  21. Thanks Andy. The weather has been great. I've been sacrificing sleep to fish. I remember last winter regretting all the nice days last summer and fall that I spent sleeping. So, I'm trying to get in as much fishing as possible. Sleep is overrated. ...lol Yea, if you look at one of the last pics on the original post. I caught a largemouth on a baby fluke. I need to get some super flukes, yet. ...wader
  22. "too big and ugly for stream smallies" , that's exactly what I thought. But, you can tell by the pics, that even the smaller ones are slamming it. I will be the first to admit. That I thought it would of been a waste of time. I always thought you had to finesse the smallies in clear water, like trout. I was wrong. ... I'll listen to someone's advice, and then try it for myself. I've also done well on spinnerbaits for smallies. I always thought they were to big for a stream bass but, I'm catching them on it also. I still carry the soft plastics for certain situations, though. Good luck ....wader Here's a few stream fish on spinnerbaits in the last couple of trips out:
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