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  1. Fished Sunday all day I too tried the deep bite with a swimmer, but after 2.5 hours with 2 bites I headed shallow. Caught a dozen on a spinner with 5 keepers, one at 6 lb on my scale. Caught all of them out of bushes running it right over the top. And watching everyone one of them eat it. I will tell you this whether it was the ticket or not, but I was throwing a 3/4 oz. With a huge willow on it. Threw a couple other different kinds and sizes but that was the one they would just clobber. Threw a copper blade. WT 55- 57. Sorry about the pic best I could do.
  2. Fishrman

    SK 3/21

    Thanks sprint. Glad Cooper got his first jerkbait fish. I just love that bait
  3. Fishrman

    SK 3/21

    It was tough for sure. Tried jerk bait and they didn't want it today. Tried a lot of different stuff but just couldn't make it work. My son caught a good one in the back of a creek on a blade late morning. Thought ok maybe is going to happen. Nope, tried several other areas. Went to cranking a RK, caught 5 more all keepers. Best 5 probably around 15.5. Only caught 6 all day.
  4. Great job sprint I'm super happy for you.
  5. Fished a few hours today with my brother. Caught 10 with 4 keeps. Also caught 2 walleyes, both returned to the lake. All fish caught on jerk bait. Threw the a rig had 3 bites on it but they would just push it. All stuff I fished was flat. Jerkbait bite was about a 6 count and the line would take off. Don't know water temp left my graphs at the house. Didn't really need them though to do what I was doing. Cleaner water was better for the jerkbait.
  6. Fished Joe Bass today and team to the dam to start my day. 2 good keepers on first spot. Then it went dry for a spell. Finally caught another keeper in long creek. Caught 2 more for my limit back toward kimberling. Had 7 bites boated 6 of them with 5 being keepers. All came on jerkbait. 25 and change was first when I left big fish was 7.20. My 5 weighed 12.18. I was glad to have them. Good luck when you get to go.
  7. Fishrman

    Old 86

    It was a good time for sure. Tell Becky thank you again.
  8. Fishrman

    Old 86

    Fished today at the knob vaught caught 12 with 5 keeps. Jerk bait. Slime is there it to about 8 feet. Same at 86 over the weekend. Water color is clear above the mouth of kings. Dirty from mouth to pla port. Didn't go below there
  9. Fishrman

    Old 86

    Fished till about 3. Caught 9 with 8 keeps. All on jerk bait and one on ned. Fished flat stuff all day. WT 46 - 48. caught some goof ones but nothing more than 4 lbs.
  10. Sorry I should have told you all that the stuff I was fishing was very flat with wind. Point oriented and the mcstick was better than the MB +1. Main lake as well
  11. Fished with my son today. His first trip in new boat. He loved it. Jerk bait from the start till 1:00. Caught 11 5 keeps. Big fish was a spot that weighed 4lb 3 oz on my scale. WT 47-48.
  12. I have 2 Navionics cards I need to sell. I now have Humminbird, one is of the complete US and one is for our region here. I am asking $250 for both. Just message me on the board. Thank you.
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