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  1. Fishrman

    January 19th. Lake Report

    I will be tomorrow at eagle rock again. Not at daylight though
  2. Fishrman

    Ganns spinnerbaits

    Yes they did brother in law is looking for some
  3. Fishrman

    Ganns spinnerbaits

    Anyone have any they'd like to sell or know where i can still get some. Thanks.
  4. Fishrman

    Eagle rock

    22+ inches long 17.25 girth
  5. Fishrman

    Eagle rock

  6. Fishrman

    Eagle rock

    Fished from 10:30-4:00. Caught around 15 with 4 keepers one weighed 7lb. 2oz. All caught on jerk spro blue bandit. WT was 45.5. Good day for January. Bluff ends and channel swings.
  7. Fishrman


    Gtay color around viola. 47 degree water temp. 49 above jake but muddy. Wouldn't bite to there.. ask bites were viola down
  8. Fishrman


    Fished from daylight to 3:30. Caught 15 with 2 keepers all cranking or slow rolling a spinner.. lots of debris so watch out
  9. Fishrman

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    Several years ago my youngest son caught a tagged fish in king's. I notified mdc and they confirmed it. My son noticed the tag, i was oblivious to it. It was a keeper. Can't remember how many they said were tagged. Anyway we thought it was pretty neat.
  10. Fishrman

    Uncle Josh

    I'm sorry for not posting this sooner, I just got busy and forgot. I have delivered the Uncle Josh to Slothman. He was the first to respond to me. Again, I'm sorry for not getting this out sooner.
  11. Fishrman

    Lead hill

    This will be short. Fished from 8-3 boated 3, 2 keepers all on crank lost 3 others. That was it. WT 47-48. Could not get jerk bait bite or a rig but did not throw a rig a lot. Fished from marina past the ferry.
  12. Fishrman

    Shell Knob

    That is the truth
  13. Fishrman

    Shell Knob

    Met Sprint a little after 9 this morning for a day of cranking and jerking. Just knew we would wreck them, but alas, we did not. Probably caught 15-20 with 5 keepers. Only a handful on crank and the rest on jerk and a rig. All keepers were on jerk or rig. WT 48. If i would have stayed home i would have told myself i should have been fishing they are probably eating. But still a great day with a great friend. Thanks Sprint.
  14. Fishrman

    Uncle Josh

    Thanks but if someone on here wants them they are free.
  15. Fishrman

    Uncle Josh

    When it's been gone long enough they forget about it. I think.😂

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