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  1. Shell knob the last 2 days.
  2. Fished last 2 mornings til about 9:30 starting at daylight. Swimbait mostly with a spook mixed in on schoolers. Caught 12 yesterday with 5 keepers. Caught 21 this morning with 3 keepers. Found some spoon fish today at the mouth of a pocket. Most fish were deep, sitting boat in 45 to 100 ft. Not my strong suit. But right now I can't catch them shallow. Good luck when you get to go.
  3. Went out today from 6-4, thought the swimbait would be the deal but it just didn't happen the way I thought it would. I caught around 20 so im not totally disappointed but I thought it would be as little better. Also thought I could catch them deep cranking but the water needs to come down a little more I think or at least for me it does. Did start catching them this afternoon on 1/2 oz. ball head with magnum finesse worm. 2 keepers is all I mustered today. WT 82 this afternoon. Good luck when you get to go.
  4. Easy call on this one. Bill Babler.
  5. Fished all day caught somewhere around 20 with 4 keepers. All on swim bait. Nothing spectacular but it was a beautiful day. Fished drops and mouth of pockets. WT 78
  6. 6XD for me. 6.85 lb in July with high water like we have now.
  7. Hit the lake before the storm on Thursday morning at baxter. Took shelter pretty quick. After that blew over, started thrusting swim bait on gravel and looking for schoolers. Since I was practicing for the Joe Bass, I didn't want to catch very many on any one spot. Started on gravel and got on one point where I made two cats caught 2 brownies and left. Found done schooling caught 3 keepers out of there. One on spinnerbait, then another on swimbait. After 11, not another bite. My son came down to fish Friday and were fished KC area with same results. Nothing after noon main lake. Up the river was able to get bit in afternoon. Throwing swimbait and crankbaits. Tournament day. Did not get us with the same type of fishing we had been having. No swimbait bite at all for us, finally caught a good black on spook down toward dam. Up the river and caught two more, a 4lb and another good keeper. Lost two others on crank as that is the way it goes. Had a great 3 days on the rock fishing with my son. Good luck when you get out.
  8. Coming to H hwy Thursday. Is the courtesy dock usable. Fishing alone. Thanks for any info.
  9. Had to sit in dock slip this morning for awhile and the fishing before that was not very good. I tried to force feed them a couple things. After the storm cane through I went shallow with a wacky rig and caught them pretty good. Had 9 keepers, all lm but 2, 1 spot and 1 sm. They weren't on every bank. Had to have a little depth.
  10. Fishrman


    3-5 ft on letdowns Bill
  11. Fishrman


    Fished out of SK and my son and I went after crappie. Had 20 keepers with 1 walleye and a white. Great day. Spent last hour spinnerbaits bushes caught 5 with 3 keeps.
  12. That boy can catch em, great job.
  13. Fishrman


    If enough bushes stay in the water I think it could. Need to find some more #7 , willow blades. Hard to find for dinner reason.
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