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  1. Fishrman


    Fished out of viola today caught 10 with 6 keeps all on jerk bait. All on flat stuff. Vision 110+1
  2. My good bag never materialized. Got very tough after that first good one i sent you.
  3. Fished for about 5 hours today caught 5 total 1 keeper. Water temp was 44-45.8. All caught on jerk bait. Spro blue bandit.
  4. Water temp? I imagine it will be very tough
  5. Headed up march 1, is there any ice on the lake?
  6. I have 21 for sale. $6 a piece. N Kerry me know.
  7. Fishrman


    I am placing some arigs for sale on the buy- sell page. PM me if interested.
  8. Thank you I will look at those.
  9. You know i really felt like i had enough wind that the sun didn't matter. Could have been wrong on that. Wind was different direction than previous trip but still had enough ripple i thought. WT was almost the same. Some days are just like that. I don't pretend to be a good jerkbait fisherman but i love to throw it, probably my favorite way to catch em. I haven't even gone to 3 good places in roaring river where i catch them this time of year. Next time i will.
  10. I am looking for some tubes that will take a larger (heavier) head and also a head that has a weed guard. What would any of you suggest.
  11. I'm sure it was the weather, but I go when I can, if it is bearable I go. Working at a school, it is tough other than on breaks. Was thinking about going to Swepco, anyone know or be willing to share so info on it.
  12. No not today had enough wind but they were just a no go
  13. Fished from 11-4 caught 2, one keeper. Both on jerk. Had 2 other bites that just pushed the jerk sideways. WT 45.5-46.
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