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  1. Lol im a little cautious with it right now but at some point it will happen
  2. Thank you. Come by next time you see me
  3. Lots of wind today fished from about 9 to 3. Caught 8 with 4 keepers, all came on spinner and plopper. Caught some out of cedars today, 2 good ones. WT 82
  4. You'd be better off taking them to Truman.
  5. Fished from daylight to 1. Caught around 15 had 7 keepers. All caught on spinner and spook. Couple in the 3 lb range. All largemouth keepers. WT 80. Fished around Baxter area.
  6. Glad I was there to witness it. Great job today.
  7. Yes it is a king's river bite and tends to be better when we're get some high water. Would like to try it in long creek but kings is close so I just stay around here. You know sometimes you can graph them and other times they are on bottom and you just have to start casting to see if they are at home.
  8. Also they really liked specific angles. You had to figure that out at each spot
  9. We were grinding it. After you hit bottom they really liked it stopped and pulled. Similar to the way I fish a wart. Saw plenty of pleasure boats out as well but that's what happens on the 4 th. So for a holiday your can't beat the results. In my opinion.
  10. Flats is where we found them. We were cranking. Not necessarily point oriented either. Just need some slight depth change.
  11. Fished till noon today. Glad I did. Caught too many yo count. Caught all of them on 6xd. Don't know how many keepers but I'd say double digits. Biggest one was a little over 4. I've been waiting on them to get there and they have started. I think more are still coming. Good luck.
  12. Fished last 3 days out of tucker shed we caught more than I can count. Spinnerbaits and swim jigs in long coves and flats. Nothing over 3.5. But caught so many it was nuts. First time I've fished Bull that high. Wish I could have stayed another 3 days. Simply great fishing. You do have to be careful running with all the floaters.
  13. Fishrman

    shell knob

    I believe it was the COPS tournament.
  14. Quill, Think I met you this morning heading that way, did you take the Eagle Rock route to Baxter. I met a Phoenix that I thought was you. Hope you caught them. I was pretty jealous, I was headed to work and you were headed to the best destination I can think of.
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