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  1. Fishrman


    KC to Cow creek
  2. Fishrman


    Well this hasn't happened in a while but it had happened before. Not one fish today i zeroed. Had one on early in ice jig. Only bite I had. The jerk alot, nary a bump. Couldn't believe it.
  3. Fishrman


    I'll just say this end of the lake is kicking my butt. Only fished for about 4 hours today true deep first and I could not find them where I had been the last couple of outings. Tried a few different areas and nothing deep. Picked up the jerkbait, caught 3. Called it a day after that. WT 46.
  4. Fishrman


    Fished for a bit today with my son. Tried deep again. Caught 1 keeper spot and a perch. This deep stuff is not easy and so many lookers gets frustrating. Didn't see a many this time but saw plenty. Just dropped everything I could think of. Not a very good report but it's all I got.
  5. Bill, what pound test and brand are you throwing that RK on. All crank fish i caught at Baxter the other day were on same bank type.
  6. Fished from 8 to 1 strictly to deep fish. Since I'm not good at finding them I went to mill creek and Whites branch. I found fish just here and there and caught 4 with one keeper. I can't count many lookers i had. Very frustrating to see them come up and swim away. Oh well, that's all I got.
  7. Fished from 8 till 3 WT was 49 most everywhere. Went cranking and caught 3 good keeper on it in the wind. Fished from 8 till 3:30. Can't up on some feeding fish on my graph and caught a few on the damaging and spoon. Caught one other on arig. Had 4 keeper total and probably caught 12 . Good day to be out
  8. Thanks Bill I have not fixed yet but need to. It's hard to get away now that I'm living Kimberling-City I love it down here.
  9. That sounds good. Good luck tomorrow. And yes it slowed way down
  10. Fished from 8 till 2 WT was 44-48 depending how far up you went. Caught 8 with 3 keepers all cranking. My son caught all the keepers and most of the 8. Pretty slow for a day I thought would produce s little better. Met Cheesemaster this morning. It was good to talk to you. Good luck when you get to go.
  11. My son came down last night so we could get out today and chase them for awhile. We fished from about 9:30 til 3:00. Caught 12 with 5 keepers. Caught 2 cranking in the back of a creek, both keeper blacks. Did some more cranking with no success. Threw the jerkbait some, no takers. Worked into a different creek and fished a pocket in it, I tied on the dreaded Arig and started throwing up on the top side of the gut of this pocket and slowly reeled it back and caught a keeper spot. From there worked over to a short bluff for more cranking and nothing. Went to another pocket this one was m
  12. Fished from 10-3. Just moved down here this week so my reports will be from this end mostly. WT 53, had 2 bites today. One on jerkbait just pushed it sideways and 3+ smallie on ned. Tried to find a deep bite but I don't know stay I'm doing, found some shad but really nothing with them. I went to creeks looking didn't look main lake babe no idea where to start. Tried cranking like I did at shell knob last week but with little wind didn't happen. Oh well. I'll just keep throwing at them. Good luck when you go.
  13. I'm only guessing but probably Jim Ramsey.
  14. Fished from 9:30-3:30 out of SK. WT was 53 most all day. Started out cranking some flat stuff with no success, then picked up jerkbait and caught a keeper spot and lost another. Moved to another area to look for deep fish, found some shad but nothing with them as far as I could tell but I'm not much of a deep guy. So back to jerkbait and picked up a 17" walleye but no bass. Finally moved to bluffs with RK and started catching. Probably around 20 cranking with 2 more keeper and several fish load up and pull off. Most fish had back hook. Only caught 2 largemouth one was keeper.
  15. Fished from 6-3 yesterday caught a lot of fish, probably 25-30. Only managed 2 keepers. Most fish were caught on spinner, swimbait and wobblehead with finesse worm. Tried deep cranking only caught one short. Lost one good one at the boat on square bill way up kings. All in all good day but what day KGB thr water is bad. Good luck when you get to go.
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