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  1. might post this in the taneycomo or even table rock forum. That's a good ways from white river/bull shoals area for this forum. I bet some taneycomo folks will help you out
  2. scroll down the homepage of the forum, its down toward the bottom.
  3. crested at 1131.20. That has to be close to a record if its not THE record. That's 1.2 feet over top of flood pool.
  4. Nice! Man it was some kind of foggy out there sunday morning wasn't it!!
  5. maybe 2' orso not too bad but it is a little bumpy. Luckily our lake doesn't have enough wide open area to let the waves build up too big, only does that in a few places. I've only seen it get real hairy a handful of times and Saturday wasn't one of them. just have to be careful and be smart.
  6. just out of curiosity, who is your guide??? Lots of good ones on the river. Might also help us give you info since many of us know some of the guides
  7. sfiser

    Lake Level

    They are just prepping, they need the lakes a little lower than normal just in case we get a big rain event. With the flooding issues on the Mississippi, the white river lakes will have to hold back water if we do get a big rain so they are making sure we have storage capacity if needed
  8. Zona is a super smart guy (far from an idiot as some claim he is) and was one heck of a tournament fisherman up north, whether you can stand his personality or not is up to you but the guy is one heck of a stick. Even KVD has said Zona has taught him more about smallmouth then he ever would have learned on his own and KVD is a smallmouth master. I have heard Jimmy Houston talk a few times and he always mentions an alert chemical that bass give off once they are caught that alerts the school that there is danger. If you do some googling there's plenty of info on it. Makes sense
  9. feeding marks from carp maybe? They can dredge up a flat in no time looking for food.
  10. and then the rains came. Probably going to be generation at both lakes for a few weeks. Looks like both are into flood pool.
  11. 17+ won and 6.4 was big bass. I think it took 13 to get in the money. Some good fish weighed in.
  12. unless we get a ton of rain, they wont be generating the entire time (most likely) you are here. You can even wade safely on generation in the right places (the fly shops in the area will happily point those out). Norfork rarely generates 24/7, you will probably have at least 1/2 day of wade water on that tailwater almost daily.... unless we get a really huge flooding rain, you should have wadeable water somewhere and don't fret if the white is generating at a low level, you can still wade fish it safely in lots of areas.
  13. the new ramp at wildcat was much needed. They did a great job at both access points, glad they made improvements.
  14. I had Supreme Boats in Mountain Home order me one for my trout boat. Its got an adjustable seat post on it and a U shaped padded casting brace. Fits into a normal seat base, you can also turn it around and lean against it kinda like a butt seat.
  15. its plenty of power. I know Chris and Rob at Supreme outfit that boat with the same motor all the time. I bet if you call the factory they can get you a pretty good idea of what speeds they are seeing with that boat/motor setup. There are a couple guides that run that L60 and merc 60/40 jet combo on the white as well, since time is money to those guys I bet that motor pushes it pretty good.
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