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  1. Wolfe has a good fiberglass guy, I would recommend them.
  2. Here is a great link from the corps. When lakes are falling it shows the forecast empty date (for beaver is march 20). when they are on the rise that turns into the forecasted crest date. http://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/reports/remote/lakfcst.htm
  3. the corps forecasted schedule online says they are trying to get it back to normal pool by 3/20. Its said that for the last few weeks so I was wondering when the water dump was coming and I guess they decided to start over the weekend.
  4. I remember that as well. Jimmy was hammering them on a spinner bait and then Came the dreaded blue bird sky and dead calm winds and it just wouldn’t work. Still had a nice finish though.
  5. Thank you Bill. I will call up there today and ask if he is open for the day I can go.
  6. We are having a work retreat at Big Cedar for 3 days the first week of May and they are giving us a $300 credit to used on an activity(fishing trip, spa, golf, etc) and I am going to use mine on a guided trip on table rock. Can anyone recommend a good guide for me to ask for that works out of Big Cedar when I call to book the trip? I went on a trip with Mr. Babbler on the rock several years ago and he was great (I didn’t book this through big cedar), hoping for a similar experience this time around. Either way it’s an almost free guided trip so I can’t really go wrong and I’m getting paid since I’m “technically” at a work retreat.
  7. sfiser

    Spawning Coves

    i live on that end of the lake and fish it often. Those fish spawn almost anywhere, backs of coves at the base of stumps, on ledge rock, bluff walls. I think that water is so variable up there (lake can go from fairly clear to muddy and high in less than 24 hours on that end) that those fish just go wherever they can get a spot when the time is right. There are definately places they prefer but I've seen them spawn in some strange places on that end. With the lower end when the water comes up at least it stays pretty clear so it doesn't mess up the spawning as much and light can still penetrate the water down to their nest and help incubate those eggs... on that river end when it goes to chocolate milk overnight and you get some pretty good current flow, i bet that can mess up a percentage of the spawning nests.
  8. rps, how difficult is that shoal you have marked to navigate in a boat? anything to really look out for running from housemans to beaver in a boat?
  9. sfiser

    Spawning Coves

    any cove/pocket with some gravel or mixed rock will have lots of spawning fish in it. Fords creek, rambo, moulder, honey creek, indian creek and all the pockets off that arm, same with both clifty creeks... all hold lots of spawning fish
  10. lots of good VRBO homes and lodges. Cranors Lodge is a great place on the river to stay and guides can pick you up right at the lodge, its roughly 10 river miles below the dam. Just my opinion but Gastons is getting a bit dated, their restaurant is still good but the rooms need a refresh. Just avoid major holidays as it brings out the crowds. Great fishing 12 months a year so theres not really a time not to come and a time to specifically target. Everything depends on water flow from the dam and that's what drives the fishing. Big fish love the higher flows although your numbers of fish will go down, on lower flows you will have big numbers but might not have as good a quality.
  11. it is a good fly fishing spot at low flows (which there is NO guarantee you will get with as much rain as we have gotten). If there is no water running, round house shoal in cotter is another good place to try and also Ackerman access over at Norfork has access to some of the best wading water in Arkansas. BUT like said above, if they are running water you will need a boat and even better a boat with a fly guide in it.
  12. Yes, you will pay the daily entrance fee to a corps park. I think it’s like 4 or 5 bucks
  13. Also a good point. There has to be a happy medium but I don’t think a bass boat with a 150 or a jet ski (yep I’ve seen jet skis on the white) have a place on that river running full tilt. At some point there will be an accident and something will have to be done. I don’t like kayaks on the river with 8 units running and fog all over the river but I see them out there all the time..... just seems like eventually someone is going to get hurt or killed due to lack of common sense and that’s when we will see some sort of restriction put in place. I think the canoes and kayaks are equally as dangerous as the speed boats but for different reasons, I’ve rescued multiple kayakers who have gotten swamped in big water and we’re clinging to trees or floating down the middle of the river.
  14. i am for all for one, like max 60hp. I don't know if you have ever been out there on a weekend when its packed but its dangerous the way some folks fly up and down that river. When the restrictions are for the good of the river (wakes are already erroding some of the banks) and safety they are needed. Its only a matter of time before a kayaker or boater gets hit and killed b someone running way to fast in the fog. Also the new fishing restrictions on the white have really improved our brown trout fishing and bigger rainbows are showing up more regularly, so not all restrictions are bad
  15. this was brought up at one of the AGFC trout meetings a few years back but nothing was ever put in place. I could see them coming out with some sort of restriction from bull shoals dam to maybe the mouth of the buffalo or something like that. I had a guy fly past me at probably 45 mph in a bassboat above cotter this summer (when the water was high) and that seemed insanely dangerous with canoes and kayaks also on the river. I think we may at some point see a HP restriction, I know several guides who are lobbying for one also.
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