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  1. the new ramp at wildcat was much needed. They did a great job at both access points, glad they made improvements.
  2. sfiser

    Swamped - almost

    I had Supreme Boats in Mountain Home order me one for my trout boat. Its got an adjustable seat post on it and a U shaped padded casting brace. Fits into a normal seat base, you can also turn it around and lean against it kinda like a butt seat.
  3. sfiser

    Supreme Boats

    its plenty of power. I know Chris and Rob at Supreme outfit that boat with the same motor all the time. I bet if you call the factory they can get you a pretty good idea of what speeds they are seeing with that boat/motor setup. There are a couple guides that run that L60 and merc 60/40 jet combo on the white as well, since time is money to those guys I bet that motor pushes it pretty good.
  4. sfiser

    Best River Jon

    it does push it well and gets up on step quickly. I'm very happy with the setup and the speed. Supreme builds a great boat!
  5. sfiser

    Southwest power generation schedule

    thanks netboy, I will start paying attention to that and look at the times the water is supposed to rise. I don't wade fish much anymore so I prefer to take my boat out on the higher flows and trying to catch a couple good ones. Just never been a fan of fishing that low water for some reason. Good summer for all you wade guys though, lots of low water after a couple years of almost no low water.
  6. anyone have any info why the southwest power generation schedule for the next day isn't lining up with what actually happens? The swpa schedule has been wrong each day for the past 2 weeks, didn't know if it had something to do with the new boat ramps they are building and the corps is overruling the power schedule or if someone just doesn't know what they are doing at swpa. makes it tough to plan your trip when you think the water will do one thing and it does the opposite.
  7. sfiser

    Best River Jon

    Supreme 207XP with a 60/40 jet. Best river boat there is and I've owned 2 topwaters and this boat blows them away. Theres a reason the majority of the fly guides ( I can think of at least 7 fly guides that run this boat). Call Rob or Chris over at Supreme and have them get you some info. I live in Fayetteville, if you are anywhere near here and want to take a ride in one or look at one, I would be happy to meet up with you and you can crawl around in mine and we can go for a spin on the lake.
  8. sfiser

    looking for a marina slip

    I kept mine at prarie creek. They weren't the cheapest but they were the best. On site security at night was worth the piece of mind to me. Also had the nicest slips when I was looking. Make sure you buy a lift for your boat. Letting it sit in the water 24/7 will just deteriorate the hull like crazy.
  9. sfiser

    Table Rock is gonna rise quick.

    Beaver is releasing around 11,400 CFS (1 generator releasing 3,800 and then 7,600 CFS from flood gates). I will link the corp webpage below that has the chart on it. Beaver is still rising so we may see a bump in the flood releases at some point today http://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/data/tabular/htm/beaver.htm
  10. sfiser

    Yesterday and today, Indian Creek area.

    thank you sir!
  11. sfiser

    Yesterday and today, Indian Creek area.

    what is the jighead you are throwing those on and is that the 3.8 keitech or the 2.3?
  12. sfiser

    bull shoals water temps

    I think you heard wrong. When the water temp in the lake drops, it can create a shad kill and the shad get sucked through the turbines and you can have some of the best fishing of the year. The trout will bite great all winter long, water temp really doesn't matter.
  13. sfiser

    Polar Bear

    Polar Bear is cancelled due to extreme cold. Everett team trail posted it on their site
  14. sfiser

    Yet Another Boat Question

    those bigger boats draft more water than the river boats so there are places they wont be able to run on certain water levels. The aluminum boats don't bounce off the rocks like the glass river boats do. They tend to bend instead of scrape and that can cause the rivets to leak over time. It will work on the river but isn't as ideal as a river boat. There has also been a horsepower maximum for the river kicked around at the AGFC meetings recently. Its coming, just don't know when so I would be leary of going above the 60/40 merc jet. I have a supreme 207xp with a 60/40 jet and I bass fish out of it on Beaver and Table rock frequently... is it ideal, no but it does just fine as long as its not blowing 20+. I have a foot control trolling motor and a casting deck up front. Was out on the lake Saturday with it.
  15. sfiser

    Hopper flow

    anything over 2 units is money. Bigger the flows, bigger the bug you use.

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