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  1. Ah the old released fish trick at PB2. The Jason Christie technique.
  2. Hey all, what is the clarity looking like in the Aunt's Creek area this week? I saw the outflows dropped quite a bit with the lake level coming down steadily, curious to see how the upper arms are clearing out.
  3. Big thanks to the guys from Lilley's for the rigging guidance this year. Our annual trip was a huge success, great weather, and excellent fishing for the most part for all. Finally decided to try power worm and the micro jigs under a float and had a blast. Fished from fall creek down to Lilley's dock on Friday and found good numbers of rainbows on the pink worm/100th oz jighead below a float in a few 100-200 foot stretches. First time we've been down with little to no water, so had to adjust to the conditions. Saturday loaded up and tried up the lake in the morning, pretty slow. Ran down to Monkey island and ran into them again on the pink worm. My father in law and I caught fish all afternoon, high skies, 70 degrees and no water running and great fishing. Good numbers and good quality. First trip in 5 years with no browns at all though, usually we stumble into at least one or two! Changed it up Sunday and ran over to Table Rock and searched out some smallies and spots. Great weekend!
  4. Correct meant to say too heavy. Confirmed my thoughts though, thanks.
  5. Definitely a favorite color choice. Can you go 1/16 on a float if straight tied is slow? I figured that may be too light.
  6. Yeah I need to grab some float rigs this year and commit to it. Thanks for the info, see you all this weekend.
  7. We're a spin fishing group in boats that is usually on jigs and spoons if they're really active. With slow water I need to force myself to try a small jig under float, just have always had pretty good luck this time of year on straight tied 1/16 and 3/32. With this 35mw, which is less than one unit I believe, (correct?) Is the upper lake accessible (safely)? Im thinking no, but wasn't sure how the flat below trophy run was this year.
  8. Headed down with my annual group next weekend (looking like we picked the right one between this and next) anyone been out drift fishing lately? Looks like a steady unit or so of water which is a little different than we normally see, lately been the moving water weeks but nothing on the weekend. Hoping for some precip this week so it keeps flowing.
  9. They definitely smacked them for the most part, lots of nice fish. I fished all that week on vacation and somehow don't remember doing that well, surprise surprise. :/ In fact I don't recall being able to buy a topwater bite that week. I think I need a new hobby.
  10. Ah I got it I thought they were isolated in the arms of the lake they started in.
  11. Man could have sworn Christie was by the PB2 dock. Thanks.
  12. Only caught the tail end, not at home to see the recorded version, where were they in round 1?
  13. Hoping by the first weekend of March we avoid any major rains and the lakes can settle a bit and get your clear water back. Still will be interesting if 70k CFS has changed the bottom again at the creek mouths or moved some timber around where it may be lurking to snag a prop.
  14. I swear by Berkeley Vanish clear floro at Taneycomo. Even in the normal clear conditions i've always had better luck than those in my group who are mono guys. The floro sinks better with the ultra light jigs I throw when there is little or no generation. Used to be terrified of the idea of 2# but landed a nice 23" rainbow a few years back on it. Stuff is incredibly strong for what it is. Not a huge fan of Vanish as it gets up above 10# bass fishing, but the small stuff is great for me personally.
  15. If the bottom contours have changed as much as they did in 2011, i'm sure some folks will probably "see the bottom" with their props over the next few weekends of fishing! Might just have to chart where repairs originated and you'll get a good idea of where > 1.5 feet is.
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