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  1. Would have to disagree with you about the Tablerock spots. Tablerock has a large populations of spots over 15in. A big difference between say Stockton and Tablerock is the forage. The crayfish on Tablerock are a totally different than Stockton as well as Tablerock has threadfin shad as well as gizzards. Stockton only has gizzards. Some lakes tend to grow certain species of fish bigger than others. In Stockton many of the spots don’t live to make it over 15in. However, in Tablerock they catch 3+ lb K’s fairly regularly. I’ve personally had one right at 5lbs. Several of the guides in t
  2. Can you still put in there? Was thinking about coming up to bass fish on Monday. Either put in at Warsaw or Larry Gale. What’s the water quality like. I figured they would be eating with the water running. Deep bite, shallow? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I think they do a great job, Lake is plum full of fish! Tablerock is a lake where you can go out and just flat catch the fire out of fish most times of the year.
  4. Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate the info. Trying to decide on Osage vs the nianguas. I figured the nianguas would be warmer than the Osage. What usually is warmer, the big or little niangua arm?
  5. If you are fishing a tournament that allows you to throw it, especially this time of year then you better be throwing it or you can expect to get beat with it. That being said I am not a fan of it, I just don’t enjoy throwing it all day. I really don’t know why, I’ve won some money with it and it is a fish catcher but I’m glad the circuits that I fish don’t allow it. Hats off to everyone who did well fishing this weekend. In the hands of someone who is really good, the a-rig is deadly, just no denying that. It’s fun seeing those big bags come in, just wish I could do it with a jerkbait an
  6. Headed to bass fish on Friday. Wondering what temps and water conditions were like up the nianguas and Osage. Appreciate it.
  7. I throw mine on copolymer line. Neutrally buoyant, still has some stretch but is really tough. I use yo-Zuri hybrid. Also, I take my electronic meat thermometer and fill up the kitchen sink and ice it down until I get the water temp to wherever the lake is round about and then tune my jerkbaits with suspend dots or use a larger hook. I like mine to sit head up and sink slowly. Almost all of them rise slowly right out of the package.
  8. There are a few that die but gizzard Shad are pretty hearty and don’t die off like the threadfins do. Pomme doesn’t have any threadfin Shad nor does Stockton. Table rock has a big population though and they experience a significant kill when it gets really cold.
  9. I think Stockton has fished a little tougher this year with the high water. I believe that the baitfish presence has scattered the fish a little and caused a lot of them to suspend. That being said the wallet fishing is awesome and there are still 20+lb bags being weighed regularly. Also I read where people talked about the number of big bass deteriorating in lake of the Ozarks. I'm blown away by the weights that lake has cranked out this year. 30lb bag!!!!! Every tournament mid 20lb bag to even have a chance. That lake is loaded, flat loaded with 3-5lbers. We are lucky to live in an
  10. It really depends what you are throwing on the wobble head. Smaller profile baits like a finesse worm or senko/speedcraw ect I'll throw like a 5/16 for the time of year you are talking about and fish probably being in that 15-25ft range I usually drag those like a C-rig or FB jig. However when I throw the full size biffle bug or brush hog I throw a 7/8 or 1oz, I usually reel these really slow along the bottom more like a crankbait. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  11. Fish are in the bushes, they have been really shallow for me. 1-3ft of water between the bank and first bushes. I have been flipping braid. Big black and blue jig or GP jig where the water is clear. Using a full size beaver for a trailer. Need a big profile bait. Good luck.
  12. Go to the factory and let them take you on a tour. Watch how triton, stratos and Ranger are built side by side. There is a difference. I think boats are like cars these days. Everyone makes a great boat. That being said there are differences that any fisherman can see when they step into a boat. I don't think very many people when being honest step into a ranger boat and say, "Wow, this really is a piece of junk!" I see a lot of old rangers out there on the water and they seem pretty solid. Just my humble opinion.
  13. ryan


    Walleye try to spawn, however they cannot sustain the population because the number that successfully spawn is very small. 99% of the walleye you catch were stocked. Some walleye will spawn on the main lake and some will spawn in the rivers. They don't stay on the beds like bass so they need current to keep the silt of their eggs since the males don't stay there and fan the beds.
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