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  1. Fishing Reports Jan 3, 2006 Got on the water at 2:00 PM and jetted up above Fall Creek for the afternoon and evening. Water was low with no generation. But the weather was good (in the 50's) with a slight breeze out of the South. We caught several rainbows using white or brown marabou jigs. We missed several good strikes but the action was good for the afternoon. These trout were nothing to brag about (all under 15 inches) but catching and releasing them was a lot of fun. They sure can put on a good fight especially when you hear that drag sing to you. Toward the evening, we used some rapalas (length 3 or 4 inches) working the banks. We caught a few browns and landed two 17 inch browns before sundown. It was a nice catch and release day. When we got back to Lilley's, several people were catching rainbows by the dock using baits and artificial, and I saw one nice 18 inch rainbow caught near the fish cleaning station. Jan 4, 2006 Got on the water at 7:30 AM and jetted up to Fall Creek. Great morning and it was already 41 degrees. We saw several turkeys along the water before we got to Short Creek. There was some flow but not much. Today, we wanted to keep a few rainbows for our dinner. We started trolling down using marabou jigs and catching a few rainbows, mostly what a I call stocker size. I missed several strikes while we floated down to Short Creek. I was surprised that there were very few boats on the water today. About 8:30, we went just below Fall Creek and started trolling down using powerbait and corn with a small weight about 16-18 inches above the hook. Just keeping it bouncing off the bottom. We must have caught and released 30 rainbows under 12 inches between Fall Creek and Short Creek. I still disappointed with size of the trout since the limit change. I would rather catch a few bigger trout than a lot of small ones. These rainbows had great color, some were light in color but a few were real dark. We only keep three rainbows during that drift which they were about 15 inches. We saw a red fox along the bluff which paid no attention to us. About 9:30, we decided to anchor along the rocky bluff side and try our luck in one spot. At first, we caught and released several small rainbows then the action slowed down with wind picking up. We went back to Lilley's for lunch and waited for late afternoon fishing. We decided to go up just above Lilley's where the river bends to the right. We fished the rocky bank along the bluff and saw two beautiful bald eagles sitting high above us. It was shading and cool there but the rainbows were hitting. As we trolled down, the wind was getting stronger out of the North. I caught another rainbow around 14 inches and decided to keep it for dinner. It was another great day, not many people on the water, and the high of 63 degrees today. Jan 5, 2006 Got a late start this morning after watching the Rose Bowl last night. Got on the water about 8:30 and decided to go back where anchored the day before. We saw 5 big gobblers just below Lilley's along the bank. Very little flow this morning but several boats on the water today and many going above Fall Creek. We tried several types/colors of jigs and baits but only catching typical small rainbows. Just about every time a boat would go by then we would get a strike. By 9:30, the wind was blowing hard and making the water ripple. Our line was swaying in the wind and we couldn't keep the boat from moving around. We decided to troll again from Fall Creek to Lilley's. Fishing was slower than it had been the day before. Still catching a few rainbows along the way but the wind was getting colder and stronger. I decided to float along the tree/brush bank below Short Creek. I caught one nice rainbow and few other small ones before we got to Lilley's. I think January and February are the good months to fish for trout and especially with the weather we are having now. I hope 2006 is great year on Taney for big trout. I plan to be back in late January or early February. I hope fishing will be as good as this trip.
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