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  1. siusaluki

    i need help

  2. siusaluki

    Steamboat springs Colorado

    Thanks fellers, appreciate the info.
  3. siusaluki

    Steamboat springs Colorado

    I've got my old standby's ready to go, but have never fished out west. I have caught fish on my wooly bugger variants in Ireland, France, the NE USA and all over the midwest so I am sure it will work out there. I would think in a tailwater there should be some good midge/scud fishing as well.
  4. Looks like I will be in the steamboat area for a fly fishing and skiing trip in March. I am really interested in fishing the Yampa below stagecoach resevoir. I've done some research and have a good feel for the area, but wanted to see if anyone had any good intel for me. I've got to get tying for the trip before my free time will be spent floating and fishing.
  5. siusaluki


    I bought a pair of the tailwater model last fall. NO Leaks. They seem really tough. They've been through briars and thorns and long wades and have no issues. So far they have held up better than any waders I have ever owned (orvis, cabelas, hodgeman).
  6. I'll throw my expertise into this. Until I moved to Purdue a few weeks ago, I managed a research facility containing 90 ponds and a 6.5 acre reservoir for over nine years. These ponds were small (~1/10 of an acre) and separated by levees that are about 4 feet above the water line which was controlled by a standpipe and the levees separating the ponds are barely wide enough to get a 3/4 ton truck down. These ponds were filled by pumping water from the reservoir and after use they were then drained back into the reservoir. When filling the ponds, a 5 micron sock screen filtered the water entering the ponds to capture fish larvae, insect larvae etc. to ensure that ponds were free of fish before stocking, and so that we control the phytoplankton and zooplankton communities for optimal fry survival. Most years there we at least 10-15 ponds that were not being used, so I would fill them and and allow duckweed to grow to help waterfowl. As you can imagine, during the fall and spring the place was absolutely loaded with birds. These ponds were fishless, but surrounded by ponds containing golden shiners, bluegills, redears, crappie, catfish, bass, carp, and anything else being used for research from yellow perch to muskies. When these ponds drain, they drain through a screened cage to prevent contamination of the water storage reservoir below and the fish were collected and disposed of. Being that these ponds were so close to each other and the incredible amounts of waterfowl that the area held, then if waterfowl move fish eggs they were certain to get into one of the ponds less then 40 feet away right? There wasn't a single time that those ponds had fish transferred into them. The only time that these ponds would ever get fish in them was if I left the inlet sock screen off, and every single one of those ponds would end up with bluegills, crappies, and bass by being pumped up from the water storage reservoir. I had heard a lot of folklore about birds carrying fish eggs on their feet to new areas, or muskrats intentionally moving fish to new areas, but never saw it happen and there isn't an easier place for it to happen. Some of these ponds sat fishless for 5 years! So in my experience, birds do not crap out viable fish eggs...
  7. siusaluki

    White Bass Size limit

    Hybrid stripers and pure striped bass are stocked every other year in LOZ and Truman....and it doesn't matter where they stock them as they are constantly moving and will travel throughout the entire system. Where do you think the hybrids in the osage came from? I've caught freeze branded hybrid stripers stocked by Iowa DNR stocked near the quad cities 60 miles up a tributary in southern IL. Those hybrids were over 400 miles from where they were stocked. Just because they haven't been stocked in a part of the lake doesn't mean they aren't there. Heck, I caught hybrids out of the gravois arm when I lived on LOZ... The are two different crosses of hybrid stripers based on the which parental species is used, they grow at different rates and take on characteristics of the parental species. There is always variation when fish are hybridized, and they don't all come out looking the same. Even males and females look different... Sunshine bass--Female white bass crossed with a male striped bass. These tend to take on characteristics of a white bass rather than a striper. These grow well until they are 3-4 years old, then growth tends to slow down. They don't typically get bigger than 8-10 lbs or so, but many won't get that large. They have a shorter lifespan than palmetto bass. They tend to almost have a yellowish tint to them like a white bass. Palmetto bass--Female striped bass crossed with a male white bass. These tend to take on characteristics of a striped bass and grow larger than the sunshine bass. These are the hybrids that get over 20lbs and have a longer lifespan than sunshine bass. I think they prefer colder water temperatures as well. These fish have an iridescent blue coloration similar to stripers. Where have the white bass gone??? Populations of white bass are known to have fluctuations based on environmental factors like water levels, prey availability, temperature fluctuations during spawning, etc... Maybe LOZ is in a downswing in the white bass population, maybe the introduction of hybrids and stripers is causing competition with white bass and has reduced the population. Hybrids are still fish with reproductive organs and instincts and they will try to spawn. That doesn't mean that it is successful. There have been numerous studies looking at the potential for hybrids back crossing with the parental species but none have shown that it is occurring. Why introduce hybrid stripers?? Have you caught one? Then you know why. They are one of the best fighting fish there is. They can be both extremely difficult to catch or at times downright easy. They can't reproduce so the populations can be easily controlled, the mouth gape on a hybrid is relatively small so there isn't a fear of them really hurting adult gamefish, they target pelagic prey like gizzard shad which need a top level predator to control them. What good can come from it? When I am down at the lake in April I know I can catch a few whites, hybrids, and stripers near that big spring dumping in to the lake on the Niangua arm.
  8. siusaluki

    Smallmouth of the North Country

  9. siusaluki

    Smallmouth of the North Country

    It really is amazing the difference between the mindset of anglers when you head north. I moved out of southern Illinois a couple of months ago to Indiana. The river bass here are virtually untouched when compared to Missouri and Arkansas. Everyone seems to be catfishing or walleye fishing and nearly everyone stops fishing around memorial day. The rivers here were horribly polluted back in the 70's so the catch and keep pressure on the rivers is very low and couple that with a 12-15 inch slot limit and you've got some quality fishing. Small streams (think jump across the riffle areas) are LOADED with 12-17" fish. The bigger rivers have way more 18"+ smallmouth than you could imagine, and on some of these the habitat is poor compared to every ozark river. I've yet to have a bad trip up here, and had a 85 fish day in September that included a single double with a 20.5" and 17.5" on the same lure and nearly every smallmouth was over 15". I have yet to see more than two other anglers on any of the floats that I have done.
  10. siusaluki

    White Bass Size limit

    Looks like you may have learned some things from a fisheries biologist at some point....but your findings are based solely on conjecture and aren't accurate. There is lots of variation and hybrids tend to have characteristics of one or both parental species. Those are the "mutts" you are seeing. I have actually spent a good deal of time (over 9 years) spawning whites, hybrids (both crosses), and stripers. We had a student who was interested in the ability of the hybrids to backcross with the parental species to see if it would be successful. We spawned both male and female hybrids with male and female whites, hybrids and stripers. There was some successful fertilization for male hybrids with both parental species, but it was extremely limited (0.5% of all eggs hatched). Hybrid X hybrid crosses were never successful. These were being held in ideal conditions where we typically get over 80% hatch rate. The fry from the hybrid x white or hybrid x striper that did hatch did not survive longer than a couple of days, while all other fry did great. I really doubt that there is any genetic exchange between hybrids and whites/stripers in the wild. IF you were arguing that whites and pure stripers naturally reproduce in the wild, that is another story and I believe there may be some very limited successful reproduction occurring in the major river systems of the midwest.
  11. siusaluki

    Tent Mattress

    What are you paddling? Canoes can carry a lot, kayaks very little. I highly recommend cots. I buy my tents with a footprint to fit two cots inside, and all of my gear will fit underneath the cots. I have used inflatable mattresses, sleeping pads, hammocks, etc. and prefer a cot over everything else.
  12. siusaluki

    B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    It's too bad I can't use an ignore function on carp in the river like I can on mocarp on this forum.
  13. That is typical behavior for bass in any lake that has gizzard shad, threadfin shad, alewives, or any other schooling preyfish.....Just because you've been fishing the banks your whole life doesn't mean they weren't out there before.
  14. siusaluki

    Best brown float?

    The water from the falls to James bridge has always produced best for me on browns.
  15. siusaluki


    try vertical jigging a 2.5-4 inch gulp minnow with a VMC mooneye jighead on this spot on a spot locations. Seems to be better than the jigging raps for me in the summer in my lakes. http://www.rapala.com/vmc/jigs/walleye-jigs/nme-neon-moon-eye-jig/NME+Neon+Moon+Eye+Jig.html https://www.fishusa.com/product/Berkley-Gulp-3-and-4-Minnow

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