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  1. Deeper water has more pressure. Gas particles compress when exposed to high pressure. So, the gas contained within the air bladder expands as the pressure decreases as the fish is brought to the surface which expands the gas bladder. Some fish can expel the air quickly, others cannot. Salt/freshwater does not make a difference.
  2. My lowe 170 is riveted and not welded. It is a 1988 though, so the 2011 could be welded.
  3. I know some great smallmouth lakes up there. Spent a day or two fishing for big crappies, LMB, and pickerel on a state park lake too. Shoot me a PM if you want details.
  4. I fished big diamond lake way back in 2007 when I was visiting a buddy living in New Hampshire. We fished that lake for most of the day. That guy was there launching his boat when we arrived and was having trouble getting his motor started. He told us that he thought there were a few lake trout in the lake bigger than the state record! He even gave us a couple spoons to try out. He couldn't get his motor started and row trolled for at least 4 hours while we fished for brookies, lake trout and smallies. New Hampshire has some incredible fishing opportunities if you ever get the chance to fish there.
  5. I use the BG series. They run around $75-100 and are as good as I'll ever need. The tatula and ballistic are likely good comparisons though.
  6. I am fully in the Daiwa camp now. Great spinning and baitcast reels, even the ones in the 50-75 dollar range. No binding issues and flawless performance. I used one of the newer Pflueger presidents last year and wasn't all that impressed with it so I moved on to Daiwa.
  7. There's some great water at sunburst, upstream and downstream. I caught a 26" brown trout there one cold November morning a few years ago. There are some trails at Patrick bridge and Blair bridge park as well. Other than that, access is extremely limited. You could also pay a fee to access the river at River of life farm. I'd rent a canoe and float and hit the best spots. It's a finicky river, but can be spectacular when it's on and downright difficult when it's not.
  8. Fish will vary in weight throughout the year. They never get shorter. If it was caught in late april/May, it would weigh considerably less after spawning. The fact that he caught a 22.5" is just as impressive as the weight to me. Northern strain smallmouth never seem to get much longer than 23" from what I have seen, and most of the 8 and 9 lbers from the great lakes fish are 22-23" grouper shaped fish. Tennessee strain smallies can get to the 24-25" range and are longer and leaner compared to northern strain smallies.
  9. Sunburst ranch on NFOW. Richard's, Eleven point canoe rental, or Huffstedtlers on the EP.
  10. That thing is a giant. I'll be in the west burbs of STL in late March for my side gig, I may have to spend an extra day there to do some fishing. I've only fished the Meramac down to Scott's ford or so. Anyone want to take me for boat ride on the Mac?
  11. Ignore those suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect.
  12. They go negative on some rivers, especially large rivers like the Missouri and Mississippi. When it’s -1.5 at one gauge the miss is still flowing 250,000 cfs or more. One river near me would still be be 3.0 feet on the gauge if the riffles ran dry. All that it tells you is the height of that gauge station and the water level in that location. Gauge heights are more useful in flood situations. I know what 150 cfs looks like anywhere I go.
  13. Looks like a wild ride at high water. I need to check that place out. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Big pine creek Indiana Arve river France near Chamonix L'eau noir near the Swiss border of France Tippecanoe river IN Wabash river at -19 Wildcat creek Green river KY Stream team cleanup in MO Burnt mill creek FL at high tide Buffalo river in Tennessee Canoe church Mississippi river near Grand tower Eleven point
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