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  1. Just got back from GSMNP in late September. Water is very low in the park, but fishing was still really good. Not many secret camping spots, but a couple campgrounds near the creeks that give easy access and more fishing pressure Plenty of places to stop and fish right from the road and I saw very few people fishing TBH. I would focus my efforts away from road access points if at all possible though. I fly fished and threw terrestrials and caddis imitations (neversink caddis, ants, spiders, greeny weeny's) and caught lots of fish, but the biggest was about 13", which is a decent sized fish for the park. Lots of slingshot and tenkara type casts Hit up the high elevation areas if you want brookies, lots of aggressive browns and rainbows in the lower elevations. PM me for the better areas. LOTS of bears in the park, I slid off of a large boulder while wading and nearly landed on top of one! Wading/boulder climbing can be interesting in some areas.
  2. Maybe you are just a sh!tty striper fisherman. Just because you can't catch them doesn't mean they are not there. I have no idea what the example means. I've never had you work on my equipment and would never take my equipment to you. I can turn a wrench to fix it when needed and fixing my old johnyyrude is not rocket science.
  3. Do you happen to know how many are being stocked per year in bull shoals? I think i read somewhere around 25,000 every other year?
  4. I have always found it impossible to give up. I am providing info for the sake of those reading the forum. Thanks for chiming in.
  5. With money from the sportfish restoration act. https://www.fws.gov/laws/lawsdigest/FASPORT.HTML
  6. Habitat has a lot to do with striped bass growth. This data is from california. This data is from smith mountain lake in Virginia. MDC says they reach 24" in 4 years, but I doubt that info was gathered from LOZ.
  7. Where did you pull this info from, and what makes you believe this info? Where you involved in the study, hear it from someone, google it, read a journal article? Or are you just trying to cherry pick info.
  8. You know, literally any of these questions could be answered by the person in charge of managing the lake and it's stocking....Greg Stoner. You can email or give him a call. You are assuming you know whats going on but you do not. The stripers are stocked as fingerlings (~2-4") or fry, not as 5 year olds. I highly doubt that MDC holds striper broodstock, and most likely purchases/trades striper eggs from Arkansas ( Keo fish farm, or AGFC). The reason for that is this. Arkansas has wild broodstock from the Arkansas river that they can harvest for eggs. Missouri doesn't have reproducing stripers in any viable numbers to harvest for broodstock. Plus, spawning stripers is a much more difficult task than spawning white bass/hybrids. This is because eggs from striper females are viable for a very short time (1-2 hours), whereas white bass eggs can be successfully fertilized for a much longer period (up to 12 hours). For stripers you have to use a catheter to check for viable eggs every hour until they are ready to go. Whereas with white bass, if eggs are flowing with light pressure, they are viable. This is an arduous process, and is even more difficult with large fish because of the stress involved with handling/sedation to check for egg viability. I've done it, and it isn't a whole lot of fun.
  9. You said multiple times they haven't been stocked in more than 20 years. You are backtracking. If you don't believe the numbers give Greg Stoner a call, you can ask how they are counted (average # per pound, x amount of pounds into hauler). They don't hand count each individual fish. 150,000 is on the low end for fish stocking on a lake the size of LOZ. That is ~ 3 fish per acre.
  10. You are a piece of work. Stay on topic. Explain how you learned all this info about the spawning habits of stripers and asian carp. That info likely came from someone with a "certificate". Were you TOLD this information? Read it in a book? 🤣
  11. What does this even mean....
  12. Lake of the ozarks Striped bass 2 messages andy c> Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 1:03 PM To: greg.stoner@mdc.mo.gov Greg, I hope this email finds you well. I am interested to find out if MDC is still stocking striped bass in lake of the ozarks. Last I had heard, MDC was stocking ~150,000 every five years or so and hybrid striped bass every other year. Is that still the case? Are they stocked at the truman dam tailwaters? Thanks for the info. Andrew Greg Stoner <Gregory.Stoner@mdc.mo.gov> Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 1:07 PM To: andy c> Hello Andrew, That is still the stocking schedule. We typically split the stocking between Wigwam School Access (~65 mile mark) and the Larry Gale Access on the Niangua Arm. Sincerely, Greg Greg Stoner Fisheries Management Biologist Lake of the Ozarks 573) 346-2210 x6472
  13. I think you are having constant heavy flow. I'll get in touch with Greg and get back to you.
  14. Then where those stripers coming from then?
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