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  1. Made a trip down to Ky a couple of weeks ago with some friends I hadn't gotten to fish with in a while. I made it down on Saturday and got familiar with the access points and did a short upstream paddle. It was clear right away that this was going to be a good fishing trip. I had about fifteen fish in 2 hours on topwaters with the biggest a 19" smallie. There was a landowner nearby that had to have fired 2000 rounds in time I was fishing! The fished seemed like they were used to it. The next morning I had camp broke at daylight to beat an impending thunderstorm and went to the dam spillway to kill some time until my friends showed up. As I was walking down to the stream, there was a fellow chasing a bucket downstream he had dropped in the water. I made a cast with my spinnerbait at it to try and snag it, but ended up catching this low 30" (estimated) muskie! The guy was able to catch his bucket, and was kind enough to get a picture for me. After that fish, I fished my way downstream about 1/4 mile or so without any luck. I made a cast across the spillway and snagged my whopper plopper on the riprap on the far bank. I certainly wasn't going to leave a $17 dollar lure behind so I broke off and walked the 3/4 mile path to the far bank and down the long rip rap bank to the lure. Tied it back on and on the third cast to the middle of the pool it was sucked down by an even bigger muskie. It made some impressive jumps and pulled some drag, but I was able to get it subdued. I don't know why, but I left my pliers in the car! It took some work but I was able to get the treble free and send it on it's way. This one was around 40" or so, and since I was alone I was unable to get a good picture. On my walk back to the car, I hooked a third one on the spinnerbait but this one threw the hook--it was another in the mid 30" range. After my friends arrived we got checked into the condo, launched the boat and docked, moved our stuff into the condo and did a short two mile float that was uneventfull, I think I had 5 fish with nothing very big. The next day was an incredible day. We launched about 8:30 and took out 14 miles later around 6 pm. I was on fish immediately and ended the day with over 50 smalllies and at least 30 rock bass. After lunch I wasn't even setting the hook if I saw a small fish eat the spinnerbait. The rest of the group set personal bests on smallies, with husband and wife teaming up to catch 2 19", an 18.5" and multiple fish between 16-17". I had two at 18" and two 17" LMB. What a day! Both of my thumbs were raw after that day, and I wasn't able to unlock my iphone using my thumbprint for a week! WE spent the last day lake fishing, and it was rather slow and I didn't have much time to get a pattern going. Give me moving water over a lake any day!
  2. Not the same thing. Mt lions started expanding range in late 90's and early 2000's and nobody was killing them back then--no body=no proof (today's DNA techniques are light years ahead of 10 years ago). Lots of people shoot snakes, I would think a few would end up being cottonmouths... Aliens on the other hand...
  3. You guys probably also believe in the bigfoot, the loch ness monster, and skunk apes. Don't you know the gubment's been stocking them rattlesnakes and other "poisonous snakes" via helicopter for years throughout the midwest. You all need to get your vision checked, and you may want to buy a snake ID book as well. The range of cottonmouth snakes is clearly defined in the scientific literature. False ID's don't count. The USGS, MDC, Army COE, Universities, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, and other agencies that do collections and surveys have data to back this up. If you want, you can go wrangle of few of those freeze tolerant cottonmouths from the salt river basin to prove them wrong. I won't hold my breath.
  4. That is a giant smallie for the ozarks.
  5. Whatever you say......snake boy 🤣🤣
  6. https://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries/SpeciesAnimatedMap.aspx?speciesID=1197
  7. And statements like this solidify my belief that "fishing forum experts" are 100% full of crap about just about everything they profess to know anything about.
  8. They're probably eating all those threadfin shad you see.....if they've been there for 50 years, you may want to alert the state to that population since they actively study and sample every county. My family is from that area and have spent a good deal of time on twain and the the fabi/salt, never saw a water moccasin but plenty of water snakes. I am sure they will ride a barge north from time to time, but they do not occur naturally or have established breeding populations. Identification is the issue, and some folks have more trouble than others apparently...
  9. https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/northern-cottonmouth Cottonmouth aren't found north of the Missouri river in MO.
  10. I think you are very confused. Abstracts are a synopsis of a research article (those free things you can find on a google search that you so often cut/paste). You didn't answer a single question that I asked. Have you submitted a proposal yet? To whom?
  11. SIUE has been killing it lately while SIUC is circling the drain, recruiting STL I am sure has something to do with that. The are both part of the same system, but have different administration. Glad I got out of there (job wise) but really miss the natural resources in that area. May have to change my name to PUBOILERMAKER soon.
  12. Who exactly would those biologist be? How exactly are you contributing to this research? What journal are you targeting for submission? You realize you can't cut and paste from websites when writing research articles and youtube videos aren't relevant to a scientific study? Will they publish more than an abstract? How's about you give us a general outline of the study.
  13. Sure buddy...how about you get off the computer and maybe talk to some real life humans or something. I’ve spent my entire professional career in fisheries research and fish more than you could ever imagine. Unlike you, I don’t spend my entire life poking away on the internet playing “pro fisherman” and trolling away. You are clearly the epitome of an outdoorsman. There’s plenty of handicap access points available, maybe go spend some time at one and get a better perspective on things.
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