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  1. Looks like a wild ride at high water. I need to check that place out. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Big pine creek Indiana Arve river France near Chamonix L'eau noir near the Swiss border of France Tippecanoe river IN Wabash river at -19 Wildcat creek Green river KY Stream team cleanup in MO Burnt mill creek FL at high tide Buffalo river in Tennessee Canoe church Mississippi river near Grand tower Eleven point
  3. Duck river TN Small Mississippi river trib in MO Current river One my favorite places on earth Small scenic IL stream Aille river Ireland Driftless area of IA Yampa river CO France Another creek in Ireland
  4. Give these a shot in that scenario! They can be a pain to work with (no stains, but will shrink and dry up if left on a hook). They are my go to when the vertical jig rig gets tough. They work great on a dropshot too! I like the pearl, smelt and emerald shiner colors.
  5. When I was a kid, my grandpa cooked up a ground hog (whistle pig for you hillbillies) for his dogs that was tunneling under his shed/root cellar. Us kids didn't know what he had cooking in the crock pot and were picking off of it most of the afternoon before he told us what it was!
  6. I eat lots of pond LMB. Harvest is a must if your are managing ponds. LMB are incredibly prolific spawners in good habitat and will overpopulate without harvest. Keep Lots of little ones and let the big girls go if you want big bass, keep everything over 12” if you want big bluegills. Public lakes and creeks/rivers are another story due to pressure, variable habitat, and drought/floods. Smallies shouldn’t be turned into turds, spots and LMB are another story.
  7. siusaluki

    Tokyo Rig

    I think it has a time and place. Will be a new look to pressured fish. I don't fish soft plastics much anymore, but I caught some using it this year.
  8. Crab orchard lake is full of them near the dam but they are usually tiny. Rend lake and Carlyle also good bets. PM me if you want to know a lake with some in the 12-15” range.
  9. siusaluki


    Are trying to insinuate that I am "a campus pusses"? Why you do you consider your own observation lame?
  10. siusaluki


    A trade school is an education though, and all colleges are not the same.
  11. siusaluki


    I can't say that a conversation via PM means that we were almost friends. You've demeaned my profession, have insulted me, and clearly think you know the answer to everything. I don't think us meeting would go over like you think it would.
  12. siusaluki


    I've actually even answered YOUR questions. You've PM'ed questions about some the LOZ tribs and I answered them with my best info. That's some seriously useful $#!t right there.
  13. siusaluki


    Are you saying you want to be my friend??? Sure glad you got lots of internet buddies.
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