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  1. Last minute vacation decision is giving me 9 days in SW Colorado. Hoping for fantastic Aspens and lots of trout. Trip report to follow in late September. I've been to this area 6 of the last 8 years for a summer vacation. We've never gone this late and I'm committed to finding some "off the beaten path" small creeks to find native cutthroats and brook trout.
  2. 18-20 cracklebacks (griffiths gnat without the peacock herl), 16-18 cdc caddis, 10-12 hoppers.
  3. Prayers for Richard

    Prayers coming for Richard's family. I love this forum for the bridges it builds. I don't know any of you but for the conversations we post. That said, I feel like I know many of you, and Richard, vicariously because of the common experiences we share. I hope we all get to fish together and support one another. God bless.
  4. What's Cooking?

    My extended relatives tend to stay extended.
  5. This past April, my friends and I repeated our spring 2016 trip to Spinney Reservoir in central Colorado to fish the "ice off". Like last year, (1) the fishing was awesome and (2) we had weather issues one day that led us to driving south to fish the Arkansas River. The river is becoming a destination fishery. It's always had tons of pubic access and proximity to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, but has suffered the toxins of mine tailings (arsenic and other metals) and, more recently, a whirling disease outbreak that devastated the rainbow population. The mine clean up efforts and introduction of WD resistant rainbows have changed the river and fishing is great. 15 to 18 inch fish are now common now. 5 years ago, they were rare as hen's teeth. Some pics included. We were amazed at the lack of other fisherman, but the miles of public access dilutes the pressure of other anglers. If you are driving up the canyon out of Pueblo to Salida, pull off and enjoy a great fishery. In a lot of ways, these are the good old days. The People's commitment to water quality and an unpolluted environment have brought many destroyed resources back from the brink.
  6. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    my hope is that it came up from the river with the hot summer heating up the water. There are some big browns in the river, but I've seen nothing like that! I'm hoping to tangle with a 22" plus fish in the river below Bennett. This gives me hope
  7. What's Cooking?


    A "Your Momma" joke? in today's politically correct world? Kudos.
  9. What's Cooking?

    Dude. Tomatoes and cottage cheese is da bomb. Add a little italian dressing and ..... heaven.
  10. Mice patterns on the niangua

    Mayflies and Caddis? The niangua trout eat tons of snails and crawfish. That plus the 15-17 inch size made me think they have been there a while. No proof though.
  11. Mice patterns on the niangua

    Ive seen them stock there. No idea whether more or less than anyone else. That said, it is a great place to drift a fly. And iv'e gotten into many fish that had clearly been there a while. When (God forbid) you clean a trout and the flesh is pink, you know it's been there for a year or so.
  12. Mice patterns on the niangua

    That's a sweet spot that holds way more fish than anyone would think. Much better in October.
  13. Floating for trout

    I'd suspect tree jams, not log jams. There were 60 foot sycamores jammed up in the river after the Dec. 2015 flood. This was similar. I wouldn't put in without good intelligence on what is down stream.
  14. Colorado

    Don't forget the third tributary of the Gunnison: the Lake Fork. All the best spots between Blue Mesa Reservoir and Lake City are less than an hour from Gunnison. Not crowded, great fishing.
  15. New Years Eve Crappie

    Ok Seth, how slow and deep are you fishing. Im very interested in winter crappie fishing but have no starting frame of reference. Those are some fine fish!

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