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  1. podum

    What's Cooking?

    These work. Been using to make pepper sauce for 2 years. No spoiled batches.
  2. podum

    What's Cooking?

    Banks are worried that things may get bad enough that new borrowers will not be able to repay. That's why rates have popped. Lots of fear and uncertainty. Stay safe and well.
  3. podum

    River Level

    How is the river below bennett to NRO? Was hoping to wade fish it this weekend.
  4. I have that shirt. Awesome fish.
  5. Jealous. Can't make it. Be careful out there in the cold. Tight lines!
  6. Re: the original question, no surprise that better fishermen (represented on this board) will skew toward size over numbers. It's a natural conclusion since these folks will catch fish even if there are less of them and the bigger fish are what we are after. The less experienced or part time fishermen will vote for more fish over quality size. This is the conundrum that MDC is in when making decisions. There are more part timers than experienced, committed, conservation oriented fishermen. It is a revenue question as much as it is a preference question.
  7. Try freezing the fillets in a solid block of ice. I started doing this a few years ago with White Bass and the fillets keep for over a year with no change in texture and most importantly, no freezer burn. To OP, I'm a huge fan of White Bass fillets for the same reason you are. The fillets are thicker and firmer. Hold up well in the frying oil.
  8. my recent report talked about really tough conditions. I went a week later and a little rain and some clouds helped. The fish are there, but low water and high skies make them skittish. Fish during low light or overcast during the day. Good luck. Awaiting a report.
  9. We saw fish too. Gin clear water and high skies. Suspect that kept us from hittin 'em. What is the value of the water between NRO and Barclay? Worth it?
  10. Thanks for the river info Wrench. Disheartening to hear of the skunk from Sand Springs through the boat ramp.....
  11. I'd appreciate the info from both of you. Back down there next Thurs thru Sat.
  12. 4 of us fished on a float from Bennett to NRO on Sunday and for 3 hours at Barclay Monday morning. In a word - tough. Low water, clear water, bluebird sunny skies = very few fish. Wrench, I saw you were planning to fish the same area. I'd be interested in hearing your results. We had a little success in a boulder run about halfway through the float. All of the fish came on #20 micro mayflies (as a dropper). No strikes all day on leeches/buggers, soft hackles or larger stonefly patterns. We did have a few of the new stocker browns play with us at the canoe take out on small dries. Monday at Barclay was a zero for 4 of us. Descent sticks too. Two strikes among us. Beautiful weather, fun float, great campfire Sunday night, but tough fishing. I hope it keeps raining for a while to get some flow going.
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