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  1. I was down in Mountain Home a couple of years a go and bought a bunch of tubes baits they had in bulk there. I think it was the Cranfield Junction store. Anyone know what brand they carry? I was thinking they said Precision Lures, but can’t find any online. I’m pretty sure they were made in Arkansas. The phone number listed for the store says it’s been disconnected. They still open?
  2. Thanks Champ, I honestly didn’t know what to do today. An undisclosed amount of rods and reels were laying on an undisclosed ramp. It looks like they were night fishing and set them out to put into the bed of the truck and pulled away.. If I left them there, the next guy might’ve just called it a done deal. I’d like to see them back in the right hands for sure.
  3. I’m hoping to find the owners of some rods and reels that were laying on the ramp at one of our local lakes. I went to load up the boat and found them laying in the middle of the ramp (public ramp). It was raining and I’m assuming someone grabbed them as a group out of the boat and laid them to the side. I initially picked them up and put them in the grass to prevent running them over. There were no other rigs there, I waited around for about 15 minutes and put them in the boat. If anyone hears of anyone who left behind rods/reels and can give me an accurate description, get ahold of me.
  4. I think when I have the biggest problem is out on the lake gluing on a new grub, jig trailer, swimbait, ned rig, etc...If I know exactly how I'm going to be fishing, I'll glue up a few prerigged baits. Pretty soon, I end up with a little box of prerigged baits that end up rusting due to the salt content. Taking the time out to apply super glue with a toothpick while I'm also trying to control the boat is a little too much to ask.
  5. Anyone else get tired of only getting a few uses from a tube of Super Glue before the cap sticks to the nozzle? I can usually twist the cap off with pliers, damage the nozzle, and get a few more baits glued, but what a waste! I've thrown away well over a dozen bottles this year. Any responsible super glue users ever get to use the full tube before it's trash time? What gives?
  6. Down to 3 available. Price reduced to $1800 ea or $3500 pair
  7. Brand new Power Pole Blade 10' Black, (6 available). $1800 each or $3500 pair Located in Nixa, MO Please call or text (417) 459-7510
  8. Thanks for your replies. I'll keep checking. I'm handy enough to do a hack job myself, but I'd like to pay the right person to do it right. I called a local boat dealer referred to me by Basscat. He quoted me $2,000 if I supplied the carpet.
  9. I'm looking to have the boat carpet replaced in my Basscat. Any recommendations on where to take it? I live in Nixa but would drive a little ways out.
  10. Yes, Thursday night from what the radio said. I talked to some family today, it sounds like in Bolivar they really only had about .5 inches, but Morrisville had 5 inches. Dadeville area has as much as 10. That would put that water over at Stockton, which could use some help.
  11. I heard Bolivar had 6 inches of rain Thursday night. According to the USGS river gauge, there was no change in Pomme river level, which doesn't make sense. I know the lake is creeping up, how trashed is the Bolivar Landing area?
  12. This time of year, there are plenty of VISIBLE fish on beds. You can choose not to fish for those fish, but what is your alternative? We know there are plenty of fish that spawn back in creeks and pockets, but also there are those spawning on main lake points, bluffs, in cedar trees, boat dock lifts etc... I guess if a person is that concerned about harming fish during the spawn, he could just abstain from fishing for a couple of months.
  13. The RC Stick is obviously a Megabass knockoff, but Rick Clunn made a very good point last year while giving a seminar. He a trip to Japan to educate them about bass fishing, and literally was the first angler to bring jerkbaits to them and show them how they work. Who Made Who?
  14. If you're needing both knees replaced, I would definitely consider doing them together. I work in physical therapy, and have had countless patients tell me that their "new knee" is now their good side, before completing therapy. I've had many others who never got around to doing the second one, and the pain keeps them from walking altogether later in life.
  15. Nice work. I'm curious about the Spin Jig. Are you talking about an underspin?
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