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  1. River boat tournament

    Bridge on flat creek road on flat creek
  2. Post in TR

    Take a look at anyone see this in TR forum.....
  3. OA One bass who is bringing what list

    I will try for the cupcakes, but may have to settle for bringing some other dessert
  4. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

  5. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Says the guy in the Ninja outfit..... Thank goodness I am short and fat or they might get us confused.....Post it man post it
  6. Topwater sneak peak

    Do you have any spots in Florida figured out? May be heading that way soon.
  7. Topwater sneak peak

    That is nice go get em!
  8. Should I Get a Boat?

    It is not, but he has had several wives and boats....still has 2 boats
  9. Should I Get a Boat?

    Just a thought, my buddy Batt is kind of a visionary. He was having difficulty with his wife over his bass boat. He told her "that boat will be here a lot longer than you." He came home from work a few days later and he was correct.
  10. Arc of the Ozarks Outdoor Show

    9 AM to 10 AM Rick Flint - Crappie Fishing Expert 10 AM to 11 AM Dennis Slane - Ozarks Dutch Oven Cooking 11 AM to Noon Glenn Rosser - Fishing on Table Rock Lake Noon to 1 PM BREAK 1 PM to 2 PM Rick Burney - National Wild Turkey Federation (Ozarks Region) 2 PM to 3 PM JP Sell - Fishing Patterns Seminar Schedule
  11. A good show for a good cause: 10th Annual Hunt and Fish Outdoor Show Friday, February 9, 2018 4:00 PM Saturday, February 10, 2018 5:00 PM Google Calendar ICS Join us February 9th & 10th, 2018 at the Springfield Expo Center for the 10th Annual Hunt and Fish Outdoor Show! Come listen to experts on Fishing, Deer Hunting, Mushroom Hunting, and watch demonstrations as you shop local and regional vendors! The event will raise funds for The Arc of the Ozarks Education & Recreation department. Vendor Booth Space is Available: If interested, please contact Danielle Wise for a Vendor Booth Agreement at dwise@thearcoftheozarks.org or 417-874-1955.
  12. Harvester Midge

    that would take an hour or so....but likely an interesting story
  13. Should I Get a Boat?

    Sounds like my kind of guy. Better to have and not need than to need not have.
  14. Wanted newer 16ft Supreme, or Shawnee river boat.

  15. Wanted newer 16ft Supreme, or Shawnee river boat.

    I have seen a few, but a 20 works a lot better IMO...but you may have a different use, as I have a 17' Lowe paddle jon also that I love.

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