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  1. My best bite has been bottom bouncing in 25 FOW
  2. Trying to use the back button on my firefox browser, this seems to be the only site I have issues. It is doing better this afternoon just backed up and edited this for a test.
  3. works fine on other sites.... just noticed recently, I do use fire fox will check on crome or Seth suggested.
  4. I am still having issues with the back button not working most of the time. I just close the browser and open a new one.
  5. Looks like the one my brother inlaw threw in Peach Orchard cove
  6. Sorry but my gauge shows right at 3", James at Delaware went from 5.7 yesterday to 13.5 this morning....or 342 CFS to 4,550....Flat Creek went from 347 to 4,790.... be at Table Rock in a couple days..... a lot to hold
  7. How about us trade June 1, I work on boats you go to Kansas for surgery?
  8. I am I am Whoo Whoo!
  9. checking if I am still Griz?
  10. best deal I have seen is 142 on amazon, they are bringing 150 used on ebay:
  11. Duane can we drop back to the trout boat with current flow or do I still need the bass boat?
  12. Would you share your freezer jam recipe?
  13. We did the same without the freezer jam, but we added homemade ice cream
  14. SB 22 Chappelle-Nadal, Maria(D) - Modifies provisions relating to hazardous waste, amendment added by Representative Ross that would require the sale of state parks to include Eleven Point, Bryant Creek, Ozark Mountain and Jay Nixon State Parks Status: Debated on House Floor today-Amendment introduced by Representative Matthiesen to remove state parks amendment was defeated 60-83, Entire bill was later defeated 65-79