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    But then I would limit the potential need for a boat mechanic and that would affect you, and the whole economy might collapse? The oil field guys, highway workers.... on and on.

    Well... it gives me an excuse to kill the darn drum after he excited me thinking he was a large member of another species. Poor man, well just slang for fugal Drum is even less expensive than lagoon raised shrimp. I am told drum is in the same family as the fish used to make imitation crab meat? Shoot I do not know, maybe I just need more lucky stones?

    From May 1989 Missouri Conservationist page 12 http://cdm.sos.mo.gov/cdm/compoundobject/collection/moconserv/id/7088/rec/1
  4. acupuncture?

    Thanks Al, yes at 59 the tape and go not as easy as when 20. From what I am told I should have went with rest and ice immediately rather than lace my boot as tight as I could and work another 10 hrs. I was rather taken back when the surgeon suggested acupuncture. He seemed to think I had damaged some nerves it might relieve pain so I can at least sleep without the opioids they make me feel weird (I am weird anyway) so guess weirder? Going to give it a try, somehow. g
  5. Gotta love buying parts for a Merc

    First two times coil, third time they suspected fuel pump, did not wait to be repaired just wanted the pos off the boat. I am sure a ford chevy thing have owned 3 omc bad (59 evinrude would not start in lake or river water, fine in test tank, Fitch would not stay together, etech only quit 5 or more miles from truck). Know guys who run them with no issues just a luck thing i have 3 merc, 2 Nissan 1 Yamaha 1 tohatsu none have left me stranded knock on wood
  6. Gotta love buying parts for a Merc

    dang, guess I have just been lucky.
  7. Gotta love buying parts for a Merc

    Etec stranded three times, two times upstream, one down..... replaced 2 yr old motor while still under warranty. Never owned a opti, sounds like I do not want one.
  8. Gotta love buying parts for a Merc

    try the part number on ebay, a small oil filter wrench usually works
  9. Not sure where to post this so here I go. In January i fell and severely sprained sprained my ankle, with partial torn ligaments. Have had air cast, to lots of ice and therapy. Darn thing continues to swell and hurt. The Doctors seem frustrated. The current thought is that some nerves have been damaged, as the ligaments seem healed, but ankle is still less than 50% of the other in strength. The latest advice is to try Acupuncture. I would like everyone's experience and suggestions for someone in SWMO to give it a try. Thanks g
  10. Humminbird 1198c problem

    I had that issue a few years back, found a connection pin had broken... I remove my units each trip to protect and apparently a pin had a bend and I broke it off on installation ...... I have a portable set up could hook up would be glad to share but not sure when I will get that way again.
  11. Complete jet rig for sale

    Tough times....but I would Love to take my Dad and Papaw fishing one more time, no matter how frustrating, fry my Mom and Grandmother fish....drive them to a hair appointment. Told my boys just put me in a canoe and send me down the river...in January. g
  12. I had some skunk yesterday might have worked...but he is no longer available.
  13. Big Doin's at Bass Pro Today

    Nothing is free in Johnny World, but it is usually first class.
  14. Big Doin's at Bass Pro Today

    Guess you can watch this evening at 615 live stream:
  15. Dam Removal


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