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  1. grizwilson

    Best stretch to float

    White river.....not being a sa basically anything below 9.8 or 100 cfs is too low 9.3 50 cfs would be a carry not a float
  2. grizwilson

    New trout boat

    I run both, the 20x42 glass boat will float over stuff the tin boat will not, but the 18x48 tin will run over stuff on plane the glass boat will not, (both jets) I think @Stein wood boat will float even shallower. The best argument I have heard from the white river guys is that the glass is quieter????? Drop pliers put fish down in the tin??? That said if I was limited to one, which I may be soon, will be a 2048 Alweld with a 25 Tohatsu jet (40/25 11pt legal) I think a lot of difference on the white is that everyone down there knows how to glass a boat at birth.... genetics or something.
  3. grizwilson

    Homemade Trout Boat and Motor for Sale

    Darn Stein, hate to see you let her go. She is a fine river craft and great to fish out of. Would be a great boat for any river person. If I were more sure of my health I would be on it. Best of Luck my friend. g
  4. grizwilson

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    5/512 would be .0097
  5. Not sure where to post so here it is: Read below – it might be a great opportunity for a Fly fisherman and their granddaughter. From: Laura H [mailto:laura@ninaday.com] Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 1:59 PM To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: Followup: Commercial Opportunity for Fly Fishermen--Wyoming Tourism Hello, This is Laura from Nina Day following up about the Wyoming Tourism shoot. At this time, we are looking for support in the fishing community to help us find a truly authentic Fly Fisherman with a very specific look and feel. Our "Wild Grandpa" is charming, warm, sincere, but rugged and a true outdoorsman. Ideally has a large beard. Wisdom and character in his crows feet--you see the history of fishing in his hands. For the shoot, we will be featuring a fly fisherman alongside either his real granddaughter, or an actress to portray a granddaughter, fishing together in one of Wyoming's beautiful national parks. Our Fisherman can live anywhere in the United States--we will compensate for days shooting, travel, and accommodations. If you know someone who could be the right fit, please reply to this email with a photo, name, contact information, and location of the Fisherman you have in mind! Thank you for all of your help on this project, we truly appreciate it! My best, Laura **FORMAL CASTING DETAILS BELOW: CASTING: WYOMING TOURISM COMMERCIAL Grandpa Age 65-70 / All Ethnicities Experienced Fly Fisherman Granddaughter (if you have one) Age 7-9 (approximately) / All Ethnicities Should be comfortable standing in water in waders and holding a live fish. Fishing experience is a bonus, but not required! Compensation: $1000 per per shoot + travel day Travel, Accommodations, Per diem / Food covered. TOTAL COMPENSATION: appx $3000 plus travel and accommodations USAGE: (for both spots) Worldwide, all media in perpetuity in conjunction with Wyoming Tourism. Non-Union DATES (Subject to change) Between 7/10 - 7/15. Number of shoot dates TBD -- LAURA HOUHA SENIOR ASSOCIATE CASTING DIRECTOR NINA DAY, INC 526 West 26th Street #502 NY, NY 10001 212.929.6462 (W) | 303.956.4394 (M) laura@ninaday.com | ninaday.com **This email's content and any attachments are confidential. It is intended solely for the use of the named recipient(s) or entity. If you have received this e-mail in error please notify the system manager or the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies. Any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be subject to prosecution. Views expressed by an individual in the e-mail do not necessarily reflect the views of the company.
  6. grizwilson

    Fishing in a Crowd

  7. Plateau Fly Shop has replaced Backcountry, they are located on S. Campbell next to Fin and Feather on the west side just north of Battlefield. (Do not remember how long ago Back Country moved from the Battlefield location) There is also a great BBQ/Smoker store in the center.... good place to stop.
  8. grizwilson

    Tough Year So Far For Me

    Today is the day, on my way to therapy then two doctor apts, stepped out of the house and one is gobbling across the field. You guys go get em they will be like the elusive white bass easy pezzy. I will shoot a jake it is a tough year.
  9. grizwilson

    "Boats keep out" Buoy

    "He" Did not place them, the National Forest employees did. It is the Piney Wilderness, part of the National Forest System, he happens to own property that was homesteaded so is exempt, he can operate motorized to get to and on his property.
  10. grizwilson

    "Boats keep out" Buoy

    Wilderness area no motorized on land or water except the guy who owns the 11 acres back there.
  11. grizwilson

    Opening day 2018

    Not as tough as the Billethead.
  12. grizwilson

    Poster Reconstruction

    Not sure where to start, hoping someone has experience with old photos. I have most of the pieces of an old poster from my Great Grandfather, J.A. Gamble of a jack (Joe) he was offering services in the early 1900s, it is in sad shape. I was wanting to reconstruct and make some copies. I have a letter from Congressman Dewy Short inquiring about such. It would make a nice set with the one from my Grandfather, Jim Wilson and his jack (Ben) Can anyone point me in a direction to get the poster roughly reconstructed? Thanks
  13. grizwilson

    Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Darn DJ you are missing the April snow for opening of turkey season....
  14. grizwilson

    What's Cooking?

    That hot sauce is without a doubt the best thing I have ever put on eggs..... I would go for the goat stew over the fish tacos, pickled tilapia is not my deal.
  15. grizwilson

    New to Table Rock

    No idea where you are located, many spots to put in, river, lake in between, trout, bass crappie. But lots of Good folks here to help, just by you posting on the Table Rock area, maybe suggest Rollie Blunts, or Bridge Port or Flat Creek Resort to get you started? Tight Lines

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