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  1. Big Upgrade...

    Yes Sir Phil only on the home page about 1/3 of it
  2. Big Upgrade...

    I now see blogs and what appear to be private messages, ie old plug hand champ 188...... on the right side I see a complete listiing of blogs and who has been active in last 24 hours in addition to what appear to be PM between people, ie Old Plug and Champ 188 ...... kinda of a mess to me.
  3. 2017 garden thread

    Yep she smells one every time she sees one close
  4. 2017 garden thread

    We put some ammonia on rags to keep skunks away from deck seems to work.... our biggest problem with skunks is when the coyotes get them near the house, just hate to trap one while I am a bit weak. The dillos at my house have seemed to succumbed to lead poisoning, the ground hog may make a mistake......I was more of a fox urine kind of guy....
  5. 2017 garden thread

    awful close to the house for mistakes, currently can only use one arm may have to let things go a while....
  6. 2017 garden thread

    I could call my cousins, when we were kids my Dad convinced them that if they picked up little skunks by the tail they could not spray and they could sell them. In the aftermath my Aunt never spoke to him again.... boy she was mad. But they were good at catching skunks... the spray deal .... well
  7. 2017 garden thread

    guess I will just put a sign on the trap that says no skunks allowed?
  8. 2017 garden thread

    Think my black snake keeps rabbits at bay, the deer, ground hog and skunks...... Dry weather...... Not able to get a clear shot at ground hog or skunks... not sure what to do with skunk if caught in a live trap.... about to throw in towel.
  9. Another weekend of...

    Sad Sad Sad!
  10. 17' Paddle Jon

    I have a 2042 glass river boat with rake (more rocker) on both ends, great on White or Taney, the 17 aluminum boat is swell on smaller rivers. If I had the skill of Stein I would learn to weld plastic and build some of each size, the sheets of plastic come in 20 feet 48 inches, look at https://boulderboatworks.com/?keyword=boulder boat orks&gclid=CLOLo7eXm9UCFQYHaQod_-EKKA I tried to talk them into building some, they felt not enough market.
  11. 17' Paddle Jon

    The story is that Mr. Lowe bought a wooden river boat from the Dablemonts over near Houston MO to use as a pattern for the Lowe version of the boat. The book Rivers to Run by Larry Dablemont has more information. All i know is they float and paddle well the aluminum is much lighter than the old wood boats. But Stein seems to have built a lighter wood that I would love to replicate if I had the talent.
  12. 17' Paddle Jon

    I am not an expert, but a normal flat bottom, the bow (front) angles up (rake) and the stern (rear) is straight and flat. On the paddle jon it has a rake at each end, the boat floats well in either direction. It also keeps the stern of the boat from hitting when you float over rock ledge shoals that damage a normal boat. Here is a better picture note the rake (uplift) at each end
  13. 17' Paddle Jon

    Not sure what they run, Troutt & Sons sells them..... All boats are custom built to the customer/dealers specifications. Blazer Boats specializes in outboard jet hulls, but also build propeller driven hulls. They build two different flat bottom boats, one is a standard flat bottom and the other is their own original design, the Blazer Sport, which features a long rake. Blazer also builds a boat that has a 5% V Bottom. The Paddle Jon, a long narrow Blazer boat with a rake at each end, hit the market in 2002. Blazer is the original designer of the long rake, the Blazer Sport, often imitated but never duplicated.
  14. Grandson has pneumonia

    Prayers all around from us

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