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  1. Friend's wife losses battle with ALS

    Lost my Mother-in-Law to ALS, tough.... They are in our prayers my friend.
  2. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I plan on it Cody
  3. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I use 6 or 8 nano or power pro braid with a 2 to 6 fluro or mono depending conditions
  4. One of our own

    The darn bears must have ate them.
  5. One of our own

    note the cotton mouths, lots of cotton mouths very aggressive shoot the MDC guy won't even go until it freezes..... scary scary place.
  6. Yet Another Boat Question

    get back to work so you can get done and come to jigfest
  7. Yet Another Boat Question

    I am in treatment, down to 4 boats, 4 canoes and two kayaks, two float tubes, but still keep a eye on craigs list and have Fred saved in my favorites.
  8. Annual campsite

    Do either of those places have a water view?
  9. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Well Quill is the MAN! But I think Billethead is getting 8-10 gallons of cooking oil at SAM's so someone should kick in with him... Maybe Got Muddy with the amount of meat he will need to purchase. I know you are Great Guys we will work it out. Looking forward to it also.
  10. Yet Another Boat Question

    Depends on the boat and operator ability. I would not run one of the lowe or G3 set up like a bass boat on the White except in higher flow, as Sfiser says they draft more water. For me it would be cheaper to just rent a river boat at Rim Shoals or one of the other out fitters as that is less than my boat insurance deductible. That said duckdoty runs his tracker jet inboard on the White and Norfork each year at jigfest without issue....but he is more skilled as both a boat operator and fisherman than myself. If you are talking a shallow water model of the G3 or Lowe, i think a 18-20 with a 60-40 jet, slight semi v could do both very well as welded units no rivets. A coat of Wetlander coating on the bottom will give the slick to slide rather than hang and bend. Boats are like golf clubs, no single one does all things.
  11. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Sounds like a sweet rig, Darn the luck on the brook.
  12. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    what kind of jet did you get Pete?
  13. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    I am not complaining my friend, quite the contrary. If you do not get your act together at work and make arrangements to come, someone will need to step up and fill the void.
  14. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Brett, Your fish cooker is the bomb, what kind of oil do you like to use, if I remember correctly you avoid peanut oil account of kids allergies etc. when you fry at the church, etc. would you prefer to purchase and someone help out or have someone pick up. That Flathead is some good Stuff. Quillback, I see a few others, offering jdecoudres, stinger160, Big_Jake, etc. Maybe a couple of them will pitch in on the oil LRF needs, and pitch in on cost of meat for GotMuddy and N9Bow? IF SnaggedinOutlet3 does not come who is bringing salad??LOL. I will also bring some chips and cowboy caviar (One batch without cilantro for Ham) for Horse Divers (sorry poor at English, French out of the question)
  15. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Last year you got me to try anchovy now posole...

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